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  1. awesome:D https://youtu.be/5yumRT_294w
  2. so i did it again (18turns)
  3. still works* edit *bug with vertigo still works
  4. stiupid AG, ffs-.-
  5. can't wait to see new shields:D
  6. Try ouga+muta combo, but with mask. I did this that way, no heal only shields. It coud be done
  7. 45m exp on guild,isn't that beautiful?
  8. isn't wiki got best one? http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Mage
  9. to OP
  10. we did it, so big cancer, stiupid dun af
  11. Yeah I had same problem, my old (from few years but using for really long time) setup was also cleaned up, just look at it! sometimes i miss windows xp :(
  12. new background, why not share?
  13. i don't know what game can offer to You but I know what can dofus offer to me: i won't to be one of best players in my main class, in pvp and pvm. Be best in both is prety imposbile but You know, "living a dream". And ofc achivment's, I like doing them, finding new ways to do them not only copy/pasta some youtube tactics. And imho You can do every dun without elio, even vortex.
  14. b>old chat