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Everything posted by Eternallyfe

  1. I was wondering how does one breed mounts efficiently? iv never actually bred mounts before and i would like to start trying to. If anyone could give me some advice that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  2. Okay so since i plan on solo accounting i was wondering whats a good class for pvp and pvm? I currently would be using Either Osa/Feca/Eni but i wan't to class change! id be using an agi/str set. Any advice is appreciated! Also if there is a place this should be posted in could someone move it there and i apologize!
  3. If you ever wanna just group i dont have a super good team but its good enough to maybe help you level and id want nothing but company! Lol
  4. Hey! Sorry you got screwed over. If you want i dont have the best team but if your on when i am you can join me for some xp!
  5. Hey! Welcome back to dofus! if you would like some help starting out id recommend messaging Roseshield or someone from Shi No Tenshi i am sure they would be willing to help you get started! As for learning spells id suggest wiki+Reading them maybe going to village and fighting pouchingbags!
  6. Cool! We are now offering ratting to guildies as well!
  7. Hello Fellow Dofusians! It is I Spadez from the lovely server Eratz. Me and some friends decided to make a guild called Shi No Tenshi [Angels of Death in japanese]. We are looking for some cool people to join our ranks! Were all pretty low levels so we would all be working together and grouping a lot! I guess i should tell you about what we expect aha! Well it isn't much our only requirements are you should be quite friendly. Also being Brakmar is a MUST. Myself and hopefully a few others would like to also get into some roleplaying regarding the guild and game so hopefully roleplayers can join too!. If you would like to join feel free to leave a message here with you're name or if you can try to contact me or another member of the guild! Guild Information Level: 1 Members: 8 Average level: 36 ________________________ Contacts Spadez: Leader. Beans:Second In Command. Dark-Wraith: Second In Command. Thank you! If you have any questions feel free to ask as well!
  8. Yeah! the sadi needs 61 and than i can start ratting myself!
  9. I was wondering what dungeon you recommend i spam with my team to get some xp and drops i guess. 70 Eni (cha) 69 Xelor (agi) 53 Cra (int) 57 Eca (str) 32 Panda-Wisdom atm Sac 28 (cha/vit) Feca (wisdom) 37 Sadida 47 (str/damage)
  10. Okay so i was wondering how does one attack and make a area a certain alignment? I was trying to and i got the same message each time. Saying there was to many enimes in the area? Is there a certain criteria to attack them or how does it work? Thanks for help!
  11. welli currently have a eni panda sac on my team too! and okay ill try blop spamming 450kk for 100 keys here i come lol
  12. Level 2 now and we have 14 members now!
  13. I was wondering if anyone wanted to group up on eratz? As in team mates help each other progress and have some fun. I am level 68 with some other character's. 68 xelor 63 eni 56 eca 30 feca 4 panda 52 cra lvl 4 sac or enu undecided yet.
  14. Sure what time you usually on? For me im on at 11:30pm EST.
  15. Okay well i am currently looking for a guild on Eratz or Henual that is english speaking. I have a team id like to join on. Thanks~
  16. Mmm alright! Thanks
  17. Okay so i was thinking about quitting my team of 8 and staying with 1 character to just pvp. I was wondering what class could be classified as decent in pvp. Or can be decent if you know how to play them correctly. At the moment i have a feca that's agi/str. I have around probably 200ishmk to spend once i sell all my gear on my accounts. Any advice would be appreciated!
  18. Although i see what you're saying i also have a guild that has been more than willing to do stuff with me and they are all on at the same time i am. Hence not needing a team. as far kamas go i can still make them by doing Kolo/Treasure Hunts/quests. and or killing perceptors and selling resources i get! Id also like to add i could get 100mk more quite quickly if i needed too. So would 300mk be the price needed for a set? Id also like to add it doesn't have to be a pvp feca either. I was also asking what classes are normally good with pvp. And are also decent if played correctly! I like uncommon classes and builds aha Thanks again!
  19. Darn Thanks anyways! Do you know anyone else that may offer this service than?
  20. Are you still offering this service? If so how much would it cost for whale plus achieves? Also do you do dimension. Leeches aswell?
  21. I tried that as well. Didn't work.
  22. Okay so i am unable to log onto an account i subscribed it says i have the wrong password but i don't any one know whats going on?
  23. I tried taking them off as well. Its not just that account that won't work either i subbed 2 others and both them won't let me log in either. i can log in on 2/5 accounts.
  24. As much as id love for that to be the case i did not. I tried around 12 times and i logged in fine on the regular 2.40 server.