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  1. friendly guy and even with some technical problems (those darn routers) got it done in the time frame. Will be in contact about another character with him soon.
  2. Merch is now at [-1,-1] and I lowered some prices. Cloudy is now 80mk
  3. Current merch location [0,-1] Selling my stuff since I'm quitting (for the 10th time) hopefully for good this time. I have some dofuses, exo's, nicely maged items and some other stuff like not so nicely maged items that I couldn't be bothered with maging. I will be adding more items through out the week as I start clearing out my other chars. You can pm me here on imps or "Staff" / "Painful" / "Intelligence". Probably won't be on but I will try to get back to you on imps as soon as possible.
  4. These are nice mages but I don't think they are great put I'm putting on here because they stressed me out until they landed and am SOOOOO GLAD ITS OVER! Took over 20 tries to freaking land the range on after putting %res on...... First exo to land in nearly 400 tries among various items and my standards kept dropping till it landed since I almost just gave up and would have if it didn't land
  5. I would like your post zach but I really can't like it since it makes me sad since I will miss you so much :(. Nevertheless I wish you all the best!
  6. Bumpity
  7. Bump lowered price to 75mk to stay competitive since there are so many damn exo's in rushu.....
  8. Selling this: PM me here on imps if you are interested. I will try to keep a shop open somewhere in the village market area. look for a cra that is grey / blue wearing a leaf hat. Current merch position: (0,1) MP/1% earth bear band 75mk~ I may be open to negotiation depending on my mood at the time. I would also be happy to trade this + kamas for a boarhog / karm with boarhog mimi.
  9. As title says I'm looking to buy a boarhog or Karm with a boarhog mimi. I am willing to pay ~100mk for it in rosal and am willing to transfer to rushu to buy one (if you are in another server and want to sell you would have to transfer to rosal) but I will deduct 5mk from my offer so 95mk to cover some of the transfer fee. I am open to negotiation :) Best place to contact me is here on imps or in game on Lissac. if you don't want to do either of those contact faded after the beep. ~Beep!
  10. Jester I thought I was your heir to Bonfire? Tal won't be able to lead the little sparks to the great flame like I can. I mean aren't I the child of your love affair with Cas? Or was Faded lying to me again?
  11. Bump dreggon helmet still for sale. If interested you can contact Lissac
  12. Bump my merchant is 1 map below the zaap.
  13. Bump ammy sold. Dreggon helmet is still for sale. My merch is 1 map above -2,0.