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  1. unlimited pods anyone
  2. Looking to buy ochre 35mk pm here or in the game
  3. that might be true due to the fact that th takes your lvl and entering agreesive zones (x4 xp) and or bont/brak(x2) into consideration and not your wisdom, so you can lvl efficiently and quite fast with a regular fighting gear instead of doing mindless fights in wisdom gear
  4. finishing some long forgotten achieves
  5. is this the feke xelor??
  6. Finally joining 16k club
  7. he tryed it again on me now , under the nick of Walid-faiter , take care
  8. welcome to the club mate ;p
  9. try to do barbaric and then u will know what is annoying ;p
  10. it just a game ;p dw one day u will have a nice laugh at it
  11. nice merch mate, top items, can vouch 10/10
  12. that is true but as you said each turn you get 20% permanent dmg increase, which in 5 turns is 100%, basicaly [you are doing double dmg now which gets reduced by half] means that you do normal dmg to meno [when iop does 35k dmg with cloudy -> 35000==120% -> so 20% which is extra is 5.83k dmg -> almost 6 as i said] i did it in 7 loot with enu panda elio eca sram eni iop in that order and meno had 7k hp before duel, which could do about 20k with all the erosion
  13. i miss cf xD
  14. I think it all comes down to the iops dmg with cloudy, imagine if iop does 35k dmg on turn 5 - that is 6 k bonus dmg just from cloudy, so if you rly struggle with dmg either borrow a cloudy for a iop or try double iop and it should not be a problem
  15. So its done. I am free for now. I haven't cried in years but this made me so. Before you watch it tune it this song tho