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  1. I was wondering if anyone is able to go from a french server to echo? I kind of have all my echos gear on a french server some how and need it back, Ankama won't help so i need to find someone that can go between servers. Thanks.
  2. Well I am currently playing on Meriana with a team and looking for one more person to join me and start a awesome adventure! i currently have 7 characters 36-55. And would love to play the game with someone. Classes i currently have Eni Feca Iop Sadida Panda Cra Elio
  3. Man it sucks to see someone so talented and awesome lose a fight with depression. I hope hes rocking out wherever he may be. I wonder what Linkin Park is going to do without you were an amazing person from what i could see from concerts iv gone to and i got to chat with you a few times. Just wish you knew people cared about you breh and that you were loved <3 RIP Chester Charles Bennington Lead Singer of Linkin Park
  4. Currently level 60 x8! But have to take a break for pst couple days since my accounts got banned working on getting em back lol
  5. Hello! i had a question regarding level the leveling service! How much would it cost to get a char say to 150? from level 40.
  6. just curious about how much it costs for this service?
  7. level 42 x8 with decent sets and all profs level 50 at the moment! Still looking for people to join in on the fun :D Also made a English guild on server too!
  8. Level 24 now with gobbal set!s!
  9. Currently its just me i guess i should add my IGN To this though too! Its Dreamportal.
  10. So i started on agride today and was wondering if anyone wanted to group up there? Its a pretty cool server 80k players not sure how many are bots but super active and everything sells. And there is a low level player base. was talking with some people from the french community they got 5000 new players last month and 8000 this month so far.
  11. I was wondering how much people are charging for this and what a reasonable price is? and if anyone is offering to do these dungeons for some kamas! Thanks.
  12. Well the guild has changed the name to New Hope and we are still recruiting! Level 98 now too!
  13. Same thing happened to me except they messaged me saying they were my leader when i was on my alt and i'm leader of my own guild xD
  14. Hello all! Shi No Tenshi is currently looking for more people to join our ever-expanding family! our guild is a cool guild that offers a friendly helpful atmosphere leading [Hope] Alliance! our guild is currently looking for players to join that are interested in PvP as well as PvM! We are currently level 92 as well! Shi No Tenshi is currently looking for 180+ members but if you are active as well as talkative and enjoy PvP we can make exceptions! we are potentially one of the most active guilds usually having 30-50 players online at any given time! Somethings we do are Perceptor Hunts. Dungeons Training kolossium. zaap sitting. (chilling) We currently have 183/186 members If you are interested in joining feel free to message one of the following below. 1.) Tulup. 2.) Everdeen. 3.) Ded-Rabiit 4.) Rubyrose. Or contact any member online to find someone that can invite you! Or Reply here! Thank you for you're interest in joining our great family!
  15. I am able to play on rosal with you as well ^^