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  1. Mono to Echo

    That's a solid setup tbh. Idk how well Foggers can heal but with that much damage (Osa/Eca/Fogger), i doubt anything other than bosses will be able to deal enough damage to you lol Or, you could just swap Fogger for a pure int rogue with a healing bow. It'd have great synergy with panda since you can just 1-shot most mobs by throwing them onto bomb walls ^^.
  2. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    I'm sorry but have you not seen the elio PvP videos made by Insta-No, Deyzi l'eliotrope, Ward-Portail etc.? These guys hit 1k+ per spell in the first turn with only 2 portals up. Quite literally broken for PvP since they halve the opposition's HP before they even had their turn. I'd even argue that the +25% damage bonus through portals for any character other than the eliotrope is even necessary since you can literally hit people from across the map with CC spells.
  3. [The Shire] is recruiting.

    Great guild to be in, everyone is very nice and helpful! Deffo would recommend if you're a newer player or looking for a new(ish) guild with a laidback atmosphere ^^
  4. General class advice thread!

    Hey guys! I wanted to know what's the best build for a lvl200 cra? I mainly want to do Dimension Dungeon Trios and some of the other dungeon achievements to get the ornaments. Was thinking of a set similar to something like this: http://dofp.la/ioOZs/ Thanks!
  5. Post your goals and achievements

    Cloudy on 6 chars. Hardest part was getting lvl200 prof on each char lmao
  6. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    No and no. It depends on what you like playing essentially. Every class has become more versatile so there is less emphasis on a single class playing a single role. Eni is still a good char for heals, but the fact that most other classes have a healing spell severely impacts on the 1-2 classes that could heal a shitload before the update. Also, with the right build, they hit very hard. Cra is certainly not mandatory but the recent buffs to the class make it a hard class to pass up if you're looking for a new/replacement character.
  7. Post your goals and achievements

    Abyssal on 6 chars. What a pain in the ass lmao
  8. Thanks for the advice guys, I managed to just craft my way to 200 farmer with what Rob said so I no longer need a leeching service ^^.
  9. Looking for a service that can leech 2 of my chars to lvl200 in any prof for a reasonable price. PM me on Volox in game or drop me a message on IV. Cheers
  10. Class/Build Advice Post 1-2 Hiatus

    How about playing as an Eliotrope? The class is really fun to play once you get used to hitting through portals and setting them up. They are in most PVM teams so you can build a team around that character quite easily in the future ^^.
  11. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Howabout something like this? https://www.dofusplanner.com/8Ohoo/edit/
  12. Best Solo-Account Class?

    It's a French player, solo's all of F2, some of F3, my bad. xD Here's a link to him soloing Missiz Freezz: (Just realised it's in the kolosseum, still a solo nevertheless!) and here's the playlist of bosses that he's solo'd and uploaded to youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYOVEX1-XWHJRK1_GZriM-gCrnfra-AaN
  13. Best Solo-Account Class?

    I'd say Eliotrope imo, great class as they can self heal and inflict high amounts of damage through portals and decent-ish damage at range, jack of all trades char just like an eca. I've seen a few vids of an elio being able to solo all of F2 and bits if F3, just depends how you would normally play with the class ^^.