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  1. So basically, I made a similar tutorial to this one about 2 years agoish and around like a month ago the YouTube account associated with that video ended up getting suspended partly due to the DCMA Takedowns. A couple of people ended up asking me for the link and since I couldn't provide them with one, I ended up just creating an entire new tutorial in hopes that it would help people once again. The link for the file is in the description of the video, also I apologise in regards to my derpiness during some parts of the video as I was too sleepy when I decided to make the video. :') If you have any questions you're more than welcome to either message me on Imps Village or pm me in game if you can catch me online on Shika. The name's sensation.... Ultimate-Sensation. B-) Do this at your own risk and make sure you have extra files saved somewhere! NEW VIDEO AS OF 2017, THIS TUTORIAL IS FOR THE STEAM VERSION OF THE GAME:
  2. Hey guys... it's been like nearly 2 years, holy fuck. Anyways I kind of made a new updated version of the video (with better mic quality this time) and I decided to cover a wide range of topics in the video. In particular, I covered the following topics in the new video: 1.) How to get DOFUS on steam 2.) How to play DOFUS 1.29 audio ingame instead of DOFUS 2.0 3.) Discord and general cool things about it. I tried doing a lot during a 20 minute window time frame. Please take note that the actual Dofus 1.29 STEAM tutorial for the music is DIFFERENT than the tutorial that was posted two years ago, so you may as well have a glance at this if you're seriously lost and don't know what to do :'). Either way, thanks a lot guys, within like 1 year and 9 months, the tutorial I posted managed to get 850 views (with extremely shitty tags added) and got 15 thumbs up, even though that may not sound like a lot, it did catch me by surprise haha. Anywho, enjoy the new video, lemme know if you need help with anything!
  3. SEARCHABLE VERSION - Dofus Treasure Hunt Clues (Special thanks to Happida for sorting this out) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Introduction Well since I've seen myself and a couple of other people in game say the same sort of thing such as "What the hell does a wooden stele look like" - "Ermugurd Ankama, there is no stone stele here y u lie" and that sort of stuff. I'm going to start adding the photos of the objects you should be looking for when you're treasure hunting so that hopefully it'll make your experience a lot less painful because it seems like a lot of people are actually struggling with this at the moment. I'll also add a couple of things you should take into account when treasure hunting. So lets begin! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Things to remember about treasure hunting All clues are within 10 maps from the last clue. If you can't find a clue, then go back the same route and make sure you look again, some clues may be behind mobs/trees/rocks. When a clue tells you to go towards a certain direction to find a certain object, for example: lets say it told you to find a shovel that was north from where you were. You will need to find the FIRST shovel that's north, not the 2nd one, not the third one, but the first one. Remember that the system still isn't perfect and still has a couple of issues, for example: If you were doing the helm treasure hunting quest at Almas, then it tells you to go 7 maps down after finding the helm even though it only goes down 5 maps. Remember that buying a lottery chest does not guarantee you'll be getting 15k+ roses out of it. It's all luck based and there is a very very small chance you'll actually be able to get that many roses. You need to wait 10 minutes before being able to change the treasure hunt again (given that you didn't like the clues they gave you and hence you gave up on the treasure hunt) - so it might be a good idea to go and try to find the clues anyway. If people join your chest fight then they can basically drop your chest, and you might end up finishing the fight with no chest. So be warned! If you're doing the chest fights then don't place summons that attack the chest since you'll lose mp every time the summon hits the chest. If you see yourself close to dying then don't hit the chest for a couple of turns and it should heal you every 5 or so turns back to your full hp. