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  1. Hey, I recently completed this quest (as an enu) and my friend completed it on his eca/eni/cra/panda, I'll do my best to explain what we did. In general, you'll always want to go first before the octodoll, it takes 2600 initiative to go first. Your Octodoll friend deals a fair amount of damage to the Diepwon, and also self-buffs itself to heal and avoid 1-to-1 hits (like Sacrier's evasion). Knowing when she'll cast her self-buff is important, since you'll be able to know when you can leave her get hit by the diepwon or not. From the perspective of an enu (I'm full intel w/ healbow), I always prioritized MP reduction over damage each turn, and snuck in a hit or two whenever I could. Turn 1 you'll want to push the Diepwon away with living shovel and take as much mp as possible. You'll also want to bag the Octodoll, and even push it away/reduce its MP to keep it in place so it doesn't do anything stupid. If the doll gets hit with the Fetid Tentacles spell, then healing her with your bow will also heal the Diepwon so be wary of that. From there on out, I focused on buffing the doll over myself since she hit harder. If you're backed into a corner make sure to use bribery/Pull out to maximize your ability to escape, deal damage, and survive. It took me several tries myself to beat, but it's doable. For cra, abuse your pushback spells/charge up spells to deal huge damage and push everything away from each other. For eca, it's just a raw DPS race. For panda, abuse your throw and Vertigo (if you're intel) to continuously throw him behind cover and hurt him when you can. For eni, you should have heals for days. I wish I could explain better than that, but that's how my friend did it with his characters. Good luck! It's probably the worst solo fight in the entire Abyssal Dofus Questline, so once you beat it you're home free.
  2. Ecaflipus: [-12,-29] 128 uses
  3. Class - Enutrof Build - Intel or chance or strength or hybrid Time/Kamas Available - Unlimited/Unlimited PvP or PvM - 1 Vs. 1 Kolo specifically Extra Comments - I'm currently using https://www.dofusplanner.com/dVBmG/ but I'm looking for something possibly better or more flexible. Haven't played that much recently, so I'm a bit unfamiliar with any good set combinations using any gear post-sufokia expansion. Any element or element combination, as long as it has high amounts of dodge/resistance/mp reduction. Would like 11/6, with 6 range and 3 summons minimum. Will have access to all eggs or exotic mages needed. Trying to get better at 1 vs. 1 kolo so I have a decent goal to work towards. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help!
  4. Welcome to Dofus! For spells in general when just starting out, you'll want to choose your favorite group of element spells you like out of intelligence (fire), chance (water), strength (earth/neutral), and agility (air) and level up the corresponding glyph/offensive spells. You can play around with what you like the most, each element has its own playstyle/strengths/weaknesses. For leveling the spells themselves, focus on getting a spell to level 5/6 first instead of leveling up multiple spells to like 2-4. You want to max out one spell at a time. Fecas have a good amount of utility spells as well, mostly defensive. The most important ones to level are: - Rampart (gives you and your allies around you linear damage reduction) - Barricade (one-turn immunity to spells/weapons cast by enemies directly next to you) - Bastion (one-turn immunity to spells/weapons cast by enemies not adjacent to you) - Teleglyph (teleport spell, and triggers any glyphs you have on the ground) - Gravitational glyph (prevents being pushed/pulled or teleporting out while inside the glyph, good for keeping people in place) - Feca shield (gives an ally (or yourself) %-based damage reduction) Once you've decided which element you'd like to play as (you can change your mind at a later time, resetting characteristics is pretty easy) then level up their respective elemental damaging spells/glyph. I'm not an experienced feca player so other people can help you out more with regards to other important spells, but thehe other glyphs and utility spells you can level up at your discretion with leftover points. You'll also want to invest your characteristic points into your chosen element. At higher levels, you can also go multi-elemental with your gear but for now it's easiest to stay mono-elemental. As for the actual act of leveling, quests are pretty easy (albeit boring as hell if you're not interested in the lore) to earn achievements with and get a decent amount of xp. There's not a huge influx of other newer players so you'll be hard pressed to find other people around your level to level up with but it's not impossible. Best of luck! Feel free to keep asking as many questions as you need to.
