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  1. Bump, one more week to register your team!
  2. Posting on behalf of Hischier this time. THICC CHICKS Captain : sram, TheLordJihad, Hischier, 200 Player 2 : hupper, Aspida, Lindholm, 200 Player 3 : eni, fairygoddess, Animuffin, 200 Sub : eni, icelullil, Puljujarvi, 200
  3. Posting on behalf of Fe-Cabrun. (He has no Imps account.) Don't touch a legend Captain: Xelor, Weareyouungg, Justin-Doua, 200 Player 2: Rogue, Weareyouung, Roubla-brun, 200 Player 3: Masqueraider, Weareyounngg, Mask-Hagaz, 200
  4. To be clear, this is our real team: Band Of The Hawk Captain : Rogue, Enutrofz, Defuse, 200 Player 2 : Eni, NimpNimpNimp, Enimportequoi, 200 Player 3 : Elio, yannictheking, Nacil, 200 Good luck to all participants!
  5. I will vote for you James don't worry
  6. That is correct. When you fail an AP exo (100 sink), your item will lose 100 sink worth of stats. Exo'ed stats always drop first, so the 10 ini would drop first, making you lose *only* 99 sink worth of other stats. Not really a reason to do it though, because landing the 10 ini will take up some sink too.
  7. I got this if you are interested, I will sell it for 40mk Shield sold to CRO!
  8. Damn Bochi take care mate! Was really fun to play with you!
  9. Brainless and OP -> Osa / Ouginak Easy and good -> Sacrier / Feca / Hupper / Sadida Fun and OP -> Elio / Rogue / Xelor
  10. Osa dragons dont heal osa himself anymore when hitting an enemy <3 Also beast mode from ouginak is nerfed, shield spell is 3ap instead of 2ap. Also you dont gain range when spell kills an enemy. Rogues remission 1 turn less cd Cra 2 combined spells are plaguing and poisioned arrow
  11. Who needs AP Reduction?
  12. It would be a nice feature to be able to like comments that people made on your set
  13. Hey everyone, I am looking for someone who can mage my a Shylock Ring with the following stats: 390+/350 Vit 70+/75 Int 35+/40 Wis 15/15 Damage 15/15 Lock 0/8 Mp Red 1/1 Range 1/0 MP I am willing to pay between 40 and 45mk depending on the stats. Defuse / Jiiz