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Clues made visual Wooden stele Stone stele Wheelbarrow Tree stump that doesn't grow back Smith's tongs Gobball yoke Sledgehammer Shovel Broken branch Stabbed human skeleton Bones These come in a lot of different forms, but I assume you already know what bones are. If not then just go stare at some chafers. Praying human skeleton Sitting human skeleton Hay bale Carrier Bell Hanging Sack Alchemist sign Kerub sign Sack Paving skull Grain store Brown sack Frozen Pingwin and Kani Skull sign Hot spring Half-buried chest Scary-looking spine Scorched bough on the ground Destroyed boat Pirate captain skeleton Bombard Stuffed Apple Pickaxe (In the village area) Blue sack Plank and axe Scarecrow White covered cart Rolled down piece of metal Sailboat Cenatur statue Pitchfork Empty bucket Mace embedded in the ground Wooden mine entrance Orange canopy Crate of red fruit Iop statue (really?) Pirate skeleton on a barrel Hand Broom in Astrub Tree stump with an axe Lamp-lit minecart Full giant wooden cart Falling rocks sign Kanigrula emblem Drawing Skeleton koalak drawing Empty Cart Trident wedged in the ground Carved stone Kaniger sign Helm White bird Bench Minecart Well without a roof Reeds Split rock Paddock sign Hanging bucket Dripping sap Smushed crow Piwi nestbox Toolbox Tied-up kwismas tree Mechanical sprinkler Old stove Stone trough Broken ladder Patched sack Barrel Cog Bundled sticks Barrel in the snow Sleigh with wood Rake Tall stone totem pole Used paintbrush Starfish Human skeleton lying down Floating tofu Watering can Blue boat Broom Life ring Sail boat Wind turbine Pingwin driven sleigh Scarf Fishing rod lodged in crate Blue scarf Clam with a pearl Floating bottle Urn Dragoturkey skeleton Broken black dreggon egg Explosive crate Spiral plant (can be pink or blue) Nibbled cart Pandala parcel Tofu pin cushion Pandala shield Hatchet Cast-iron railings Clam with pearl Sea anamone Hammer Pointy-tailed statue Letterbox Hanging fish Crab poster Barrel of tentacles Tap Orange starfish with an eye Frozen Pingwin with a fish and a Cawwot Frozen Pingwin with a fish Frozen Pingwin with a hat Frozen Kanigloo with a Cawwot Skull Sign Buried White Dreggon Egg Tree filled with skulls Gobball Standard Dead Gobball Roll of wool Sack of wool Wind turbine Wooden Gobball totem Red deckchair Destroyed sleigh Anemone Green oar Lantern Planks Blue anemone Full bucket Vertical logs Boot Wooden wheel Planks against two crates Roll of metal standing on its end Bucket of fishbones Crate of baguettes Crescent moon shield Minotoror scarecrow Cocktail Wagon String bag of fruit Dragon Skull Shell Squatter Overturned boat with a green star White Toadstool Dragon pig head Paint bucket (Sufokia) Soldier crab Hermit crab Pierced tree Egg in a nest Storage silo Roped-Down roll of metal Statue without head Ringed Shield Green covered cart Trident lodged on the ground Totem with antlers Smith's bucket Hanging planks Hanging gobball Fisherman's sign Groom hat Bubbling blue geyser Bubbling green geyser Bubbling orange geyser Pink parasol Stripey spiral shell Thorny plant Tofu kebab Sleigh with a cover on it Snowplough Three directions sign Human skeleton Manger of wool Blue canopy Well with a roof Chain Tentacular plant Three barrels Cog Floating winged creature Red covered cart Egg with a toy inside Scorched corpse Hanging boots Stacked padlocked chests Knotted blue and beige sack Helmet for moon island Steam tripod Trash can Arrow Snowplough Barrel on its side with a tap Bow Large, upright stone plaque Cabin with a door made of cloth Cabin without floorboards Dark, winged creature Thrown spear Wooden post Surfboard Jackhammer Posts wrapped in cloth Gobball rock Fishing rod Buried barrel Kama-shaped slab Golden dragon Red triangular stone Buried mustachioed chest Barrel of kamas Tied bag of kamas Burnt remains Egg in a nest Barrel of fish Arrow Pine cone plant: Shelter made of yellow fabric: Barrel Reeds Toadstool Purple Coral Dora Bora Nee Cap Plugged geyser Iop Shield Medical Pandawa Statue Overturned Red Boat Phoenix Pandawa parcel Catapult Passable archer's target Pumpkin on a stick Something used to catch fish Roll of fabric Forked tofu Grave Stinky entrance Bench Jewellers sign Precious stone Bench Logs Chest buried in the snow Crate in the snow Fountain Barrel of fish Stone bridge Plumed hat Pumpkin helmet Large beer Stoppered test tube Kama-shaped slab Tent being built Floating bucket Empty storage silo Koalak teddy Armed koalak drawing Green flower Blue flower Cabin boy skeleton Seau de pierres précieuses (bucket of gems) old stove earthbound drill pressure gauge Pine cone plant Medical pandawa statue Piggy shield Bucket of sand Mooring Post? (Translated from French) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ This is NOT the full list of items. There are still hundreds of clues left. If you'd like to help out, then post an image with it's name and it'll get added automatically into Happida's website.
