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  1. Can be closed thanks.
  2. As title says i'm selling one for 40mk. IGN Foxy-Chadigan.
  3. It's around 9m at the sellroom, you might want to get your price into a more competitive range.
  4. I have one with similar stats I'll message you once in game
  5. Would also like both farmer and baker packages, send me a pm once you have em :)
  6. Much uniq.. nah mate these kind of cosmetic items started getting common to a certain extent on Rushu
  7. I like the idea, but on the other hand you won't be able to know the price of the remaining materials on sale, for example you're buying this quantity of wools then comes a huge unexpected inflation on the price that wont allow you to purchase anymore because it's simply too overpriced.
  8. bump, added another hat
  9. Bump, ap hat added
  10. Was fun to mage :D (Close)