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  1. Let's say for example, i take all the items im about to transfer + 10 or so items im gonna crush to crusher, then i crush them all, be 10k~ over pods and then get server transferred the following night, does this work? does anyone have proof that it does or doesn't? let me know what you guys think xD
  2. I guess you meant S> not B>, i saw kama steal robber daggers in market last week for 10kk, lol
  3. lmfao, but when he says " So, once you try to reach 0+ (in this case critical resistance) runes sink goes back to it's normal (from 1 back to 2 sink). Not just for this item, but any item. Once you try to do -1>0 runes sink is being on it's maximum. " which is in decent english, it's what you said basically x)
  4. In bad english, that's what he said you goofball
  5. If you could private message m e which items you still need and requested stats (overmage is fine, i just dont do ap/mp/range/summon exo) and the price you're willing to pay for the stats, i can make some of the items for you how you want, thanks in advance, you can always pm me ingame Graardor as well
  6. close pls
  7. this shit isnt in market, buying one air dmg with decent stats, 1-2mk idc just pm me ingame graardor
  8. Is this dropping tonight?
  9. cra is answer to everything we're getting buffed too 4Head
  10. Thanks for the fix but i dont want to play a game with no spell animations after they made them all look cool just because they fucked this end of fight stuff up, ill just deal with the d/cs until these potatoes fix it i guess
  11. What is this cancer shit that happens at the end of a fight where everything i guess explodes idk their team did a really shitty job with whatever the hell they were trying to do, but it d/cs people even if their computer can run 50 dofus's at once, how do i turn it off
  12. Sure does, why the fuck would you give it out for free when that's extra money you can have for no real effort, who wants to live Morally Rich but Economically Poor?
  13. We're not allowed to openly post the link to or promote the gateway, it's against ToS and mods are hungry as fuck to remove posts and serve bans. PM sent.
  14. Only retards give their stuff away or delete their characters, Both characters and kamas and worth money. That's like setting money on fire, to each their own.