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  1. Looking to regear my team for harder dungeons because 3 of them have 199 level sets from 3 years ago right now. Classes: Enu, Eni, Panda, Cra Budget: 60mk for each character Level Range: 200 PvM
  2. got it, can be closed
  3. 1 char, dont know about the price IGN: Ninasu
  4. is there a way to do all frigost III ice dofus related quests with doing all dungeons only once?
  5. Got em. Thread can be closed
  6. Koelloggs the Creator - 450kk Nidsally the Mushtang - 450kk Trumpaynor the Survivor - 450kk Sewer Keeper - 1.5mk
  7. Here we go again... :D Level 200 PvM cra preferably 2 elements with budget of 60mk
  8. Is panda any good?
  9. I think I got bored after playing Iop for years. I wanna change class but I'm not sure what goes good with eliotrope other than Iop for PvM.
  10. Got from masto to tengu! Would recommend :)
  11. Thanks for the answers! I am trying to duo him with iop+elio but new starting places makes it impossible to take asteraw near dumple for damaging them both. I am still trying to come up with a strat in my situation where my iop has higher init than my elio and my elio can't dodge klime. I got to the part where I kill others and make klime invul but things go downhill after that :D
  12. How can I dodge klime? What do I need to change in that set to achieve that? http://dofp.la/XdpVM/
  13. Class: Elio Level: 199 or 200 Time/Kamas Available: 25MK PvP or PvM: PvM only Extra Comments: Planning to do duo's with my Iop which has http://dofp.la/KZpCO/ currently. If you have any advices for Iop's gear to improve, feel free to help :)
  14. Can you make a level 200 version of that kind of a set(no exo dofus 12/5 int/str)
  15. Class: Iop Level: 200 Build: Not sure Kamas available: Around 50mk Extra comments: no exo's, Fully scrolled,
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