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  1. just got my 8 cloudy dofuses , this took long because i had no energy and motivation to play alone :D .
  2. when i make a set it doesnt save any item , each time i try to access the set or send the link it just shows empty, how to fix this problem ?
  3. did u do any other quests ? , like the astrub/incarnam ? because at beta , only iop and eni could take it , and they done emerald quest
  4. so turq/eme/crimson is needed tho ?
  5. so to sum up , i need emerald/turq/ochre/crimson/ enurado/and alignment quests ? thats a bit too much esp ochre quest , also it would be great if u guys know how far up alignment we need to start it . edit , i read the forums via google translate , i didnt hear a confirmation that the new dofus will require the 4 dofuses to start , but all i saw was its basically confirmed that u need 100 alignment quests to get it gotta wait and see ..
  6. does this mean that u have to do crimson/turq/ dofus quests to get it ? or what other quests are they talking about
  7. 8 srambad visitor ornaments i got while doing cloudy quest because fk it , http://imgur.com/a/dj0YR http://imgur.com/a/4WndN eh sorry i couldn't upload the file size is more than 2mb
  8. can anyone link this stream ?
  9. didn't you quit ?
  10. im doing srambad quests , on 8 chars . im on the last quest of the thieves of srambad quest line , and in that quest a big job , all 7 chars updated the quest except enu , it still not updating i tried everything , 800 str , 800int 1016cha and 5003 vit , still no luck !!! all chars did the same quests so enu is not special . i have all my points in wis ..... please help me what do i do , i reloged alot of times
  11. yeh , i might change it , but whats the best elmelent ?
  12. isnt agi good lol ? i just geared my osa and made it agi , based on vids i see on youtube , cuz they switch shit up and stuff
  13. this might not be much but it worked so hard on this , and its my first dofus doing quests , consistently. 8 abyssals at once :D .
  14. the fight vs that monster and the octedoll is so fucking hard ............. been trying it for hours and countless tries and no luck !!! i had zero problem in reel triton strategy fights nor the 2 tryde but this is new level , i really cant see a way im gonna complete this quest without resetting all my alts to agi and getting res specifically for the monster !!!. please help , i cant even find vids on youtube but 2 ,,, and every time i find a strategy that mofo just gets smarter and avoids it , and the octedoll gets more retarded !!! im doing it on : enu . sac . iop . eca . elio . eni , cra , panda !!!