  4. Oh rofl, I didn't even know I entered (I wrote the message incorrectly on purpose) let alone win haha. Anywho, this was a fun event, thanks for setting it up Rob <3
  5. I've been cheeky this year Santa!
  6. I can confirm downloading Dofus via the above link works ^ However, I ran into an issue where the game decided to log me into Shika and for some odd reason I couldn't switch servers. So like I'm pretty much stuck on Shika atm, every time I press on "change servers" it takes me back to the Shika character menu... ---'
  7. k, so even though I don't play anymore, the fact that copper ore is orange a f, triggers me a lot and doesn't make me sleep any better at night. I've been thinking about it hard, every single night and the orange a f colour in game, really has had a negative overall impact on my life. So............... Ankama p l s #MakeDofusGreatAgain #CopperOresShouldBeGreen
  8. Reading this made me upset tbh because of how true it is. I don't know what happened to you Timeless, but you were honestly never like this before you came to Rushu. When you were in my guild on Shika for months upon months, not once did someone accuse you of ever scamming them or doing some sneaky ass shit. I also remember how much you used to be a fantastic person in Ancient Spirits, back when you used to play on Armageddon. Now I don't play anymore and my opinion's probably like meaningless to you, but it's just sad to see you've decided to go through this path. I feel like over the time you've spent on Rushu, you've slowly became less humble, more cocky and just generally felt 'more powerful' as a whole due to the competition that's around you. These qualities changed you as not only a DOFUS player but as a person and you became more greedy as a whole. Having known you for such a long time, this is definitely not like you, I have no idea what happened, but it's kinda sad either way and I honestly hope you do get your shit together some day and you do realize wtf you're doing. I'm just baffled by how someone so fucking fantastic can turn into a scammer like that over a certain time period due to a server change.
  9. Yup definitely move to Rushu. You'll find more Shikians on Rushu than you will on Shika lmao. Most of us moved because the server pretty much killed itself since people just server transferred out of it anyway. There's honestly nothing that's really 'bad' about Rushu, the markets are x200 times better than Shika's, the people over there are pretty nice for the most part as well and you always have people around to do things with. It's just so much better in every sense of the word tbh.
  10. Gonna cry if this is what my current sacrier is going to turn into js.
  11. Sounds gimmicky as fuck and it still feels like the main issues that were present on a Sacrier were not actually dealt with. I might be wrong though, I'll definitely need to test out the class during the beta period.
  12. I'll be 100% honest with you, if you're planning to play DOFUS with one account then you'll definitely not enjoy the game as much as before. Times have changed sadly, and as much as I'd like to say you can really 'progress in the game' with only one account, that would probably be the biggest lie of the century lel. Probably the biggest demotivating factor as of right now is the fact that when I transferred to Rushu, I only took my Sacrier with me and left all of my other characters behind on Shika (which was a very very big mistake). You honestly, can't do much on your own and as much as I'd like to say "oh people are always there to help you with whatever you need dungeon wise etc...", that's not really the case since many people are just doing their own sort of things with their own little teams (moreover, I just don't like bothering people with my own agenda tbf'ed). It's just that the game is very tailored towards multi-accounters now, like to the point where you genuinely can't even make kamas properly, p2p yourself every week and progress through the game at the same time, without actually grinding for hours upon hours every single day. So yeah, I haven't really played much recently because I've felt like as a solo accounter, the game's turned more into a chore than an enjoyable game that I can sit down and play at my own leisure. I've had a lot of trouble trying to get new gear (I'm still stuck with tf and fuji items tbf'ed) because I p2p myself every week with kamas (which is like 800kk-900kk ish as of right now) and can't really save up kamas to buy the newer end game items that are around atm. Consequently, I'm in this position right now where I'm just STUCK in the game. I'm not moving forward and honestly do not have the ability to do anything else in the game other than p2p myself every single week (due to time constraints because I don't play much to begin with and just being a general solo accounting scrublord v2.0). So yeah, if you ever do decide to come back then definitely try to multi-account, because you'll struggle a lot as a solo accounter, trust me. If you're going to solo account then you should consider possibly p2ping yourself with a credit card so that you can save up kamas and start using the kamas on gear. Rushu's really cool, people over there have been very welcoming. I've only been here for approximately like 10 months now, but everyone on there's been really kind, you also get a daily dosage of drama to laugh at, every now and then of course. ;) I can't really say much about Rosal since I've never played on there, but if you want a populated server to play on, with a fuckload of people, then Rushu's the way to go. Good luck with whatever you choose~
  13. I definitely miss the overall neatness I had going on about a year ago... lmao Also, jesus christ, my icons were bulky a f back then ;-; @Kiba if you check the 8th column and the 2nd row, you'll see a "Geology" file, which means that Saif knows his rocks and ores very well (heuhueheuhu). Go away @Sommanker :( #CopperOresShouldStillBeGreen
  14. There are bubbles present inside some of the water tanks that are around the game, which means air is present, and therefore, oxygen is most likely present. Copper ores should be green a f, cause oxygen does indeed exist in the world of 12.
