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  1. The brakmar sets have exactly the same stats as the bonta sets.
  2. Set bonus is 1 ap and 2 range
  3. Pure osa is the only viable osa. Agility osa tend to only summon tofus to get duster maxed out asap, which wont work if you're also summoning dragons. On top of that because you are hybrid dusters damage will only be like 400-500 with 4 tofus out. The only good thing about int/agi osa is that you'll have more dodge than regular int osa.
  4. The 7 mp is just cause thousand excuses cape is a really good cape. Osa will still have 5 mp in gobball mode, however if osa isnt next to enemy abyssal dofus will boost him back up to 6mp. I use Crimson dofus because that set is more so for Osa relying on his damage rather than summon spamming. Besides White gobball with high energy shot boost is still hitting 600x2 so I dont think it matters much.
  5. My sets Front line - http://dofp.la/Zr8wn/ Mid Range Damager - http://dofp.la/JBssR/
  6. Vortex Trio & Focus (Osa Enu Xelor)
  7. Anerice First and Limpwrist
  8. Imma just take a guess that Ankama is making current endgame dungeons simpliler so your average solo account has something to work towards while Ankama introduce even harder dungeons. Let's see what these new sidimote dungeons bring to the table.
  9. If you're an int cra, elio works well with him. Chance, strength or agi cra are alright with elio, not the best builds for portals because of all the minimum range. But cra is a good back up if portals are failing you somehow.
  10. Please don't get me perma ban IM SORRY!
  11. Stay safe peoples