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  1. yeah, that is tottaly not hard to see x)
  2. because we got free speech
  3. and ofcourse, im going full nolife on that shit huuuuuuuuj
  4. with the new solo account server i am planning to play on the new server, so now be honest ! Who missed me ?
  5. Well cya lads, got addicted to black desert online.
  6. Closing this topic since i am no longer playing dofus
  7. But 508 is life.
  8. I am a lvl 200 eliotrope, but i still cant play eliotrope. how do fix this ?
  9. that is a topnotch mage dude.
  10. Job as good as done taking new offers!
  11. Tomorrow 10 am will the first job start, if you want in be quick 1m kamas for 100m exp
  12. Hello, i want to offer a leeching service which i will open in a month, i am not logging your characters, exp rate is 500m an hour[no multipliers] i can take up to 6 chars at once, done in bonta arena. we can talk about prices how much chars, and what multipliers. Contact me in game : mrxovoc
  13. its 60m Exp a fight, thats some really nice stuff :o But normally i quest, kolo and whatever :)
  14. https://www.twitch.tv/mrxovoc If you like to watch an english stream. maybe you should tune in once, if you dont like streams, well may the drop rates be with you m8.