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  1. Thank you all <3
  2. Update :) Finally married! Miss the game & friends, but no telling when i'll return fully if i do. So will most probably not stream again at all in the future like I thought. Happy Gaming all and God bless!!
  3. Made one on Nevark- Monoserver... i know zero about one thought it'd be a good chance to play one ;) I will be pvm/questing mostly with the occasional Kolo when i get that level/geared/far i am a very casual player ;) Just wondering the different builds and choices I have ??
  4. Great! thank you so much
  5. Hi all :) I've made an Osa obviously --sorta made her to be my quester only (may possibly kolo on her later on) but anyways -- play the game from beginning questing only basically. ANYWAYS... I'm intrigued by the gameplay but curious on which element would be best? Strength or Int osa? agility doesn't interest me. Can i get some pointers and Pros n Cons of each? thanks !!
  6. Oh no no he didn't make me quit-- I chose to. He knows I am a gamer and maybe sometime in the way future I will return to playing, and he is perfectly okay with that, but right now...I am choosing to leave the gaming world and put my focus on real life. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Thanks <3 ! :D ^^ Thanks Snarkie <3 and also look at the reply for spacetech :) will make you feel better
  7. Thank you so much <3
  8. Thanks Will <3 Hopefully we can catch each other and catch up!
  9. Thank you!
  10. Due to real life situations (getting married) I am hanging up my streaming towel. I will no longer be streaming and will be inactive in all forums. I will still be playing Dofus but it will definitely be very short online times ;) after all real life comes first and my future husband is no gamer ;) My priority will be my real life & family. Thank you for the support & fun :) I had a blast streaming and meeting all kinds of people. Those who want to keep in touch know my IGN --catch me if you can ;) hehe Love always, Strawberriez (Amy) aka Fruityloop
  11. wow. don't really have an opinion just yet about this...seems weird but i'll wait til it's live and how it works IRG (in real game) ;)
  12. K i have: 200 omni hupp : 198 mp redu/cha enu : 195 int eni 4th character should be? i have a lvl 190 character to class change. Goal is pvm dungeon/mobs/having fun nothing major like hard achievements and idol dungeon scores just to have fun with the game
  13. i went with Hupper :)
  14. Lol sieg-- the summoner life isn't a life for me ;) i dont even like grouping with an osa LOL too much annoyance (my opinion)
  15. oh nice good idea!
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