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  1. omg ill raise price someone just make this motherfucking shield
  2. bump
  3. I buy good mount Stinkky shield with mp mage for price umm. i saw a shit one in market for 4.5 so i offer 7. or pm me your offer. idk ty
  4. joking brah xD maybe when i get kamas. one day
  5. pay in love <3
  6. Draw me <3 Prettiest eni on rushu
  7. I personally like rouges cause bombs are cool af. but sram's are cool too. Yeah could drop sadi for an enu or cra so you can still have some mp removal.
  8. The best looking eni on Rushu "Iryo"
  9. What about Sram Or rouge? need a bit more map manip in your team
  10. Just wondering how much Ap/Mp reduction is effective in Pvm. 1v1 and Kolo. cause obvs gonan need differnet sets for each so need to know how much is enough for each one. Thanks :)
  11. Class: EniBuild: Int/Cha (maybe agi if it works better) Kamas/time available: many kamas/much timeCurrent team: Kolo with Osa and Xelor or IopLvl range: 200Extra comments: For kolo/ava. can have ap and mp exo (hopefully ap bear band to save a few kamas) . wanting decent ap removal for awesome double thunderous word. hopefully decent heals and decent damage with maybe good res. would be nice. Thanks in advance :)
  12. Class: EnuBuild: ChanceCurrent team: 199 almost 200 eni.Lvl range: 200Extra comments: So prefs good damage, 11/6, good mp removal to get me through frig 3/ dimensions etc. decent resists. its pvm doesn't need to be super amazing resis, but enough to get me through. 6 range would be nice. but 5 will. 1 exo only. ap or mp. oh and at least 4k hp. ty <3PvP or PvM oriented: PvM also perfect my enis set? i reckon i did pretty tops on this set. but make it better if possible haha . http://dofp.la/saSSk/
  13. Thanks for replies :)
  14. so i have about 7k pods and have about 20k pods of stuff to take over. how can i overpod myself?? cause can't transfer all from bank to myself