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  1. But come on... orbs are great business... they are 6k ogrines/ea and ogrines = $$$ for Ankama. No, but to be honest, I kinda dislike this idea. of course it'd make game much easier but I doubt that's the point... If you really need you can do res quests and farm 50of each relic. it take time but pays off if you really want to change char every fight. I like that you must put some effort in things like resetting char (make bunch of quests and then do dungeons) and I don't like the orbs in both; TH chests and also as a product for ogrines. You can't buy dungeons done (of course you can leech, but I'm talking about sth like 10k ogrines = Dark court dungeon achievement), you must put effort to get it and same is with your wanted flexibility... if you want your panda to be able to change every fight imo you should put a lot of effort to get that opportunity
  2. I think that guy needs some revamp. Ankama bastards made osas op but left poor dopples with no dmg spells and now they cry when keep trying to link with their summon :(
  3. Yay. [23:30] (Info) Achievement unlocked: [Chamber of Tal Kasha] [23:30] (Info) Achievement unlocked: [Tal Kasha (Ecaflip instead of Pandawa)]
  4. Quest in no achiev, you get it from some Droopik, you need to visit 3fav places of Droopik and then find map where Droopik isn't (I found 2maps with no Droopik but first map didn't update my quest)
  5. Best. Title. Ever.
  6. +Air dmg effects tofus or is it just for your osa buff?
  7. I love videos with "autowin tactic" in their names :')
  8. Not big deal I guess but 7loot was kinda pain in ass xD Our plan was to blitz thru portals whupper in first turn then the present and tofu and mini inuit asap. Besides boss the summon present that suicides was killing at least 1char becouse of proxima trigger when he died :D that's how my iop died, rest was kind of easy.
  9. 1 wis now :S
  10. Well tbh [focus] doesn't look that bad comparing to whole dun mechanics, with this spanish rogu tactic they could make focus (dunno if they did or didn't). All you have to pay attention to is using only clums with enu, no SoJ and not push/dmg spells like alc breath and turbulent word. basically blitzing any mob one by one including boss with only bombs make it completely doable achiv. Now let's wait for some french statue. I'm really curious how to do this crap
  11. They were rholled back. Yea and that's the problem too. Diemension duns should be the hardest ones since they have wave system. Cra "tactic" is simply brainless abusing one spell that is great indeed so should be limited more than 2times/turn. Even the rogu diemension tactics got nerfed hardly but roges did nothing they shouldn't do. Just made use of biggest dmg dealing spells/summons while cra keep using buffs n 1spell which imo isn't mean to be most dmg dealing (puni, aton and even torment) also cras still have the best spell hp steal in game which also reduces ra. Cras from now on will be still kickass for those who play them properly.
  12. I wouldn't say it's big nerf to CRAS. It's big nerf to 508 SCORESHIT (which i'm happy about couse I don't like abusing things like that). I have got 430str/cha/int + 715pow set on my cra and she can do shitloads of dmg without slow down or explo, the thing is cras have got many hard dmging spells. Nerfing these 2 aoe spells is reasonable and cra still can be really great for pvm.... for normal pvm so like 1, maybe maximum 2 cras in team. Just like all other chars, no point in having 3+same characters in pvm team.
  13. close, please