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  1. Out of boreness I did put them in market for 6,5m each. except for the 26% neutral. Feel free to get the ones you need to complete your collections.
  2. Pretty curious, the only one 13/13 in market is at 12mk.
  3. Bump Lowering to 60mk for holidays..
  4. Bump still for sale
  5. Both sold, thank emeute. Can be closed.
  6. bump
  7. I am looking to sell the whole package, sorry.
  8. They looking for a new master
  9. Still selling.
  10. Seemyools require you to go to a paddock to switch them. The players that I aim for are the ones who KOLO, 1v1 or even do Percs (where unfortunatly you cannot go to the paddock to switch you seemyool).
  11. buy em while they're hot
  12. Still for sale
  13. Sold.. Thanks to the new owner.
  14. Bump.. price lowered 30mk for 12slot and 38 for 15.
  15. maybe 5-10 on the 520 that are 4/4 repros.. (gen 1).