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  1. Class: EniBuild: Int/Cha (maybe agi if it works better) Kamas/time available: many kamas/much timeCurrent team: Kolo with Osa and Xelor or IopLvl range: 200Extra comments: For kolo/ava. can have ap and mp exo (hopefully ap bear band to save a few kamas) . wanting decent ap removal for awesome double thunderous word. hopefully decent heals and decent damage with maybe good res. would be nice. Thanks in advance :)
  2. Class: EnuBuild: ChanceCurrent team: 199 almost 200 eni.Lvl range: 200Extra comments: So prefs good damage, 11/6, good mp removal to get me through frig 3/ dimensions etc. decent resists. its pvm doesn't need to be super amazing resis, but enough to get me through. 6 range would be nice. but 5 will. 1 exo only. ap or mp. oh and at least 4k hp. ty <3PvP or PvM oriented: PvM also perfect my enis set? i reckon i did pretty tops on this set. but make it better if possible haha . http://dofp.la/saSSk/
  3. Thanks for replies :)
  4. so i have about 7k pods and have about 20k pods of stuff to take over. how can i overpod myself?? cause can't transfer all from bank to myself
  5. So am going to transfer a character from solar to rushu and had a couple of questsions. few of my chars still have the proffession gems. will they transfer? or would i have to use it so he learns it then transfer? can i be overpodded and transfer a character?
  6. Hey, would you been keen for a klime or miss frizz run? :)
  7. Anyone know of any Seeymool chamo tools?? i'd like to try choose my colours to make it look cool haha
  8. I see. Thanks so much :)
  9. Thanks heaps bro. Since when can we have a 2nd mp exo? :o
  10. Class: enuBuild: Chance/Intel or omni. or maybe pure chance. idk. do all if you like xD Kamas/time available: Many Kamas/too much time. Just make the best set possible haha Lvl range: 200Extra comments: thinking 11 ap, at least 5 mp and least 5 range. 130ish mp reduc? would be nice. maybe not realistic. decent resists cause i wanna kolo ;P . Ap/Mp exo. can probs get all dofuses except dolomax cause takes too long.PvP and PvM http://dofp.la/fRtQQ/ this is a set i thought up. but eh. help improve <3 ty
  11. To hybrid or not to Hybrid? I have a pure int eni and a wis/cha enu. wondering if its worth my while to maybe make int/agi or maybe omni eni. or maybe a cha/int/wis enu?
  12. What would be the best endgame 1 handed chance weapon?
  13. Ah nice nice, I like them :P
  14. Your names are pretty interesting, what do they mean? :o and congratz haha, thats a top effort :P
  15. Class: Panda Level: 200 Build: Cha/open to any other element to hybrid Kamas/Time available: I got all the time in the world (plus more) Current team: Agi rogue, Str/int iop, int eni Extra comments: AP/MP/PO exo's, All dofus's (including vulbis if it must), Fully scrolled, 1 handed weapon (PVP) and either pet or petsmount I want the perfect set haha, i also have access to dimension gear as well PVM and PVP