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  1. All around me are familiar faces.... worn out places..... worn out faces......
  2. OKOK not wanting to spam... but this is possibly the most godly mage I've ever seen Props to deej, guys on another level
  3. After Reaps took about 550 tries and it, Deej took about 100~ and then it took 194 from me to finally land. Cancer
  4. Bought one, close please
  5. Ive heard its horrible to obtain, especially without a team of accounts (which i do not have). If you think 70 is overpriced, id be glad to buy it from you for cheaper.
  6. Eh I'm thinking around 70mk, but I'm open to offers! Please message me or leave a comment on this post, i check frequently.
  7. Tough to follow up reap's mages like usual, but you don't see this every day
  8. RIP Filzpunkte
  9. Eh it aint 3%, but it is still pretty neat to look at.
  10. Not reaper caliber, but pretty satisfied with the result.
  11. Am I the only one who noticed the 3 consecutive MP runes and then the orb lol
  12. 442-350=100
  13. hahahahahaha yeah he paid quite a bit for that cape, it was a pretty mage though!
  14. An egotistic swine? Jesus that was harsh. Don't believe you read what I was saying correctly. I meant that there were probably many simpler items to exo then that one. And the madman comment was because of my experience maging that belt and failing 400 ap runes.
  15. and tread was the best option o.O you're a madman lol