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  1. GBA Military life or Normal life ?
  2. UK. to sleep or not to sleep ?????!!!!!
  3. This maus is Eric *black-Armour* not mete ftw
  4. [sOLD] close please.
  5. UFC *ofc* School or Work ?
  6. It's just Pathetic to stay with a group of bullies :L you are the one that should come to rushu :P
  7. Looking for 3~3.5mk IGN : kimooz
  8. i love how you saif make this post every year and it ends up with random ppl get selected by shika *where is gamb for the sub eca ?* :D
  9. Close please
  10. Free bump :(
  11. i came out with this http://dofusplanner.com/H3hEC/ beside the crimson dofus and the turq *atm * , my kamas will allow me to get them ? :D
  12. Class: IOP Build: Str Kamas/time available: 50~60mk!! *idk but I am not that rich guy* , no ochre no exo Lvl range: 200 Extra comments: 11/5 , also looking for decent vit and str :)
  13. So if u can do some painting for ppl on rushu i will be happy to pay for 2 of them <3 *idc about the time , I just want to know if you will be able to do them*
  14. You can check where is the perc position from the temple now ?!! :O :O
  15. i think u can do it some how but i can't remember :v :v tried it before in the lvl 100 party