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  1. https://www.dofus.com/en/forum/1121-echo/331743-registration-tournament-nations-echo Registrations are now open
  2. Have you missed the Goultarminator? A volunteer players' association would like to give you a chance to experience it again and is organizing the Tournament of Nations from December to February! We mentioned it before in Gamakna no. 2, but now it's time to tell you a little more about the Tournament of Nations organized by community members. A GOULTARMINATOR-INSPIRED TOURNAMENT Like the famous summer tournament of years past, the Tournament of Nations will pit the new merged servers against each other in breathtaking battles. The group phases followed by a classic fight tree will determine this winter's grand winner, and it's up to you to be the major players in this event by representing your servers! However, before perhaps becoming a legend on your server, you'll need to sign up and qualify! The speed and popularity trials of the Goultarminator are done: To qualify for the Tournament of Nations, you will need to prove your skills during PvP fights in 4 against 4 format! HOW TO QUALIFY While sign-up are open to all, the qualification system will allow only the best players to represent their servers in January. Indeed, no less than 20 rounds of fighting will be played to designate a title holder and second in each class for each of the 14 game servers (the single-account servers and Heroic server are not part of the competition). It is up to you to get ahead of the pack by performing better than your competition in order to represent your server this winter! THE TOURNAMENT FORMAT The fights will be in the same format as the most recent tournament – that is to say, four 4-against-4 matches on the BETA server. Even though historically the team compositions were set at the Goultarminator, this will not be the case for the Tournament of Nations. For each fight, the server captains can build their 4-member teams as they desire, and thereby offer different strategies every match night for a great show! SIGN ME UP! If you are interested in the tournament and already see yourself becoming the hero of your server this winter, here is a link to the tournament's website, including the rules and the registration modalities! Please note, of course, that this tournament's dates will not overlap with those of the DOFUS World Series – Winter Edition 2018, so you can participate in both tournaments without any issues. Good luck to you all, and may the best server win!
  3. waiting to see next updates gear - postponed
  4. :(
  5. it's erosion on the eni himself, not the target
  6. First french team: Nom d'équipe : CTLN Capitaine : Catalonia, Sadida 200 Joueur 2 : Alaskah, Osamodas 200 Joueur 3 : Ryk-abdou, Pandawa 200 Joueur 4 : Cataloignon, Roublard 200
  7. The Retirees Team Captain: Defuse, Sram, 200 Alchy, Eca, 200 Bootiful, Feca, 200 Kamino,Eni, 200
  8. Beat Allister Zoo (current #1 team in DWS) and Orgie Animale (Winners of Dofuscup) in a beta tournament, next goal is winning the final
  9. Tournament time again! Beta reset yesterday so we are in a hurry to find gear for tonights match. Any gear would be appreciated, but we are really trying to find anerice hat/cape! Defuse
  10. For the people that were planning on going agi, crafting carni staff seems impossible
  11. YESSSS!!!!!
  12. reached 5400 3v3 kolo rating on my eni EDIT: 5500 club boizzzz
  13. ^
  14. You can rename to Steamer-Alb now
  15. What stats what price?
  16. Band Of The Hawk Team Captain: Urmom, Sacrier, 200 Urdog, Ouginak, 200 Enimportequoi, Eniripsa, 200 Pervalidus, Iop, 200 Sub: Neo-Khalifa, Enutrof, 200
  17. Bump, one more week to register your team!
  18. Posting on behalf of Hischier this time. THICC CHICKS Captain : sram, TheLordJihad, Hischier, 200 Player 2 : hupper, Aspida, Lindholm, 200 Player 3 : eni, fairygoddess, Animuffin, 200 Sub : eni, icelullil, Puljujarvi, 200
  19. Posting on behalf of Fe-Cabrun. (He has no Imps account.) Don't touch a legend Captain: Xelor, Weareyouungg, Justin-Doua, 200 Player 2: Rogue, Weareyouung, Roubla-brun, 200 Player 3: Masqueraider, Weareyounngg, Mask-Hagaz, 200
  20. To be clear, this is our real team: Band Of The Hawk Captain : Rogue, Enutrofz, Defuse, 200 Player 2 : Eni, NimpNimpNimp, Enimportequoi, 200 Player 3 : Elio, yannictheking, Nacil, 200 Good luck to all participants!
  21. I will vote for you James don't worry
  22. That is correct. When you fail an AP exo (100 sink), your item will lose 100 sink worth of stats. Exo'ed stats always drop first, so the 10 ini would drop first, making you lose *only* 99 sink worth of other stats. Not really a reason to do it though, because landing the 10 ini will take up some sink too.