  5. None that give AP or MP. Plenty that give AP/MP Resistance/Reduction, and at least two that give range. Other stats include linear resistances, crit resistance, critical hits, vitality, and pushback damage. There's a fairly wide variety.
  6. Just by looking over some of the shield recipes, it looks like most of the higher-leveled ones will require: - A number of sparkling pebbles - An alloy (so far I've seen ardonite, pyrute, and kouartz) - A substrate (so far I've seen sylvan, virgin forest and thicket) - A dungeon keeper essence (Most expensive I've seen so far has been Count Harebourg, King Nidas, and Merkator). - The last few resources required are miscellaneous Frigost/Ghost Panda/Dimension resources.
  7. That's good then, hopefully they follow through with that for this tournament. Also according to Nerodos, once the registration goes live on March 2nd, you'll be able to sign up with anyone from any server/community "barring an unforeseen issue with the registration system," so that's nice.
  8. Not only does "no maging" mean no exomaging your own stuff, it also means you can't mage the elements on any neutral-damage weapons, according to Nerodos on the forums. There's quite a few weapons that work considerably better when element maged properly, so it'll be interesting to see if the weapons in the banks will be pre-maged to a specific element or not.
  9. Have - AP Inky - MP Ring-a-ling -Various pieces of Nidas, Nileza, Otomai, and Age-Old gear - 15mk Want - Luminescent Set - Barbahelma, Barboots, Barbring (AP or MP maged) - Hairsh Bracelet (AP or MP maged) - Srambad Daggers -Cloudy and Ice Dofus -Indigo and Crimson Seemyool I'm on the non-heroic Beta server. Shoot me a message if you're feeling generous and/or would like to trade! Also, word of warning to anyone who wanted to test out the new class; once you class change into an Ouginak, you can't class change back to anything, you're stuck until ankama decides to remove the "Must not be an Ouginak" requirement to the class change potions in the Beta.
  10. More information with regards to the server merges . So, assuming this is what they plan to go through with, the 10-server merge end results would look something like this (using Statofus as a resource): Rushu = 14,055 Solar = 5,235 Rosal = 4,893 Shika = 2,093 Zatoishwan = 1,267 Aermine (International) = 2,289 Dark Vlad (Dutch/NL) = 2,832 Ereziah (Italian) = 2,515 Nomarow (Padgref in French, Russian) = 881 Nehra (German) = 4,988 Combining all of these together today would net a server with 41,048 players. Now, let’s assume that no other servers are getting combined together, our new "Pangea" server would be the third most populous server, behind Agride (55,150) and Brumaire (49,332).
  11. I was browsing the Dofus forums, and saw Nerodos and Simsoft providing a bunch of feedback to a few server-merger related questions. This one in particular, I thought was interesting. "The English speaking community will end up with only one server and not two because we want to be sure you will have a game experience (enough people on the server)." Looks like we're all going to be one big happy family soon!
  12. I've been good this year Santa!
  13. Portal hunt finished: you can find a passage to another dimension at [-22,-46] (Ecaflipus)
  14. Well the last time I tried making a far-fetched request on impsvillage it actually worked, so let's try again. I want to see if I can continue to raise my bontarian wings legitimately. After a few days of spamming /r with increasingly creative messages trying to get people to come to [-1,0] I've decided to just try here instead. So, I'lm here to advertise the fact that I have my paltry rank 3 wings up at [-1,0] ready to take on any and all challengers. Maybe this will encourage other people to come over and try their hands at one-on-one pvp, or maybe things will remain nice and quiet. Either way, let's see what happens! I look forward to seeing some people try something new.
  15. I don't have as much as I did last year to lend out, but I do have: DOFUS: Ochre Turqoise Crimson Emerald Dokoko TROPHIES: Intellectual Delayer Deserter Shackler Evader Escapee Rabid Vagabond Forerunner Vigour Friction Brainbox Scholar Maniac Nomad Shaker EXOTIC MAGES: MP Ringaling AP Inky Veil MISC. CRAP: Otomai Boots/Amulet, Nidas's Crown/Ring/Sandals, Age Old Belt/Amulet, Nileza's Amulet, Archetypal Bow, Plumobile, Guten Tak's Bow, Cycloid Boots, Flinty Daggers, and a Karmeleon. Let me know if anyone is interested in borrowing something. First come, first serve.