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  1. It may be that people buying your mounts have let the certificates expire without placing them in a paddock, that way they're still technically in your name and you'd receive the release message. There was a time where mounts traded to the Guard for scrolls would also give you that message in error a month later, but I think that was fixed. If all your mounts are accounted for and you've not traded any for scrolls, assume the first option. Quote "no news from you or the new owner."
  2. Cya bud
  3. Unsure on what element to make your new Feca? Struggling to understand the new Xelor spells? Or would you just like to read up a little more about a class.. this is the thread for you! Feel free to ask for advice from fellow players relating to the topic at hand, or if you're already a master of your class.. return some golden advice! We're also looking to house a stock of up to date general class guides, therefore if you feel up to the task we'd love for you to produce one (or send in an existing guide)! Once finished private message me a link to it and we can go about adding it to our shelves. Existing player made guides: Pandawas - Ultimate-Sensation Sacriers - Kikn Fecas - Kamt Other useful character related topics: Characters / Teams Equipment ideas Retro Class Guides [v2.0]
  4. Another guy was trying to create almost exactly the same thing and got the same feedback. Imo the easiest part of maging is calculating the sink, it's what you do with those numbers that's actually going to give you any decent results. Just as Quadro said but without calling everyone n0bs and sounding like a five year old, the only thing that's really going to benefit new people trying to mage is an actual guide. Rather than over-complicating a table of values that can be easily memorised and basically a less functional calculator. This one Kedj created several years ago is probably a good reference point for that. Then again, with respect, you probably want to spend time to fully understand the logic behind maging yourself first?
  5. wait and see!
  6. [Competition now closed] Wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS here on Imps Village I've organised another small giveaway this year where seven of you have the chance to win the following Dofus prizes: BONUS DRAW: 4x Mimisymbic Bundle (two winners) FIRST DRAW: Livitinem Hat or Parasymbic Hat (two winners) (hats will be level 1) SECOND DRAW: Mimisymbic and Deceiver Mystery Box (two winners) THIRD DRAW: Haven Bag Showroom (one winner) FOURTH DRAW: Warrior Mystery Box x2 (two winners) To enter, simply reply to this topic with the text "I've been good this year Santa!" (open to all servers!) Your name will be added once to the draw and you may only enter once. On Christmas Eve, I will randomly select 7 usernames from those who have entered. Depending on the position they are drawn; first, second and so on, they will each be awarded one prize set shown above. If you win a prize, your name will be removed from the proceeding draws. Winners will be posted here, in order, the same day. I will then message each winner requesting their Dofus nickname to directly award prizes to a chosen account, (Through the gifting system). Good Luck =) Rob (remember creating multiple accounts here is bannable and will obviously result in disqualification.)
  7. for Mr Kiba
  8. That's since summer time last year when I updated this laptop. I've got WhatPulse installed which tracks your keystrokes / click count but also logs application running time. It just idles in the background and gives you a bigger e-peen while voluntarily installing a keylogger ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. We've even got an Imps team setup. I don't know if you can retroactively check activity through the OS itself, on Windows at least. I've not come across it if you can.
  9. Welcome back x4... Happy New Year to you too. Really liking those three, guess you've still got it! The colour pallets are working really well, especially on the two Iops. Not sure what that blue ball thing is, though. ;)
  10. Cras are probably the best bet if you're purely looking for results, they're far more capable across a range of content than Foggers which I've always found fairly... gimmicky... A Cra should also fit better into existing teams which you'll most likely need to play with if you stick with being solo into end-game since the majority of content isn't easily soloed. Foggers, however, are a good alternative if you get bored of repetition. You'll quickly find Cra's repeat exactly the same set of turns every fight which isn't to everyone's taste, so you should take that into account. Download the beta client if you haven't already and use it to test both classes out before you settle on anything, though. You can install it here.
  11. A couple of prizes weren't claimed so I've pulled two new names. @archieblacknwhite - Mimisymbic / Deceiver Mystery Box @Mystic-Water - Haven Bag Showroom
  12. CY@

    Maybe if you showed up more... :( Bye Flopsy, I'll miss you... :(2
  13. What I mean is, yes you will probably need AP reduction in specific situations, but if you're in group pvp without a healer the heal trophy is most likely beneficial. If that was the set you were using, I'd hope you'd have both trophies. It'd then be down to your own initiative as to which to use at a given time. People can give you a good set, but they can't predict everything you will want to be using it for down the line. I'm naturally rude.
  14. Situationally sure. Can you not use your own initiative on that though?
  15. Club Wakfu should do nicely =)
  16. Can we have a collab with the Barley Maid?
  17. Granted, it's just a shame you now suck dick at popular culture. I wish someone other than Scour and Sommanker would reply to this... ;)
  18. I'm not entirely sure what I've just read.
  19. Sunny is so hot [love]
  20. While slightly off topic, it's worth noting @Mavvo has a really nice interactive map which shows all the resource locations and their quantities. You could look through that and find the best circular map routes for levelling gathering professions. His thread is here.
  21. 2027 here we come baby
  22. The most obnoxious stuff would see a copyright strike almost immediately. What you're listening to is the finest of Youtube stock content! p.s you're just mad because I stopped you editing the results you mafia scum ><