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  1. welcome to the club mate ;p
  2. try to do barbaric and then u will know what is annoying ;p
  3. it just a game ;p dw one day u will have a nice laugh at it
  4. nice merch mate, top items, can vouch 10/10
  5. that is true but as you said each turn you get 20% permanent dmg increase, which in 5 turns is 100%, basicaly [you are doing double dmg now which gets reduced by half] means that you do normal dmg to meno [when iop does 35k dmg with cloudy -> 35000==120% -> so 20% which is extra is 5.83k dmg -> almost 6 as i said] i did it in 7 loot with enu panda elio eca sram eni iop in that order and meno had 7k hp before duel, which could do about 20k with all the erosion
  6. i miss cf xD
  7. I think it all comes down to the iops dmg with cloudy, imagine if iop does 35k dmg on turn 5 - that is 6 k bonus dmg just from cloudy, so if you rly struggle with dmg either borrow a cloudy for a iop or try double iop and it should not be a problem
  8. So its done. I am free for now. I haven't cried in years but this made me so. Before you watch it tune it this song tho
  9. Well , the time has finally come for me to say good bye to all you guys. We had some great time together, i wont forget it that easily. I am not going to name you all , otherwise we would be here until next year. All i want to say is i met a lot of wonderful people throughout the years and it was a pleasure to play with all of you. Good Bye. R.I.P. Latakia 2016
  10. is that your bred muldo or screen from someone else
  11. uhm maybe i was on rushu, and maybe had to make new gears, and maybe i have stuff to do irl and maybe not and im just lazy
  12. so i finally went to visit this fogger, wasn't that bad, he even had a tea ;p 300 blitz & limp
  13. the real question is what that ISK even is? new dungeon maybe
  14. ola i'm looking for haunted tench. i'm willing to pay 1.5mk for this little nightmare