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  1. He's a bot. They use an injection thing and they don't actually run Dofus at all. Just the code. The fight is over in a second after it starts so his turn appears quite fast.
  2. .cz.ma is a Moroccan website. Seems most phishing websites are from Morocco. Safer to just never click anything ending in .ma.
  3. Rushu has more than my French server (Maimane) and a few other French servers now. The mass migration to Rushu is happening in the French community but towards Djaul & Hel Munster. Agride is the restart/new player server.
  4. Hey all, I did some posts last year about server population but I don't think it will be necessary anymore as there is a website called Statofus which maps the daily population changes based on the ladder. http://statofus.com/ The website itself is in French but the site isn't difficult to navigate. For specific servers you can just type the server name after the domain name such as http://statofus.com/Rushu The homepage allows you to compare servers like this. Ombre = Shadow Aermine = Aermyne Padgref = Nomarrow Just figured I'd share this funky website here.
  5. Early game I'll be focusing on mounts. Simple capturing nets will be 10kamas each from the vendor in Koalak mountains. I'll either play Eni or Iop and blast my way through Koalak dungeon somehow after farming Blop koalaks (terrible resistance koalaks) for the 50 flowers & leaves required. After that I will try to push into gen 10 mounts as fast as I can manage and I will only sell mounts neutered. I will also stock up on Water prior to 2.29 & on Home potions prior to 2.19.
  6. Someone found a glitch in the double xp programming to duplicate kamas. The glitch spread like wildfire and now the markets are empty/way overpriced and the ogrine market is cleared out. Is this going to bring about another rollback? I see no information on the official forums. The glitch is well known by now.
  7. Maimane (yeah yeah french server who cares, etc.) 1. Guilde War 2. Kingdom's of Heaven 3. Ghetto Fabulous Gang 4. Apocalypse Now 5. Gwak A Mole 6. Mafia's Family 7. Les Maitres Rois 8. Confrerie 9. Do You Hate Me 10. Do You Like Me Best Guilds of All Time - 1. Divinity (mass reroll guild when server opened in 2006, about 40 players all called (something)-Divinity. They had the highest levels of every class for a while. 2. Guilde War - First guild to 200. 3. Les Pingouins - Optimised PvP guild, also very good at insults. 4. Konoha-Fighters - Formed in 2007, still very active in the community 5. Do You Hate Me - #1 shitstirrers on the server. 6. Tranquil Sous Le Soleil - Best zaapsit guild, zaapsitting seems like a mandatory requirement. 7. Jade - Servers punching bag. Runs the best Alliance on the server yet everyone trashtalks them. 8. New Order - Won the 2010 Goult. and likes to remind everyone of that fact. 9. Ex Nihilo - Can't stop creating new alliances and shaking up the AvA scene. 10. Do You Like Me - Rivals to Do You Hate Me, different alliance/leadership.
  8. Can't do 23-26th, realistically neither can I do the 27th. 6 hour drive from Dorset, England so I guess I'm a maybe but unlikely.
  9. Brumaire and Amayiro increases are bots, Silvosse is in the top 3 most active for KoH and PvP so likely legitimate transfers/rerolls. This doesn't encompass everyone, but a French player posted it a couple of weeks ago. It counts the number of characters in the top 20 Alliances (by character count) on each French server. Naturally bots, unguilded characters and guilds without Alliances will not be included in the count.
  10. Did an update for the French forums, figured I'd post it here as well. Don't intend to do another for a while so that the changes are more visible.
  11. They should hire more staff for the English community and close down Russian, Dutch & Italian servers and more them all to an international server again. Rushu felt really active way back because there were always people of all nationalities about. They tried to slice it (and enforce English with threats of bans) apart and it failed miserably. There should be a phone number to call for English support as well as another translator for the translating team. I think they don't care much for the English community (or any other outside of France) because they rarely attend conventions outside of France and even had to ask for the community to crowdsource Wakfu English Dub.
  12. 4 month rollback on Elbor hahaha. Is this a serious company?
  13. Any player level 50 or above can attack anyone not in the same Alliance as them. If you are unguilded anyone can attack you (so long as they have an Alliance) and if your friends are unguilded they cannot help you. There's no such thing as dishonor or neutral anymore as alignments no longer exist on the Heroic server. Let's say we have 5 players Player [A] in guild [Noob owners] in the alliance [ Stomps noobs] Player in guild [random french famili] in the alliance [ get DDOSed] Player [C] in guild [sparkle unicorns] Player [D] in guild [trololololo] in the alliance [ Stomps noobs] Player [E] Player [A] can be attacked by Player . Player [D] can defend Player [A] but not Player . Player can be attacked by Players [A] & [D]. Player [C] can be attacked by Players [A], & [D]. Nobody can help Player C. Player [D] can be attacked by Player . Player [A] can defend Player [D] but not Player . Player [E] can be attacked by Players [A], & [D]. Nobody can help Player A. You can be killed anywhere except Astrub/Incarnam & Zaap maps. Firefox dungeon remains best XP spot given its safe nature. There are mega alliances, the server is routinely crashed through bug abuse and DDOSing is still frequent. Being guild kicked from a guild will often lead to your former guild mates attacking you, and your guild can even be removed from an Alliance so you can be killed. Instead of chosing to go Bontarian or Brakmarian ans only worrying about people of the opposite alignment you now have to worry about 5+ Alliances, being guild kicked and being alliance kicked. Aggro bots, DDOSers and bug abusers are still aplenty. As for the Epic server it's a very small server with x1 XP/drop, but x2 XP if you die (until you reach your previous level). Dying in PvP on the Epic server doesn't matter, but if you die to mobs all your gear & kamas you had on you will be deleted from the game entirely.
  14. Lily was mainly kolo bots. They would have 200 fights going on at any one time. No major moves as far as I'm aware.
  15. no, mass exodus off Li crounch. Lot of people weren't happy with the server and left. 2 entire alliances died and several guilds of 100+ players up and left. Accelerated last month (after goult) but has been going on since May. A couple of threads (in French unfortunately, maybe google translator will capture it) about people saying why they're leaving, and many many quitting posts. http://forum.dofus.com/fr/1274-divers/2093451-departs-donnent-souvent-illusion-renaissance http://forum.dofus.com/fr/1274-divers/2073169-migration-perte-vitesse-serveur-vos-avis edit : in the 2nd thread, an ecaflip called 'Free-now' was trying to plug his radio for a community gathering event since the server has no moderators or animators. The eniripsa told him the server sucks, people go to goult in 11/5 and it's dead. Eni has also xferred off the server since but the Eca stayed. Seems like they've given up trying to revive the server and anyone who attempts to will be belittled.