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  1. Henlo how do I trust Amber to hold my donations.
  2. A good morning is when you wake up and find out your perc is still alive
  3. Found this the other day Guild banters at an all time high
  4. Riot4victory
  5. Until December. I can make it
  6. No matter what you do the sever will try to throw you off once in a while.
  7. Well good luck with that..
  8. For the Harish Ring. I got this one with ap instaid of Crit exo. So I just need to make a new one with crit exo you say. Would it be more difficult to land or easier?
  9. North Korea doesn't need a 2nd candidate.
  10. Bump - For what? FOR THE GLORY OF SATAN OFC
  11. #Praise #GreatestCountryInTheWorld
  12. This is why I've been looking for a Doom Spell scroll for a damn long time
  13. Haveing trouble dropping the last one aswell :angry: