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  1. Seems to me it costs nothing, since you get the Ogrines you would have gotten for the same price. And mine is up to level 5, when it's full up I will post an image.
  2. Just wondering if this theme will be replaced with one more like the old one. It's a bit ponderous and often slow to load. While that could be the new board sw, I suspect a heavier theme contributes as well. I love this place, but the current theme is often painful. R
  3. People suck.
  4. And what pair produces them?
  5. I got the food and booze, what are you guys bringing? Oh wait, that's all we need. Party on dude!
  6. -

    At this point I am mostly pissed off I got up so early for nothing. The stuff I was hoping to buy today isn't even for sale yet. Must have screwed up the math in my head or something. Oh well, such is life.
  7. -

    I still hope the roll it back. I saw a guy buy a 17 slot paddock for 0. And the way he laughed, I know it didn't take his kamas, cause the price was 110mk before the bug, and nobody would pay that. Edit: Rollback announced.
  8. -

    Rollback incoming.
  9. No DT in slot, spell cast, kill while conditions met. Nothing has changed afaik.
  10. 197 tonight, maybe the rumor I heard is true! Big party for making 200, there are a pile of Dofus to be given away. Turqs, Crimsons, Dokokos, Kaliptus. Should be fun. See what you're missing?
  11. Maybe I won't have to buy as many as I first thought. It's good to have guildies! Struck a deal and already have three mating pairs
  12. Currently the guild is at level 193. A previously unobtainable feeling level. I have it on good authority we will make 200 by the end of next week. Need to do something special but horrible at that sort of thing. Wanna join us for the party?
  13. Pullout.
  14. They are the underwater replacement for dragoturkeys. I am sure, at your age, you can read. :ph34r:
  15. In case somebody hadn't figured it out, I will be buying wild ones of all colors in bulk for the foreseeable future. Price of course is an unknown at this time and will vary based on the price on the server. As they get an average price and/or begin to be listed I will update this.