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Everything posted by Tya

  1. Hello white boi :D
  2. Anyone have a updated emerald dofus quest guide ? After incarnam revamp im not sure if i have done all the quests needed.
  3. Btw do you still need 50 lvl profession for quest ?
  4. Im not sure but i think u cant sell instance paddock. nvm
  5. Okay, good to know. Ty.
  6. Ty :)
  7. Hello, over a year ago i quit dofus, im thinking to maybe come back and start playing again. I wonder whats changed in dofus over that time, would be nice if someone could give me a small details. And how rushu is doing ?
  8. Ty. Though it will need some time before i will be able to go to high end pvp because im starting with nothing ^^
  9. Looking forward to dofus 3.0 :)
  10. Wtf is this..
  11. Dofus 3.0 next year ? :rolleyes:
  12. http://oddshot.tv/shot/meclipse-2015121181814607 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqvbUF8ezkk http://oddshot.tv/shot/steel-tv-2015121273525227 http://oddshot.tv/shot/steel-tv-20151210707608 thx for "gay ben" team
  13. After nerf i went to play MM, when i started to spray with m4a4 bullets went all over the place on close-mid range and i was like wtf is this.
  14. for casual gaming maybe yeah but for competitive this rly sak.
  15. This service is small part of upcoming hero system in dofus. Many people have a lot of accounts so this new service will give them a chance to transfer character to your main hero account without needing to level new characters.
  16. Look at you both! You both dont look that very much happy together, all you can see synthetic smile :(
  17. Yup, wakfu needs opengl 1.3 and urs support 1.1 :/
  18. Did you try update graphics driver ?
  19. Nooooo! xD
  20. dark hurl bag is 70 level and you need 6 players to actually get it you can drop 30 slot 130 level bags in wabbit dungeon
  21. Well i havent faced many bugs, just had only 1 bug that a bit bothered me but other than that i am just enjoying the game and not trying to find bugs in every corner how the most of community are and complaining/raging in forums instead of reporting.