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  1. I've been good this year, Santa! This is really decent of you to make an event like this. :) Merry Christmas!
  2. All I'm thinking is "gg anyone who bought an account over those days". Basically got to keep the money and the logs if they paid via kamas. Inb4 the influx of scam threads.
  3. The alliance looks good, if not for Strife. Unfortunately when he was trying to start it up he tried to recruit YPOL. He was extremely persistent, would not take no for an answer and got very agitated when we tried to tell him to back off and give us time to think. He tried to put a lot of pressure on us to join up and made things extremely uncomfortable. He then proceeded to bullshit about our "management team" to players like Astrology, seemingly just because he didn't like us telling him that we didn't want to join at the time and didn't appreciate his persistence and pressure. I would like to also point out that we were extremely humble and respectful and made him fully aware that we did indeed appreciate the offer but simply did not want to join at that particular time. His aggression was unnecessary, his lies about us to Astrology afterwards were even more unnecessary. The alliance seems great, if not for the unfortunate circumstance of Strife being the figurehead. Although I have no say in how you run your alliance and who you have in charge, I'd just like to suggest that you re-evaluate having someone like him in the top position. Perhaps someone with a calmer and more mature temperament.
  4. Saif buddy, this is account-to-account transfer, not server. I think you're getting too hyped up about seeing "guild transfer" and neglected to read the rest. :huh:
  5. Hey guys :) If you logged into the beta server to test out Huppermages and ended up getting hooked due to the incredible number of people and the abundance of PVP etc. going on you may be in luck. Remember when you had to buy those "Eliotrope Scrolls" that give you +50 levels so you could get your Hupper to level 200 quickly? They cost 10,000 kamas each at the time from the NPC. Currently the beta server has hit Heroic mode, which isn't the end of the world, trading can still be conducted via /b or using ninja-like techniques to get in and out of the markets quickly. If, like me, you like to buy things from that NPC in bulk for fear of running out (or needing them in the future...hello 1,000 Class Change Potions), you may have bought a whole batch of them Eliotrope Scrolls. If you're running out of cash and you reallyyyyyy want to buy that shiney new Solomonk that someone is advertising because...well...it looks pretty? Well currently them scrolls are going for between 3-3.5m each and if you head to Astrub Zaap and spam in /b and /s you'll sell them in no time. I recently turned over 70m profit from selling 20 of the scrolls (after retrieving them from my bank using pure ninja tactics). Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up in case you had any lying around and fancied a bit of extra dosh. Also, if you're on beta hit me up... "Imperio".
  6. I've always had a chance panda with me in Frig 3. Nice damage, you can easily get 11/6 or even 12/6 and if you give it high init, 4.5k+ vit and a little res it can tank most things nicely. Plus Melancholy is absolutely incredible.
  7. Each to their own I suppose. I admit it is a tad immature to tingo people purely for the amusement of the reaction, however I also believe that if an individual is truly that bothered about having their colours changed then they need to sort their priorities out as it's barely going to effect the person. Those who react harshly to tingo are unfortunately children the vast majority of the time, players who have yet to actually experience real problems and so a little thing like a colour change bothers them immensely. In a nutshell; the tingo'er is immature, and so is the player reacting so vehemently.
  8. When you've played the game for so many years the things that entertain you dwindle and get reduced to pretty much PVP, the occasional troll and tingo'ing random kids who can give you 15 seconds of satisfaction through their reactions before you get bored again. Would love to be able to quit but this fucker gets me back every time :'( On and off for like 10 years now :'(
  9. Just pointing out here that if you go to the effort to write out your ticket in English and then paste it into Google Translator, copy the translated text onto the ticket underneath your original message and leave them a little note saying like "Translated via Google Translator". Do this for both the title and the message and it should speed up the response time. I've done this in every ticket I've sent over the past 2 years and I get an average response + solution time of about a week. Their English support is minimal and it all goes to the same place I believe, so I've noticed an incredible improvement in response times by adding a message in French, even if it's poorly translated. They then get the gist of what you're on about and can help come to a solution and send it to the appropriate place to get it sorted. But yeah, this is true. Even at that age you should have realised that Ankama is a professional company and, under data protection acts, they cannot disclose your personal information to anyone therefore your details were safe. Should have trusted them instead of making your name "BigDick2k5M8 McI69'dUrMum". Oh well.
