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  1. its 60m Exp a fight, thats some really nice stuff :o But normally i quest, kolo and whatever :)
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/mrxovoc If you like to watch an english stream. maybe you should tune in once, if you dont like streams, well may the drop rates be with you m8.
  3. Hello, i need to do some high lvl mobs and dungeons in devine dimensions, is anyone willing to help me with this ? :) Would be much appreciated !
  4. will do in 30 mins.
  5. Who got a guild !! i need a english guild withing al this french.
  6. 2006, had to start over again tho.......
  7. I have been playing it now for a while, with the touch screen ? the battles are so easy to do, left hand to select spells, another hand to tap the screen :) The game is exactly the same as we PC players have experienced, just a few patches behind, but that is totally okay with me. Ankama did an awesome job on this one :).
  8. 101 sadida leecher, who can help me get some exp ? i only got this character !
  9. (Guild) Snoggy: NO (Guild) Snoggy: NO (Guild) Snoggy: NO! (Guild) Snoggy: NO NO NO NO NO (Guild) Snoggy: I CRUSHED.. MY ??§?& GUTEN TAK BOW (Guild) Snoggy: IT WAS 2.7MK (Guild) Arianne: LOL. (Guild) Meheecan: gg (Guild) Hammer-Time: u §%%?§& (Guild) Arianne: GG. (Guild) Snoggy: omg i need to buy a new one (Guild) Meheecan: GOOD GOOD WEELL PLAYED (Guild) Snoggy: ??§? this I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF, was worth a share.
  10. Tittle says it all atm lvl 45 :D IGN pizzakoerier translated pizzadeliveryguy
  11. When i die, Incarnam dungeon And panda dopple for bunch fo keys and class spell are the first thing i always do :P