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  1. I'm selling all my resources and runes in my bank pm Loving-Range in game with what you need or post here maybe I got what you need ^_^ .
  2. haha , i'm gonna be the odd ball and say i like having my chars the same colours because it shows my team as a unit because they don't real stand good alone ^_^ . I also named my chars the same so it's simple see who is talking to you and you don't have to explain all the time you pm someone from different chars who you are *-* and i'm a very lazy person !! So thats quite convenient :ph34r: . I personaly feel thou they shouldent have the same looking mimi/living etc ... that is simply too much :wacko: !!
  3. anyone got a idea what bontic gives ? :S cause ive even done bonta rat dung and it hasnt gaind any stats :S
  4. hmmm any idea when speed test will show results like usual because atm i just get redirected xDD
  5. What I Have Acct1:Iop(200)str/int/agi Acct2:Eni(199)int Acct3:Cra(199)str/cha Acct4:Panda(199)Str Acct5:Masq(198)cha Acct6:Osa(196)vit/int Acct7:Rogue(160)wis/agi Acct8:Sadia(156)wis Acct9:Enu(115)wis What I Want Number of New Accts:6 Goal:A team of 6 chars that can do most dungoens Leaning Toward:Trying to be independant with +-6 accounts vs Divine diamentions/F3 dungoens
  6. You do heheh i checked with npc on beta or mabe its just a glich idk ://
  7. Hmmmm this is so stuipid they removed craft for twiggy daggers and twiggy sword so no way to get alingment after update nice ;-;
  8. i thought this one kinda looked cute idk :D too bad still in beta phase
  9. Well i actualy got a prob , cause 00:00 on sunday night is kinda shit timing :< mabe having it on weeken some time saturday sounds good cause most ppl are avaliable on saturday . Just a suggestion for time slot :o
  10. tbh ppl complain how "Deserted" oure server is but actualy im sure last year was worse .So can't w8 to c whats gonna come out this year ^_^ and with new goult practice places were never gonna have prob again with finding a map :P and with new function wich delays mount on/off we can not get bolt'd
  11. i would like to try for second iop this year ^^
  12. I miss my sac's old sacrifice where the sac swaped when a aly got hurt , i used it soo much haha i remember i use to lp to get sac to change it actualy made the sac little more usefull than its now x_x
  13. My first class was a osa i guess but i didnt pick it my cuzin did haha but still had lota fun with it then i made a cra because cra's had poisond arrow or w.e spell maid that ink blot and i thought that looked cool and cause the cha spell had a moon on it i named my char twinkelina cause it's like twinkly star with the moon haha
  14. Wow your work is amazing o.o , so sparkely i love it !! :wub:
  15. oure sever has alot more players that arent too bad than we mgiht realise at this time because they arent busy in /a or zaap sittign at vz .... they might be busy working hard to get better like most of use shuld be :) i dont think rogue will be too big of a problem and bolt wont go 4 sure .. :D