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  1. I used to level up in Minotoror maze (which is a safe area) back in the days. A level 114+ Cha/Agi eni can do a lot of the work in the dungeon, so make sure you bring one with you;) Dragon pig maze is another area that is safe. Some other area's that haven't been mentioned yet which is rather safe and may give good exp (usually a lot stars): Primitive Cemetary, Koalak mountains, Enchanted lakes, Lord Crows (the exp isn't too good, but if you dodge away from the boss, you can stay there and farm without getting agroed), Dreggon peninsula if you're lower than 100/110, All dimentions (VNR usually camps enurado) have awesome exp and is quite safe!, Stonetusk desert may also be a good option (not sure about this one). Cawwot island is also quite safe and have really good loot along with OK exp.
  2. Would be fun to see moderators take action against those who sell/buy suicides, while the server is full of agro bots and idol abuseing cheaters... o.O
  3. Ohh... Haveing Mitch back on SH whound've been awesome!!^^ It's been too long!
  4. When someone gets aggressed (or if you aggress someone else), anyone who is in your alliance can join the fight. I belive you and your friends were not in the same alliance OR had no alliance at the time he was attacked?:)
  5. Yes you are, unfortuneatly
  6. You should only farm outside Astrub the first couple of levels, just so you can learn how the server works. It's not that big of a deal to lose a level 15 character with piwi set, rather then spending all you kamas on a gobball set, and lose it as soon as you dare to leave Astrub. But keep in mind, you will die a lot either ways ;)
  7. Untouchables isn't like that either, however we're not really recruiting anyways
  8. I agree with what Maxed-Out said, however if you know where to look and have a team of level 80-130, you can earn enough kamas for a 1 month subscription every 30 min - 1 hour. But level 1-80 will be quite dry unless you farm at wabbit island;)
  9. Wait.. What do you mean by this?! ;)
  10. I read in the updatenotes a while back that the Firefoux dungeon was beeing changed, so you chould no longer stay in one room and farm. I've figured out there are some "high level" spots which are safe to farm at, however I've never seen anyone but me and my friend there, which means there should be an even more popular place to farm. Does anyone know where it's best to farm as a level 100+ with no risk of beeing aggressed? Edit: Nvm, found out that i've probably missread the changes. I've found that people are still useing FF frequently
  11. What sakubi wrote is great! I'd also like to add a couple of areas where you should avoid farming: Jellyisland, The Cradle, Astrub Rocky Inlet, Lousy Pig Plain, and Scaraleaf Plains (this place is mainly a runthrough, so it's not as dangerous as the others mentioned). All these areas are full of PvP, and are dangerous even with a scout.
  12. Yea, was thinking about Oto-mustam
  13. As the topic says: Is it possible to agress other players in the Volkania area? I know it wasn't possible on kwismas island, whereas it was an awesome place to level up, however someone told me that with the last update, it was now possible to agress in these areas.
  14. Sounds cool! I'm interested in joining with my Foggernaut, however I've tryed to add a couple of people from the guild, but never seen them online. Are you guys from America, or have i just been unlukcy?