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  1. https://dofusgo.com/app/map
  2. Srams Double DOES gain the range/melee resistance from shields
  3. Bump. Less then one week You've got until may 2nd for cheap 5mk vortex leeches! Server merge may cause me to raise price so be quick :)
  4. -Final damage from cloudy DOESN'T increase heals. -Spell damage DOESN'T increase healing spells. -Weapon damage DOESN'T increase healing weapons. -Final damage from cloudy DOESN'T increase damage from Silence or Vertigo (I assume Vulbis is the same, but I cannot test) -Ranged/Melee/Spell damage DOESN'T increase damage from Silence or Vertigo. -Ranged/Melee/Spell Resistance and -damage DOESN'T reduce the damage from Silence or Vertigo -Ranged/Melee/Spell damage DOES increase damage from Feca's Glyph's, Rogues Bombs, Sram's Traps and Insidious poison. -Ranged/Melee/Spell Resistance and -damage DOES reduce the damage from Glyph's, Bomb's, Trap's and Insidious poison. -Pushing someone into traps/bomb wall/glyphs from melee range is considered ranged damage.
  5. All the monsters have a % chance of dropping a "textbook", like frigost 3. Once dropped it will be in quest items and then double click it to start.
  6. thanks
  7. I'm stuck on the "more than meats the eye" quest. It says "Investigate the port" and I've found nothing. Can someone help me thanks.
  8. Classic osa iop feels good :)
  9. Thanks
  10. Does anyone know where to start the quest " More than meats the Eye"?
  11. Count Razof First and Freedom
  12. Osas have been op for about 8 months now. So either ankama dont care about the state of osa, or they are trying to come up with a fair "nerf". Im not too worried about being nerfed into the ground anytime soon. If you want a spam summons character choose osa or sadi. Both are super good to have in pvp and pvm. If you want a more offensive summoner, then foggernaut is your guy. Elios aren't really a summoner class. They "summon" portals which are basically increased range and damage onto your spells. I dont really find elios good in pvp, cause enemy players can abuse a bad elios portals really easier. However elios in pvm are insane because AI doesn't know how to abuse portals (other than just walk through them, but that can be worked around)
  13. hmmmm I wonder if its possible to mage of the negative stats on shields.
  14. RIP rosal
  15. [11,22] ecaflipus