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  1. try full tread+full berb+tal kash parts
  2. "Echo- she's a leader of mysterious guild with dark ambitions" i has conspiracy theory badum tssss
  3. Does anyone know what to do with used paddock items? Yes i know, recycler them. But where? on Koalak Mountain [Breeder Village]? whats % on that we got? in random recycler it was like 200 nugets for one or less;d
  4. it's antract one cell to midle of the spell. and it's work like all spells in dofus, from right to left (clokwise), and first one is on 3o clock, (then 6,9,12) if You wanna this on picture: first go dial, then arachne, xelor and last one is synchro it's doesn't matter where elio is.
  5. awesome:D https://youtu.be/5yumRT_294w
  6. so i did it again (18turns)
  7. still works* edit *bug with vertigo still works
  8. stiupid AG, ffs-.-
  9. can't wait to see new shields:D
  10. Try ouga+muta combo, but with mask. I did this that way, no heal only shields. It coud be done
  11. 45m exp on guild,isn't that beautiful?
  12. isn't wiki got best one? http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Mage
  13. to OP
  14. we did it, so big cancer, stiupid dun af