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  1. Eratz was opened in 2010, so after 7 years and without inter-server transfers it's understandable that the quantity of exo's would build up.
  2. Forgot about that ;)
  3. How would you know, the whole mage history isn't shown. Oh yeah. The AP Loss Res. That would be 5 sink though if you account for the -2 from the Crit Res right?
  4. locked for breaking ALL of our guidelinezzz
  5. Please include your selling prices as per our guidelines.
  6. Shame you're in it else it would actually be cool.
  7. Pretty cool but is still only graphical.
  8. How is that gg low-level PvP if the change effects everyone? If anything it'll encourage less wealthy low-level characters to participate, giving it a boost.
  9. This edges toward public shaming rather than a genuine request. This is something we don't allow here outside of Scammers Registry. I've therefore removed the screenshot. Please continue this discussion in PM or In-Game as it does not require a jury. Thanks.
  10. Please make all your replies in one post. Clicking the quote button will automatically add the quote to the base of what you've already written.
  11. 40 fixed res for each element and first damage taken by the character each turn is halved.
  12. looks nice, what're stats looking like? Hit me up later if you need a hand maging, I'm good I promise...
  13. The one power worth of runes you've just saved would have been lost every time the attempt to add 10 Init results in a failure, subsequently dropping stats equal to or greater than 1. Using 10 Init to avoid losing other stats is the argument of the uninformed I'm afraid. @Sommanker
  14. @Feca3212 You only need to read two posts up to answer your first question, but in short no, it doesn't. For the second question, there was a trend to add 10 Init to AP maged items as the maximum power for an exo is 101 with AP being 100 and 10 Init being 1. For some reason this then caught on to MP maged items, allegedly it makes the item look nicer and serves no other purpose than to increase the size of your internet penis.