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      Merry IMPSMAS 2017!   12/07/17

      There's 35mk up for grabs this year along with an Atanip hat & cape! 'Click Here' for your chance to win.  Yule regret missing out.


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  1. No screen because server kicked me lol [06:29] You have lost 4,337,100 kamas. [06:29] You have received 1098 '[Ap Ga Rune]'. guess someone forgot a 0 lol, found it on a merchant < to zaap village, was gonna put my own and decided to check, he was selling them for like 3,9kk each.
  2. Finally got 10k score ^^ was trying fuji+tengu duo cause was too lazy to run the dung twice lol died a couple times for this one.
  3. Thanks for the help :) Another question, for kimbo first achievement, killing the monsters with the snailmet glyph fails the achievement? I think I tried the chall a few times before and don't remember if it failed or not.
  4. Hey, does the fragmentation spell at fraktal fails blitz achievement? Gonna try it today with sram/panda/eni/iop and could use some hints.
  5. bored

    Yeah, I play the exact same team, and as much as it's efficient, it saddens me that elio is the go to answer when someone is having a hard time with a dung. I also don't wanna play the class even if it's a 100% win because it's retardedly overpowered and boring as hell.
  6. Finally have a good enough setup worth posting in here. Full agi sram for my team, works well even for the first and second dimension dungeons.
  7. Dammit this one was hard, even forgot to print the fight screen xD Whupper 300 with ultram, muta, ougaa, aroumb and minor hulhu Team was sram 200 str/agi iop 185 full str eni 188 full int panda 186 full cha They were also all around 3k vit, except for sram with 3.8k forgot to equip mount on all my alts lol
  8. Cause who needs OP osa when you can solo with sram?
  9. Panda with 2,6k vit made this duo kinda annoying lol
  10. Hey guys, i wanted to make a duo for me, since i don't like playing with a lot of accounts, so i decided to give my cra a companion. What i have right now is a lvl 165 cra int/agi, so i was thinking about a str/cha so i can hit all elements with good damage. My problem is that i really don't know what class goes well with cra :/ i'm actuallly lvling a sadi and an eca, but i'm not sure if there's some better class to duo, also i could use some help with equips for lvl 120-160 :)
  11. Hey guys, i installed ubuntu 13.10 yesterday and started playing with no problems, but today i tried to go to cradle zaap with a char, but then appears a black screen and thats it, the game doesnt load. so everytime this happens i have to log in the same character on any other pc, because when i logout and try to enter my char again the loading stops at 50% :/ any suggestions to fix this?