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  1. So they are still trying to fix the access to Ilyzaelle. But the way they want to do this is by making more servers. which is making this a very annoying struggle. Tho saying that they will eventually merge the servers it could be that they will only merge 2 of them and not all of them. This isn't very appealing at all.
  2. Well I just wish they would have announced this alongside with Ilyzaelle so we would have this overcrowded problem. Nobody is organized to play on Fraktal :/ Ankama planning at it's finest!
  3. It's like we accidentally overloaded the servers. Also they open a new mono account server named Fraktal (ya rly). I don't know what the reason was behind them just suddenly making 2 instead of 1 mono account server, perhaps they judge the player base was there for both.
  4. It shouldn't be available as far as we know. The emporium is closed for the sever and will eventually be open after it has been launched for some time. Same thing for for ogrines and other pay 2 win features. So the gifts from subscription should fall under this category but Ankama is known to fuck up so we'll have to see if they can keep their promises. You can however subscribe with kamas from Echo at any time.
  5. Well someone is BUTTHURT
  6. WELCOME BACK REALMAGE <3 ^_^ (also Hammersmith and Swordsmith does't exist anymore)
  7. Henlo how do I trust Amber to hold my donations.
  8. A good morning is when you wake up and find out your perc is still alive
  9. Found this the other day Guild banters at an all time high
  10. Riot4victory