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  1. Abyssal on 6 chars. What a pain in the ass lmao
  2. Thanks for the advice guys, I managed to just craft my way to 200 farmer with what Rob said so I no longer need a leeching service ^^.
  3. Looking for a service that can leech 2 of my chars to lvl200 in any prof for a reasonable price. PM me on Volox in game or drop me a message on IV. Cheers
  4. How about playing as an Eliotrope? The class is really fun to play once you get used to hitting through portals and setting them up. They are in most PVM teams so you can build a team around that character quite easily in the future ^^.
  5. Howabout something like this? https://www.dofusplanner.com/8Ohoo/edit/
  6. It's a French player, solo's all of F2, some of F3, my bad. xD Here's a link to him soloing Missiz Freezz: (Just realised it's in the kolosseum, still a solo nevertheless!) and here's the playlist of bosses that he's solo'd and uploaded to youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYOVEX1-XWHJRK1_GZriM-gCrnfra-AaN
  7. I'd say Eliotrope imo, great class as they can self heal and inflict high amounts of damage through portals and decent-ish damage at range, jack of all trades char just like an eca. I've seen a few vids of an elio being able to solo all of F2 and bits if F3, just depends how you would normally play with the class ^^.
  8. Imho, Elio/iop/panda/eni are the typical and best (debatable) F3 onwards team to roll with. Elio+Iop can easily 1 turn any boss in the game with wrath+SoF. You could run Iop/Rogue/Eni/Panda however you may have some problems with mobs pushing you into bomb walls if they aren't well placed (quite common in F3 from personal experience) - Rogue is interchangeable with eni (if it's int build) so you can play with an elio as well for Divine Dimension dungeons.
  9. http://www.dofusplanner.com/2Ak13/edit/ something like that would be good for some pvm
  10. Still the nicest thing Abs has said about me: Hybris the lucky wanker that dropped a vulbis. Fucking ass hole noob shit. :')
  11. I wasn't even doing Croc to try to drop a Vulb, just to level up a Black Drag xD
  12. My First Dofus Drop, a Vulb! =]
  13. Especially with a Panda.
  14. Dayum, just saw that monster and decided to Dofus wiki it. All the glyphs and states mind fucked me so hard... Grats on beating it xD I would've died instantly even with such a good team ;/
  15. Thanks for the reply guys, I think i'll skip straight to my end-game as I've acquired some of the pieces already!