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  1. bump, raised price
  2. Yes, i'm stuck on this step cuz can't enter to magmatic steps
  3. ,, The access from the Magmatic Steps to the Brakmar City Walls area at [-27,27] was not possible, the steps are now functional. '' You do not possess the required item. Any1 know what item?
  4. New meta xDD more trees = more basic dmg xDDD
  5. lel
  6. Hi, i would buy keys for dreggon dung and sanctuary 45kk ea
  7. Hi, as title says i'll buy empty black dragoone 900kk ea
  8. Let's revive this topic!
  9. Bump, merch at [0,0] kanojedo, sold tritun rings
  10. Merch Sinaj at [-3,0] If any1 want to buy more mats, leave me message here or ingame
  11. The displayed chance of falling mats from mobs is overstated with idols
  12. #vortex #ez #pvpteam #afterwesmashedDYN #1try
  13. Hi, i want to buy ~110k rose of sands 160kamas ea, IGN: Punkowiec