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  1. Nerfing the classes alone has nothing to do with nerfing their necessity though. It's not an Enu's fault that the majority of end-game content favours a ranged approach. :(
  2. Playerbase says monster aggression is annoying. - Makes monster aggression even more annoying.
  3. It's based on the degree to which your computer has to match the original certificate that was created when it was added. Low security simply creates a certificate and theoretically a would-be hacker could copy this to their own machine and log your account. Medium security means the hardware configuration of the computer has to match the certificate but allows any network configuration. High security requires everything to match including network settings. I don't think they've actually discussed specifically what is logged and checked to help prevent circumvention but I'm sure someone more tech savvy could figure this out.
  4. New kama dupe. Convince Ankama you got scammed by yourself.
  5. Do the right thing and give them to me.
  6. So did you get double? 😀
  7. It sounds as if you've set the shield to the highest level of security. Try going to the Dofus site and accessing your account management in the top right. Here you can delete your computer from the Ankama Shield 'trusted list'. (Do not deactivate the shield entirely, just remove computers from the whitelist). After doing this, restart Dofus and login again. You should be promoted to add your computer. When doing this select medium security and enter the code sent to you. If you continue to have issues having done this I'd recommend you contact Ankama support.
  8. You can level up farmer for 350 of each bread you unlock every 10 levels all the way to 200. I think I manged it for less than 3mk straight from markets so bear that in mind.
  9. three refs in one team, rigged as a pirate boat.
  10. If you do not include REAL!!! prices this thread will be removed. We have rules for a reason.
  11. Please include your selling prices as per our marketplace guidelines. These can be found pinned in all marketplace sub-forums. Thanks.
  12. While I cannot guarantee anything because the Internet is the Internet. I guess I should clarify that the OP does not have any links to Hyun-Ae's many (and banned) accounts here. In fact, they are not even in the same continent.
  13. https://dofusgo.com/app/map This might be a useful tool for you. You can select the fisherman profession and then specific types of fish with the menu on the left. It'll then show you locations and quantities of those resources.
  14. Suppose you answered your own question. Pretty much every other class is more viable in PvM than Sadis and I'm not just saying that to troll @Goatee. This doesn't mean to say you shouldn't use one, but if you were wanting to play in the most effective manner then it's probably not the best choice.