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  1. Thinking of being an artist when you grow up? You've got some real talent petal. xx
  2. That's a Masive emoji.
  3. CY@

    Imagine bumping irrelevant threads from last month.
  4. Not sure if you really need a shit drawing to make that ugly. ;)
  5. Summon overmage*. But I'll forgive you this once.
  6. 30? That sounds quite generous. I was expecting an Api Candy.
  7. Those are incredibly shit, well done! =)
  8. Optimal method is to wait for ap / mp to fall, exo resistance and then attempt to stick ap / mp back on. This is because the chance of runes sticking on an item is influenced by the item's total weight relative to being perfect. Therefore, with the item being 100 / 90 power lighter, your chances of the % res sticking are marginally increased. Obviously, this is all heavily dependent on fre**h maths and difficult to prove.
  9. Please use the subforum Other Servers > War Room for that kind of thing. Thanks =) Kikn
  10. Nice indirect, much wow, much maturity. Tezar for GoultĀ 2k16.

    1. Rob


      [22:46] (/g) --INU--: dm him and tell him inu hates him <3

  11. uuuh yeah that doesn't sound right... I've not come across that bug before though. Nothing much I can say that'll help really, might be a Mac thing? RE servers, I'm on Henual with quite a few people but I'm fairly sure there's an active group on Eratz too. If you change the language settings to Spanish on the updater it'll show the server names, you can then change it back once you've got it figured out. The sub-forum below is where the 1.29 server stuff is kept for now, so you might find something you like there. http://impsvillage.com/forums/forum/426-other-the-war-room/