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Everything posted by Punkowiec

  1. The displayed chance of falling mats from mobs is overstated with idols
  2. #vortex #ez #pvpteam #afterwesmashedDYN #1try
  3. Hi, i want to buy ~110k rose of sands 160kamas ea, IGN: Punkowiec
  4. it wasn't zero stats shields, i did it 2y ago
  6. thx, i did ~8 exo's yesterday xD and today another four ap sorry for shitty range dmg but runes are fk expensive
  7. meh
  8. Dat math ;c
  9. B> father whupper souls 4 loot 300kk ea pm me here or ingame IGN: Punkowiec
  10. cuz i can xD
  11. first try, i tried versatille but failed on enu at the end ;c
  12. I pay 16kk ea / pm me here or ingame IGN: Punkowiec
  13. close this topic, thx
  14. Hi, here's the list with prices / i prefer if u pay half of the prices before we start Pm me here or ingame IGN: Punkowiec
  15. 10/10 would recommend
  16. Hi, merch at [0,-1] Metalowiec // I can trade for any mats or items, u can pm me offer here or ingame IGN: Punkowiec
  17. bump, added new items ;_;
  18. Close pls