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  1. How about a feature to add note on a friend/enemy in your list ?
  2. Sure. I can also talk via discord or teamspeak.
  3. Anyone wanna play EUW ranked solo/duo ? My first season playing in league. rank s5 Add me: Vale55
  4. Still this math doesn't make sense. Can't be true.
  5. Something not right. 0.001 + 166% idol loot bonus = 0.226% ??????
  6. These photos is actual proof that you actually multi account minimum with 2 accounts in these pvp fights and multi accounting in perc/prism fights are bannable. They have the right to report you.
  7. This is result of leveling farmer profession on 4 accounts :D
  8. Emerald dofus here i come :D
  9. I think farmer might be the easiest to lvl
  10. I have a macro on my keyboard to switch dofus windows but because of CTRL bug im gonna stick with the script until they fix that bug.
  11. Hello white boi :D
  12. Btw do you still need 50 lvl profession for quest ?
  13. Im not sure but i think u cant sell instance paddock. nvm
  14. Okay, good to know. Ty.