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  1. pm me here or ingame /w Junnsim
  2. 10/10 service ez trio ez life
  3. HHHHH omg hurttos is back !!
  4. ok im done here
  5. add a cra and it is ,believe it or not ,up to u , fogg eca should be in a better team because theres way alot of combos to do with feca /sac than cra PS: i think that u have already agreed with me yesterday and heres the proof :
  6. the thing is we didnt want to waste eca and fogg on a trash team while we have a better comp for the cra (osa-cra-sadi-sram) ,fk sake why cant ppl understand that
  7. first of all u guys made the comps without asking us if were ok or not , why ?? i didnt play all the year to be in the trash team on goult i'll be clear ,if u keep the comps like that im not gonna play
  8. no sorry noob stats
  9. ill need mp tash ring too if anybody has pls
  10. btw any of u guys have ap jammy jack ring i can borrow for the goult backup ? thats the only think im missing
  11. u said all u need is ap res to face this team 'Actually, enemies only have to wear AP res trophy to face this team.'
  12. they all had ap res and we managed to win easy
  13. check what tezar said first then u can tell me that ; im not rude or anything i just cant keep quiet when i see that [21:35] from Xezar: everyone in INT that i know of has voted them #5, pretty much everyone on my FL voted them #5