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  1. @Eternallyfe I think you've missed the point. :p
  2. Limiting factor will be the CPU. 8gb is more than enough ram for most things.
  3. Unsure on what element to make your new Feca? Struggling to understand the new Xelor spells? Or would you just like to read up a little more about a class.. this is the thread for you! Feel free to ask for advice from fellow players relating to the topic at hand, or if you're already a master of your class.. return some golden advice! We're also looking to house a stock of up to date general class guides, therefore if you feel up to the task we'd love for you to produce one (or send in an existing guide)! Once finished private message me a link to it and we can go about adding it to our shelves. Existing player made guides: Pandawas - Ultimate-Sensation Sacriers - Kikn Fecas - Kamt Other useful character related topics: Characters / Teams Equipment ideas Retro Class Guides [v2.0]
  4. PSA. There has been an ongoing issue surrounding the posting of threads in our marketplace sections. This is because members are failing to read or choosing to ignore our much loved 'marketplace guidelines', primarily the requirement for a selling or offering price, which is pinned in every forum. This is something we have always requested on Imps Village and will continue to request. The reason we ask for this to be included is so that the forums can both benefit you in a quick sale but also provide a resource for others to price check items, a benefit for everyone in the long run. This system also helps protect buyers from being charged unreasonably with our members acting as a second opinion. - The only exception to this rule is in the Real Estate forum, where we do not ask for prices to be posted due to the subjective value of houses and paddocks. In the case of In-Game-Merchants, we request you post a screenshot of what you are selling and a location. (These both have their own guidelines which you can read in their respective sub-forums.) I'd like to request that you, especially the newer members, familiarise yourselves with these guidelines. I have posted them below for your convenience. I will continue to remove topics which do not follow them, this may be done without notice. tl;dr post price pls.
  5. They announced it to be on 2nd May. Everything is in the thread.
  6. bookmark Impsvillage.com/forums as this is where the login server is hosted. You'll then be automatically logged in.
  7. @bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur Official answer aside. I can't really be fucked trying to manage more rules when people can't even consistently add a price to a topic. @bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur@bobeur
  8. Sometimes it's important to narrow your response to one user, even if they were the last poster. I do however agree when quoting posts with multiple/large images it's better to [image] them. If I spot those I'll normally edit them out. There won't be a hard rule on this because quotes and their content have situational importance. That's more something for the community to self-moderate. This thing called common sense.
  9. no :( teach me
  10. You're not actually good are you?
  11. #ItWasDelayedTill2nd sorry to ruin your hype.
  12. Looks nice like that, perhaps a little dark blue shading in the shadows? Doubt it'll look as clean fully coloured though.
  13. You can only send the kamas to the server you initially sold Ogrines on (while logged in), despite the fact the Ogrine Marketplace is global amongst the community. If you use the browser exchange at Dofus.com it'll ask you to confirm the server you wish to use before being able to complete any trades. This is to prevent you being able to freely exchange kamas between servers (by buying on one and selling on another). For whatever reason, they do not differentiate between linked and unlinked Ogrines in this case.
  14. Please include a rough offering price, as per our marketplace guidelines .
  15. @Youbutsu
  16. Why would they filter wee? Are Ankama five?
  17. Very nice! shame it's a Sadida though.
  18. People in marketing use a completely different dialect to the rest of us. So that's understandable.
  19. It's because they should be upper case. Ankama, correcting your grammar one step at a time.
  20. Full disclosure, we filter a couple. ;)
  21. Thanks for that.