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  1. When you see your ex in public
  2. Pretty sure I did it pre osa revamp. Id say change to agi osa and destroy those fuckers. Always end your turn 6 cells minimum away from tryde as they only have 5 range max. And if you've lost track of where trydes might be, summon tofu to go on scouting mission.
  3. This makes my full Dofus panda a lot more stronger :)))))
  4. bump
  5. It triggers when you manage to kill a monster, then move another monster on top of its revive spot (before its revived) then kill another monster, so there's 2 gylphs on top of each other before both monster are revived. I think.
  6. The point of the eni revamp was to make it so eni aren't always force to be pure int heal bots. Now enis have options and any eni build can be a healer. Int is your straight forward healer that heals the most out of the builds, but can still deal high damage with puzzling word. Chance deals high damage but in mid range to close combat range. This is good however since chance spells heal 50% of the damage 2 cells around the target. Agi is more ranged and utility focus kind of. Air spells heal 50% of the damage 2 cells around the eni. Probably the worst eni build, but still good for hybrid enis. Most enis end game are either pure int or chance/int/agi and use atcham set.
  7. Look Ma, I can copy the french!
  8. 5 range. I would assume for someone to be able to finish the fight in 9 turns, they killed 3 monsters first then killed boss. Once boss dies its basically a normal mob fight.
  9. because all sufokia dungeons are real easy... Cele Bear > Sufokia
  10. Todays Alamanx maybe? Wrong!
  11. Free?!?