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  1. North Korea doesn't need a 2nd candidate.
  2. Bump - For what? FOR THE GLORY OF SATAN OFC
  3. #Praise #GreatestCountryInTheWorld
  4. This is why I've been looking for a Doom Spell scroll for a damn long time
  5. Haveing trouble dropping the last one aswell :angry:
  6. we're missing something.....
  7. Can Confirm that the name RIPEntei2k14 is more fitting than ever
  8. Now this is getting kinky, where do I buy my ticket?
  9. I said to Saif his service was too expencive for the work he layd into it,I love this. DOWN WITH SAIFS OVERPRICED SERVICE oh and Hi Metal
  10. Going with saif is pritty much the last option you should go for. (did 22 trys on klime with him)
  11. I got the key and a weapon smith with magus 100. so I'm all in for it