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  1. The damage from glyph does not fail. The second question I dont know. I would assume telefrag or nothing moves. I do know if elio has portal on the cell, Ilyzaelle and the glyph will appear on the other side of the portal.
  2. It took me 13 days, however that also includes the alignment quest 91-100.
  3. omg some1 nerf cras already thnkx

  4. Ilyzaelle Duo (Osa & Panda)
  5. Curses!
  6. Strength Pros- High close ranged AOE damage, tanky, can lock as osa or with gobballs, little bit of mp reduction, constant pulls. Earth osa can also utilize tofu form pretty well if needed. White gobball is probably the best summon to give high-energy shot to. Cons- You have minus dodge when in gobball form, so you'll be locked by literally everything. You're also pretty useless on high ranged maps. Also despite gobball osa being the tanky form, it just doesn't seem tanky enough compared to other classes. Intell Pros- Decent heals, constant unbewitchment, dragons have long range damage, intell osa has the highest range compared to the other 2 builds, dragon form gives osa summons 2 ap, which allows for tofu and gobball to hit twice rather than once. (this extra hit really adds up). The best form for supporting with heals, buffs and summons. Cons- Intell osa deals little damage while in dragon form (you lose 20% damage) so you have to rely on summons for damage. This isnt really a con since summon spamming in solo quest fights and kolo is what an osa is best at, but for pvm having a bunch of uncontrollable animals isnt the best thing (gobballs and tofus). Black dragon is extremely fragile and is probably the worst osa summon (but still good) Overall though, for kolo the best would be intell osa because the heals are really nice for your team. Also most kolo maps are really high ranged so strength osa might struggle on those maps. But for quests earth osa will be able to make quick work because of the AOE.
  7. I am very pro recorder
  8. Firstly make sure you've only got 1 summon out. Have that summon hit them. The next turn, whoever summoned the summon has to kill the summon before it gets a turn. Than you can summon anything and do the fight like normal. Pushing the Pathogerms will cause the countdown to reset.
  9. Yeah my rogue has done those quests.
  10. I was able to start the quest line on my rogue even though he hasnt done the other dofus quests.
  11. Question is will Dofus survive another 10 years ­čĄö
  12. Catseye Trio and Limpwrist (Osa Enu Xelor)