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Everything posted by Eternallyfe

  1. I like the new changes to be honest.
  2. To be honest i believe it they are pretty damn busted lol
  3. I was wondering what the best 4 person team is for each of the following dungeons listed below Bethel Queen of Thieves Nidas Vortex Whale And basically any other difficult dungeons. I have all classes level 200, Thank you for you're advice and help! :D
  4. Not really sure how many players are online but the community is still pretty active, Toxic usually but active. lol
  5. Alright cool i messaged you! We are hoping to make it our main server, My friend keeps getting are characters killed though 2 at a time lol
  6. Hey

    I used to play wakfu, I quit after the game died for the english community. I never had anyone to play with lol But i was level 167 ^^ Goodluck finding players though!
  7. I started to but will probably end up quitting due to the fact there is no english community and i can't speak french. lol
  8. Congratulations on getting married! You Two look like a wonderful couple! Hope you two have a happy and fantastic time with one another!
  9. We would prefer a server we could transfer to.
  10. I'm on fraktale but no one does anything with anyone its me and a friend. We wanna know if theres any guilds out there with people that actually do shit with people constantly when they are on? ^^
  11. Good luck with you're guild!
  12. A lot of english players are currently playing on fraktal #fuckilyzaelle #fraktalisawesome
  13. As the title says Fraktal i was able to log in on lol
  14. I used to play a lot of wakfu on nox, i don't really play anymore due to the game being not very active and them changing things i like but if you need help i can reinstall and help you currently level 169x3 on my team x) lol
  15. Probably another server i won't touch since there will probably be no or very little english players on it. Still a cool idea i guess..
  16. aw well i could use items on henual i got a team i needa gear! as far as being alive id say it has its times. Alot of people quit 1.29 due to real life + work. i think around 5 ppl log in guild in total.
  17. From what i can see Henual has more english players. I am part of a guild that is strictly english 73 members. and i know theres another guild on Henual for english players with 62 members. Names Are Under The Edge and Void. If you decide to try out henual feel free to message me Iheart-You is my iops name.
  18. I was looking for a helpful and chill guild to join on eratz i currently have a level 48 58 74 and 60 .
  19. I actually quit eratz so this can probably be closed im on Henual now, Couldn't find any english players there on eratz. I also didn't have much there so yeah. Sorry.
  20. join~ 79 members level 40 still lol
  21. rejoined void you can close :)
  22. Am looking for a guild to join on Henual. I am level 43-51 on 4 characters. :)
  23. Everyone knows no one leaves dofus forever come join us "does cult dancing around fire"