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  1. sold, close plx ;)
  2. Team full of cras? challenge accepted (Alcatell nab changed class xD)
  3. Does any1 know when ankama will turn off the buying spell points option in kolossium?
  4. bump
  5. Selling dofuses,sp,wis pets,mats,souls
  6. Ruined what? xp service?
  7. Hi, i offer xp leech service 100m xp = 1mk U can leave me message here or in game
  8. My bad. Ankama should make different name of this spell lel
  9. The ornaments and auras associated with the Omega levels work properly. Not for me ;c Cra: Paralyzing Arrow: AP removal is working properly. U meant mp?
  10. bump, raised price
  11. Yes, i'm stuck on this step cuz can't enter to magmatic steps
  12. ,, The access from the Magmatic Steps to the Brakmar City Walls area at [-27,27] was not possible, the steps are now functional. '' You do not possess the required item. Any1 know what item?
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