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  1. pffff thats how you took all our prisms 2-3 ataks coordinated with all the other alliances from server
  2. lol nice lie my ass ask your m8 who fighted it was around that time i live in south east of europe i got a live i cn't stay just like you 24 hours a day and just atak perks or prisms or whatever also evryoane know that tezar is a snake with 2 faces you was in the shadows of ilu then you tryed to make your own guild you betryed piwi you betrayed crew then int and returned to chrew when they changed the leadder and ofc when you got the chanche you will bite the ppl that tought you was theyr m8 with your snake mouth again besides replayng me seems that you understod 90% of what i sayd the simp[le fact that there was defenders prove that you basicaly can kill your perks at 4 am with lvl 100 chars that can kill lone perks
  3. actualy we was also 4 because the mask was dc the whole fight and acording to your words this mean your own alliance m8 are usless? and they are 0? This means if in the future a better alliance apears you are out of crew ? i cn;t even think how you will talk to them when you are out of it if you talk like that about your own team mates and the time was like 8 pm dofus time idk how it happens but at that time you alaways atack
  4. well tnx uthman what i would doo without you?
  5. dude if you are soo badass then put your brain at work and organizate a rushu guild vs guild pvp event it is simple then you can show how epic you are compared to int guilds
  6. [-85,-42] Enurado 127 uses left