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  1. Take care Uth
  2. hi senpai pls teach me how u do a sexy ice cream rob x4 background in ur profile right here

  3. I saw your merch around the village and Im sorry to burst your bubble, but these bandit items aren't worth 8mk each, but like... 5kk
  4. XD
  5. LOL Panda/Sac/Rogue vs Osa/Eni/Sram Fight ended up in a 1v1 between Alchy and their sram. At the end we were sure we lost since alchy had 200hp and sram had 5ap left, but then everyone realised sram was weakened from the wasta. Alchy ended up living with 40hp and damaged the sram from like 800hp to 100hp, then the barrel pulled the sram into his own repelling trap which pushed him closer to the dopple. Dopple ran towards the sram and killed, best kolo fight of my life.
  6. 5mk BONUS if you finish an item before sunday night!
  7. Granted, but only Uthman may reply now. I wish 2017 will be a good year.
  8. It only has long range immunity if Im not mistaking, so just hit it from 1 range
  9. I've been good this year Santa! rob4mod