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Everything posted by Bart-simpson

  1. yea it's seems like a pretty flat nerf to int/agi (mostly int) and a buff to chance/str so they become more relevant or attractive. as of right now there is almost no incentive to run any cra builds other than int or int/agi as it's so strong. Can only see a use for other builds in pvp. Which isn't that attractive either as u can just run a cloudy int/agi build and 1 shot people. Fun!
  2. Looks like Ecas get nerfed to the ground haha. Also masq buff highly appreciated
  3. yes mono is fun if you want to learn french.
  4. Now it's just time for Imps to get their act together #BringBackOldThreads #Kiba4RootAdmin #HootHoot You can always use a vpn and multi. I'm sure Thesus can show you how
  5. Got some more codes from frenchies but forgot to save all of them but here is the majority. marctapage / 400000fansdofus / 500000fansfacebook / LACAPEDEJORIS / HispaniaSomosTodos6 / f@n_de_HISp4ñia / fanwakfu / FECAKNA / Gamalouine / GAROROPO / MASTERKNA / GAMAPETS / BWORKNA / GAMATOWER Some of them are for different ankama games. I realize some were already shared by gravestorm on his post here
  6. Has there been a prize for doing all days? omg I neeed to nerd more for ankama to like me
  7. Yes essentially a cra build isn't hard to make the cheap option will be the TF/Nomarrow There are other options with atcham and other variants - here is my take on it
  8. I don't know man kinda looks like Beifong from that shitty Avatar remake
  9. Nice try Kikn, Jokes on you Armored DT aint worth anything
  10. Of last year....
  11. Hello fellow nerds. Been thinking that we are in need of a thread on the topic of Frigost quests. Specially to progression further into Ice Dofus questline where we have several quests that are impossible to do solo and you need a band of people. I myself am already stuck on just 1. So the purpose would be to post which quest you are stuck on from which questline on frigost. Can find a guide to a majority of the quests here. With the help of eachother we can outpace those french bastards!
  12. According to reliable sources the kama selling sites had a hard time keeping up with the demands from french players at launch. Which made the Kamas4Gold Ratio horrible on the mono servers. Your money is better served elsewhere.
  13. Soooooo which class is best for solo endgame now?
  14. So they are still trying to fix the access to Ilyzaelle. But the way they want to do this is by making more servers. which is making this a very annoying struggle. Tho saying that they will eventually merge the servers it could be that they will only merge 2 of them and not all of them. This isn't very appealing at all.
  15. Well I just wish they would have announced this alongside with Ilyzaelle so we would have this overcrowded problem. Nobody is organized to play on Fraktal :/ Ankama planning at it's finest!
  16. It's like we accidentally overloaded the servers. Also they open a new mono account server named Fraktal (ya rly). I don't know what the reason was behind them just suddenly making 2 instead of 1 mono account server, perhaps they judge the player base was there for both.
  17. It shouldn't be available as far as we know. The emporium is closed for the sever and will eventually be open after it has been launched for some time. Same thing for for ogrines and other pay 2 win features. So the gifts from subscription should fall under this category but Ankama is known to fuck up so we'll have to see if they can keep their promises. You can however subscribe with kamas from Echo at any time.
  18. Well someone is BUTTHURT
  19. WELCOME BACK REALMAGE <3 ^_^ (also Hammersmith and Swordsmith does't exist anymore)
  20. Henlo how do I trust Amber to hold my donations.