  10. The thing is it's difficult to generalise with Huppers as each different element and/or hybrid combination has an entirely different gameplay. For instance; whereas Agi and Str builds could benefit from some +dodge for their minimum range attacks (particularly Agi in this case), both Int and Cha have no "minimum range" and therefore don't heavily require dodge. Whereas Str and Int are quite heavy on the +range aspect for the build, both Agi and Cha aren't in need of it "as much" (Agi can utilise +range on one spell). It's difficult to determine what generalisation to have with the class as simply changing 1 element can completely change the way in which you play the character. Unlike, say, a Cra, Iop or Eca where you generally play the class similarly regardless of the element you choose, Huppers completely change gameplay style depending on their element of choice, and therefore have much different requirements.
  11. If this gets implemented I am most definitely making an alt with horrendous, bright and flashy colours.
  12. All we need now is for Dofus to get the "Heroes" feature! This service is awesome! :D Might be able to use my Enu again now instead of re-making him. On the contrary, Som, Heroes system allows for 3 chars to be used max and requires you to pay a monthly/weekly fee for it. So they'll probably scale it to the same as subbing 3 accounts for that specified time. Also, Heroes system would, theoretically, fix the lag issues of running multiple clients. You could cut your 8 clients down to 3, but still pay the same fee. Reduces lag and makes your chars more compact and easy to use.
  13. Are you actually willing to jeopardise a player's future credibility and ruin his chance to conduct future transactions because he tricked someone who didn't take necessary precautions? A mere /whois could have saved him this whole farce. I will reiterate; I am NOT defending what Valar did and saying he is innocent here, but painting him with this brush is a very harsh sentence. If you are to keep the brand on him you should at least make it visible that he isn't a scammer in the sense that you should never conduct transactions with him for fear of your accounts being stolen or some shit, but merely take heed to proceed with caution with him. Simply scanning through this forum and reading someone's name on there can completely jeopardise any future involvement with that player. You're condemning someone to being shunned by the community (let's face it...they do shun "scammers") because he tricked someone who tried to pull a fast one on him.
  14. I shall refer you to my previous post. I apologise if you found it difficult to comprehend what I said. A scam is a "dishonest scheme" in an attempt to swindle profit out of someone. What Valar did wasn't exactly "honest", but it wasn't exactly "dishonest" either. It's a grey area, and it can fall under the category of 'trickery'. What Ilya did wasn't exactly "honest" either, but it, also, wasn't exactly "dishonest", it can also fall under the realm of mere "trickery". You cannot simply legitimise an attempt to swindle more kamas out of Valar and label it as "business", but then condemn an attempt to get someone to buy his item in a "not entirely honest" piece of foul play. They were both trying to trick each other, neither was entirely honest and neither was entirely dishonest. You cannot, whatsoever, condemn one and legitimise the other. If you condemn one, you condemn both since both actions fall under the same curtain. Ilya fell for a trick whilst also trying to trick someone else. Both as bad as one another. If you're going to state that "there are no levels of scammers" and that Valar and Ogivol are to be branded the same, then Ilya is also entitled to such a brand as his action was just as much of a trick as Valar's was. If you fail to comprehend this, I fear for your future. I'm in no way justifying what Valar done, it's poor form on his part, but to brand him a scammer and therefore ruin future prospects for him for a trick isn't justifiable and is horrendous, hypocritical behaviour. Two wrongs don't make a right. They both fucked up, deal with it.
  15. Praise this. I'm one of them people that has a stack of about 200 tingo pots and repeatedly targets the same French players on a zaap on beta for sheer enjoyment of seeing them rage some illiterate 'Engrish' at you before finally giving up and crying. I apologise in advance for when I find you and tingo you.