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  1. Hey! i am also looking to try out Oto Mustam. It gets quite boring soloing everything though and knowing im leveling so quick i can't get better gear LOL. Anyways id love some people to play the server with! Also if its possible is there any english guilds on oto mustam?
  2. That is obviously not the real Tempestrial seeing as he didn't even spell his in game name right and he already has a impsvillage account. So please stop pretending to be someone you're not to give them a bad name. All in all i hope you're guild drama settles over and good luck with you're new guild.
  3. Grats on the amazing progress! im glad to see that We come in peace is still going strong! :)
  4. You on right now? If so what levela re you on nox?
  5. I want to say the most active guild iv seen so far is Veritas in SHI. Ranging from 20-40 people online.
  6. Remington more active but nox is decent if you play at peak times. I play both but if you ever need help on nox i have a few 168s i could help you gear/level ^^
  7. Nice! id like to say shika is actually quite annoying to get kamas in due to its low population now! but if you ever need help let me know~
  8. Hey! did you happen to have any gear left? if not maybe i can give you some to start you off with! if you plan to play more.
  9. rip if you were on shika id give you my gear i quit dofus anyways lol
  10. Okay i am making a 5th account on 1.29. I just want to be able to do dungeons and PvM decently as well as pvp later on. My current characters are. 1.) Eni Level 66 Cha 2.) Eca 55 Str 3.) Xelor 61 Wis/Agi 4.)Cra 50. Int
  11. Oh i need those before it offers me the potion? i thought it was a quest you start and you get them after lol woops thanks!
  12. I was wondering where i would need to go to get to wabbit island on 1.29? I thought it was -2,-4 but Otomai's Assistant only offers me scroll exchanges. ^^
  13. Already watch it! New season plox
  14. Forgotten Empire 13 Members. Average level 36 English. Soon to be a brakmarian guild.
  15. Eh i left it after i got ignored and no one was on. lol