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  1. At the Amakna Castle zaap by talking to Sorim Ait. Ever since they changed the compensation packages to Compensokens instead of Tempus Bloomus's he's been there doing pretty much the same thing as Doro.
  2. I'll grab all that I can when I hit the beta later, but the far right shield in the second row was shown in the livestream. Seven Years' Bad Luck 10% Earth Res 20 Lock 15 AP Reduction 14% Melee Resistance -14% Melee damage inflicted
  3. I believe the answer is no. Not because of Kralove, but because marriage teleport doesn't work anywhere in the Peat Bogs.
  4. Stupid but obligatory question; did those two characters do the main Incarnam quests leading up to "Depart for Astrub"?
  5. They've been added in English from day 1 of the patch. Cubitus -> Ulna Molosse -> Watchdog Carcasse -> Carcass Rabattage -> Cutting Down Dogue -> Mastiff Tibia -> Tibia Traque -> Tracking Limier -> Bloodhound Charogne -> Carrion Os à moelle -> Marrow Bone Panique -> Panic Cerbère -> Cerberus Tétanisation -> Tetanisation Arcanine -> R-Canine
  6. AKA Iops might get new Agi spells in their kit.
  7. Took us way too long but whatever. Just happy to be done with it until my Eca needs the quests oh god help me.
  8. The Stapleworm has an AP theft spell and I think it bugs out sometimes.
  9. It's not really for hitting, but the Sword Hikk can make a decent stat stick for %Res at 199. http://dofp.la/HvUyi/
  10. Take someone with 3000 HP and 50% res vs. someone with 6000 HP and 0% res. A 20% heal on the first guy will heal 600, which turns into 1200 effective HP. A 20% heal on the second guy will heal 1200, which is 1200 effective HP.
  11. The logic isn't correct. You're using ((((Res * 2) / 100) * Vit) + Vit) when you should be using (Vit / (1 - (Res / 100))) Going back to your examples: 4300 HP/20% Res = 5375 eHP 3500 HP/40% Res = 5833 eHP 50% Res effectively doubles your HP. This is correct.
  12. Killing monsters with Snailmet glyphs doesn't fail as long as you kill Kimbo normally. If you kill Kimbo with Snailmet glyphs, then you haven't actually killed Kimbo, and it doesn't validate. Also re:Blitzkrieg, I got frustrated with Grohlum Blitz and managed to complete it by stealing his MP (8000 fixed res) and eroding his HP down until I could kill him easily.
  13. He'll be pulling a monster with one of his characters and trying to take it out quickly.
  14. Average base damage is 21 for Explobomb and 19 for Grenado and Water Bomb. Divide 100 by those values to get the amount of stat that increases the damage of a bomb by 1. Nothing else matters for comparison. For Fire: 1 Fire Dam = 4.76 Int For Water and Air: 1 Dam = 5.56 Agi/Cha So in your example, the first is preferable, since the stat gain in question is +10 Int vs +3 Dam, and +3 Dam = 14.3 Int This is also why Agi Rogues use the fixed damage trophies, since 20 Dam = 111 Agi, which is slightly more than 100.
  15. I've been good this year Santa!