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  1. next time turn off transparency for the screenshot. 3/10.
  2. You must include rough prices for all items as per our marketplace guidelines. These are pinned at the top off all market sub forums. Thanks.
  3. ^ Not sure why it's your business. Consider yourself bitten. Please update this post with the sale price in future though.
  4. How do you know it wasn't a legitimate competition?
  5. @Barley Maid @Up Dharma Down still waiting to hear from you to allocate prizes. Please PM me your account nickname and IGN. Ta :)
  6. Are you trying to move the second character to a new account or an existing account?
  7. HI Rob


    id like to collect my prize winnings, it’d usually help if you log online so that we can sort the task at hand ASAP,

    thanks alot


    many thanks,


    your friendly office co worker,


    sharon xox

    1. Rob


      sorry I need your nickname just incase someone called Tezor tries to scam me. 

      many thanks,


      marg xx

    2. Tezar


      Maybe it’s not my nickname you need, but a pair of glasses? 




      susan xx

  8. It was DOFUSKWISMAS2017 which offered a free mimi and colour change potion. I think they misjudged the demand and ended up crashing their database.
  9. The results are now in! Thank you all for participating and congratulations to the following: First Prize: @KillerSpirituel 15mk, Atanip Hat + Cape Second Prize: @Capslok 5mk, Geisha Set Third Prize: @Barley Maid 3mk, Adora Set Bonus Prize: @xjoost 2mk, Adora and Geisha sets Highest number of likes: @bobeur & @Up Dharma Down (10 each) Lowest number of likes: @Sommanker & @Tezar (1 each) (you will each receive 2.5mk) To ensure prizes are allocated to the correct characters, please PM me on Imps Village with both your IGN and the account nickname so I can verify it is you. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas or Festive Season! <3 I have included a video of the draw below.
  10. @xjoost did have a really nice dreggon helm. Not sure if it was sold though.
  11. I can confirm Dan is very very casual. Borderline noob.
  12. Last warning that to be eligible for event two, your posts must be made by 23:59 DST today. You have two chances to enter, you can submit an entry for competition one and also write a second post containing the word pinenuts. The two eligible posts with the highest number and lowest number of likes by Christmas Eve will win 5mk each. Merry Kwismas
  13. i still hate my imps background fix it

    1. Rob


      Sorry I don't know how 

  14. The point of this thread was to prevent others being tricked into handing gear over to the recovered accounts. It would have been far easier for the OP not to post at all and spare your criticism. There is no need to discuss what should have been done in hindsight and nor is it constructive. In fact, it's becoming borderline baiting. Thanks.