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  1. 48+ wisdom is such aids. lol
  2. The sad thing is.... I still have 51 sink left.... lol
  3. Hoping it will go better then the last time.
  4. Race to land it first? :P GAME ON
  5. Does the AP just not want to fall for you? Or just poor luck with things not landing properly
  6. Just a friendly post incase anyone wanted to feel better about themselves. @Tamale Landed AP... such pretty stats.... and..... (for those who don't know what happened, I was trying to drop AP for sexy 0 cri res.) It look over 5 minutes worth of maging for the AP to fall.......
  7. 11/10 would bang.
  8. Sorry for the double post, but this shit is gorgeous. It's a shame the earth % didn't land previous to the 2 cri res runes.
  9. Not an incredible mage, but defs a nice one. More happy about that fact that it ended my 400+ fail streak (234 for this hat, 182 streak on 50vit/sum jammy ring)
  10. Osa, Osa, and probably.... an Osa?
  11. OK first off... i know these are more common these days, but god it feels good, always wanted a 10 dmg hairsh. Second off.... this shit took 428 runes before it landed..... real happy it didn't land on some trash 8 dmg one. Third.... gotta give a shoutout to firstly, izmar, because praised before landing (see chat lol), and a shoutout to swaggy-T who somehow has always given me his swag luck right before landing sexy exos Don't know how to hide second picture... apologize for that
  12. All around me are familiar faces.... worn out places..... worn out faces......
  13. OKOK not wanting to spam... but this is possibly the most godly mage I've ever seen Props to deej, guys on another level