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  1. You cast it on one guy, and that guy has Devouring Arrow on him. When you cast Devouring Arrow on some other guy, the Devouring Arrow on the first guy detonates. The 3 damage lines shown are for if you cast it on the first guy once, twice, or three times before switching to the second guy.
  2. It prioritizes bounces in the standard AoE order. Start one cell up and to the right of the target and rotate clockwise. You get 3 bounces, and they ignore anyone that already got hit.
  3. I was reading The Wheel of Time back when I started playing Dofus, and one of the side character's backstory was that he failed to protect his nephew, Owyn. I thought the name was cool, so I took it. My Elio was originally a Masqueraider, and King of Fighters XIII had come out around the same time that I made that character, so I named him Takuma, after one of the characters. My Eni was the name a friend of mine used when she tried Dofus. She didn't stick with it, but she had a pretty pink Eni named Marrona, so I kept the name and colors. My Panda, Cayden, is the Pathfinder god of freedom and booze. And lastly, my Ougi (Felan) is an anglicized version of an Irish baby name meaning "small wolf"
  4. The 2.44 aggressive monsters will still continue to aggro everyone. Every other monster in the game will now aggro anyone more than 50 levels below the highest-level monster in the mob. And the immunity was supposed to solve the "chain-aggro" problem that people like --VU-- and myself are having, but it doesn't seem to have worked so far.
  5. I'm actually more willing to bet that they only revamped the aggro system because the current one would make it impossible for them to implement the auto-pilot mounts. If you don't get aggro'd if you never stop moving, then mounts shouldn't be aggro'd, and it incentivizes people to buy the auto-pilot meats. Under the current aggro system your mount would go 5 maps and then run headlong into some monsters.
  6. I should be able to help with pretty much anything outside the 191-200 bracket. If you can catch him online, @Casino-Royal might be able to help with Fantastic 5.
  7. That exam question is an application of the tragedy of the commons, which is another interesting game theory/economic concept.
  8. Can you use Brokle and a Poutch just to put my mind at ease? I'd test it myself if I wasn't too poor to own a Vulbis.
  9. I'm not quite sure that's correct. Back when the Panda's Vulnerability spell was changed, one of the devs explicitly stated that 2 stacks would result in a 1.15*1.15=1.3225 damage multiplier. As far as I know, the only effects that are added instead of multiplied are multiple stacks of the effect from the Turquoise or Crimson Dofus.
  10. Can you spare 2 AP for someone else to hit the Masq with Leek Pie?
  11. The debuff does wear off after 5 turns, but if he kills multiple summons in a turn he gets multiple stacks of -10%, so it can go much lower than -50%. On the other hand, now that he knows the mechanics there should be no problem just using Vertigo.
  12. All the Droopik haters are probably sitting there thinking "You know what? I'm glad."
  13. Our lord and savior Droopik is already in the list, though.
  14. Ayuto - Mama Ayuto, matriarch of the Imp Village (ironic, isn't it?) Fallanster - King Allister's brother and chairman of the Astrub city council EDIT: I managed to dig up info on the others Algathe - One of Goultard's wives. Her death is what awakened Dark Vlad Razad - Creator of the first functional Masqueraider mask Ilyzaelle - Temporary protector of Javian while Jiva was recovering from Djaul's curse. Led the Bontarian defense against Djaul's invasion of the city
  15. Yeah, Google Translate is garbage sometimes when Lichen is talking. Unless I'm reading this incredibly incorrectly, the actual change is that Voyager was going to provide 1/2/2 bonus MP on turns 1/2/3, but they're changing it to 0/1/1. They're basically just taking an MP away from Voyager Sac on any given turn.