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  1. Probably another server i won't touch since there will probably be no or very little english players on it. Still a cool idea i guess..
  2. aw well i could use items on henual i got a team i needa gear! as far as being alive id say it has its times. Alot of people quit 1.29 due to real life + work. i think around 5 ppl log in guild in total.
  3. From what i can see Henual has more english players. I am part of a guild that is strictly english 73 members. and i know theres another guild on Henual for english players with 62 members. Names Are Under The Edge and Void. If you decide to try out henual feel free to message me Iheart-You is my iops name.
  4. I actually quit eratz so this can probably be closed im on Henual now, Couldn't find any english players there on eratz. I also didn't have much there so yeah. Sorry.
  5. join~ 79 members level 40 still lol
  6. rejoined void you can close :)
  7. Everyone knows no one leaves dofus forever come join us "does cult dancing around fire"
  8. I was looking for a helpful and chill guild to join on eratz i currently have a level 48 58 74 and 60 .
  9. Am looking for a guild to join on Henual. I am level 43-51 on 4 characters. :)
  10. Well apparently the person thats willing to help is pretty well known and trusted :)
  11. Kk u i think i found someone just need to wait till i get to the server they are on. :P
  12. Still looking for someone! :)
  13. The guild i am in is trying to rebuild but we have quite a few lower levels that would probably be keen on training with you!
  14. I am being honest? I don't know what was dishonest about the help i am seeking.
  15. I was wondering if anyone is able to go from a french server to echo? I kind of have all my echos gear on a french server some how and need it back, Ankama won't help so i need to find someone that can go between servers. Thanks.