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  1. Source in French - https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1081-actualite/2253294-serveurs-monocomptes-j-1?page=1 Translation (by me, sorry for mistakes) We know that the launch of the monoaccount server was highly anticipated, and you proved it to us. Little recap for the first day Birth of Ilyzaelle, Fraktal, Dramak and Lacrima ! It was not one but four servers that were created yesterday. In fact, minutes after the launch of the first server Ilyzaelle the server was rapidly full of new souls freshly incarnated, to the point where it was no longer possible to join the server. Infront of the rising number of players who wished to take part in this new experience, other servers progressively opened throughout the course of the day. Realistically, we can not welcome the entirety of our players on a single server, you are way too many! Our servers have a limited capacity to guarentee optimal game performance. We did not have any other choice than to increase the number of servers to spread out the number of players. We dare not imagine the wait time before the Famished Sunflower if this was technically possible. But fear not, we now have proper knowledge of how to do server fusions. You are currently too many to play on one single server, but if we consider that in the next days/weeks/months that the population of several of these servers can be reunited, we will not hesitate to do a server fusion. For the friends who have been seperated when choosing servers, we would like to give you the possibility to join up with each other on these new servers. A solution of free migration will be suggested to you soon. The dreamers of medals Whilst the audiences on Twitch propulsed Dofus to the 19th place on all the world's games, with more than 12 000 viewers simultaneously watching Dofus streams, you were more or less all waiting patiently in the queue to join a server. Our team was mobilised to fix the surcharge problems that our connection servers suffered. The queue to connect to monoaccount servers was so important that it also blocked connection to classic servers. We kept you informed throughout the day on this subject. We are of course very sorry for this situation and we are preparing a compensation. However, we would like to assure ourselves that the situation does not happen again in the next days before delivering said compensation. For those who have been unable to certify their phone numbers, the problem impacting our SMS sending service has been detected anf fixed. We invite you to reiterate your demands via the support.
  2. I started on Fraktal, Ilyzaelle is too full. Got a nice thing going on Fraktal and I've seen a lot of English speaking players.
  3. will be easier to stay grouped on this server as you dont have to be worried about having your character rolled back to lvl 1 when you make a mistake.
  4. There's a new server coming out on the 17th of October which will be called Ilyzaelle. It will only allow 1 account per IP address and you need a phone number linked to the account to log in. The server will be international and P2P. It's the same as a normal server (you can die) but you can't multi-account. The use of VPN will result in perma-ban. What level are you guys on the Shadow server?
  5. Reading through the Gamkna, they announce a new server with an October launch date. Impossible to multi-account (1 account per IP) and you'll need a verified phone number as well.
  6. Thanks to both of you!
  7. Someone on a French server is selling but hasn't set any stone prices. How much would the belt and the +ap gob hat be valued at? The belt is from a 2005 event on Jiva and the gobb stuff is pre 2.0 magus.
  8. Saw this on the official french forums. Lvl 58 eliotrope solos Count Harebourg with score 300 idols on.
  9. Asks to buy Turquoise Dofus for 8 890 000k and a Chief Bwork Bracelet. Tells me to meet him at the bank. Puts in the kamas, adds the item and removes a 0 from the kamas whilst spamming some bullshit. Old scam but I figured I'd out him.
  10. Thread can be locked, all sold
  11. Only saved it because the fight took exactly 20 minutes.
  12. Ankama has blocked linking to dofusfashionista on their forums (labeled it a phishing site). Probably due to all the gold buying links spammed all over the website.
  13. In patch 2.41 it seems Ankama has changed the recycle value of almost every single ressource in the game. Ressources have gone from having random % bonuses (ranging from 1%-100%) to being either 0%, 25%, 50% or 100%. Every single ressource whose value has been changed has been negatively affected (IE losing value). Due to sabotage issues on my main server Maimane I am struggling to get the up-to-date values for all ressources. I have removed the Google Sheet link so that people don't get screwed over and lose big. An example of the change is that a crackler dungeon key now only yields 0.79 nuggets (down from 24.5) These changes were not on the patch notes. I will bring the sheet back up to coincide with the server merge of all servers into Echo as it's miles easier to manage one server's nugget price. Thanks for your understanding and sorry if my incorrect values caused anyone else to lose money.
  14. My creativity knows no bounds!