  15. Sorry for the double post, but what idk about you but I breathe in my daily dose of oxygen and exhale my carbon dioxide :^)
  16. Copper has an orange colour, however Copper Ore (the one that is actually gathered up from the mines) is green. Saif got a C- in chemistry and therefore clearly knows his shit Rob :^). " Copper miners were confused about nickel and copper because they both occurred in ores with a green tint." Source: http://www.chemistryexplained.com/elements/L-P/Nickel.html#ixzz4NtIvgRML
  17. كم لازم ادفاع لال كريمسين دوفاس؟ حئو كتير, نزل ال سعر انا ضايع مش انا, والا بدك نطلع مع بعض؟ انا فاهم, انا حتا نظفت شعري امبارح Rofl, that took me forever to write. Finding those letters on my keyboard was a real pain in the ass lmao. PS: I don't suggest you google translate this because I basically typed all of this in Jordanian-Arabic (not the formal Arabic which is seen in the news, used in politics etc). Most Arabs tend to follow their own traditional Arabic language when talking to people (So for example, an Egyptian would talk in Egyptian-Arabic to other people), it's just so much easier than the formal Arabic.
  18. Arabic and English in here boooooooiz. I also learnt a bit of french on the side because of DOFUS and school.
  19. Your vote is greatly appreciated http://www.strawpoll.me/10992589/
  20. Shit, my entire life makes sense now. :(
  21. So we haven't really posted here in awhile, so I'll throw in a little update for you guys because it's been awhile. Le Statistics and Numbers Lets start off with some numbers because numbers are beautiful and they really turn me on irl. The server was launched on August 5th 2015 (so technically it's been alive for one year and 9 days exactly as of right now). We've gathered up approximately 3200 members over this one year. We have: 2 Admins (Gravestorm and Seyif). 1 randomly appearing Community Manager (Izmar). 5 Moderators (Bananaphone, Direwolves, Kikn, WindowDV and myself). 1 Twitch Admin (Kazzy). 8 Imps Village Moderators/Admins on the server (Sunbathe, Azaelya, Biku, Fosjam, Kiba, Kikn, Kyffles and Mexiah). 34 Streamers who are funky and lovable. 8 Artists who can draw better than I can. 10 YouTubers who have the best tubes. 1 Bot (all hail Gravebot). 5 Custom Discord Emotes and more emotes that are coming soon! We have around 110 members or so online, on a daily basis. The members of the discord server come from a wide range of different DOFUS communities. We have players who are from the French community, the International/English community and German community mainly. Le Important Discord links Link to the DOFUS server: https://discord.me/dofus Link to our sister server, DOFUS Touch: https://discord.me/dofustouch Link to our cousin, Wakfu: https://discord.gg/0WL9EEf55J8nX0mQ Links to Discord servers available worldwide: https://www.discordservers.com https://discord.me/servers Le Video Ok, so I made a video that talks about discord and the DOFUS server in general, literally everything you need to know is in here (that's why it's 40 minutes long ayy lmao). Sorry about the white noise in the background, I was using my laptop's inbuilt microphone. I hope this somewhat helps either way!
  22. Rofl this is actually hilarious, people are saying "oh you should have just forfeited instead of letting timeless play " lmaoooooooo. If that happened, I can assure you 100% you'd get people complaining on Rushu over that forfeit rofl (oh yeah, also lets not forget that forfeiting a fight isn't fair for the other players in all of the other Rushu teams who are busting their asses off, trying to help Ruhsu do well in Goult this year)
  23. It's been a while, but the most exclusive guild in DOFUS is once again looking for new members! Becoming a DOFUS Moderator is not an easy task! Our standards are high and the application process will test your knowledge of the game, and of the principles of fairness, professionalism, and helpfulness. If you've got the brains, the guts, and the heart to become a lovable, huggable moderation machine, check out the Mod Application profile to learn how to apply. Application submissions will close at 11 AM (Paris time) on Tuesday, August 16, so don't delay! Source: http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/575712-moderator-applications-open
  24. Oh yeah and one last thing that I completely forgot to mention and flew right above my head. I got this email today from Izmar: And let me just tell you this, some of the codes that were given are absolutely beautiful. Some (not all of them) are actually rare to the point where the cosmetics could be sold off for about 8-10mk per item, so they're definitely great codes to throw around during the stream. Having said that, I'll start throwing the codes around on the 12th of August when I'm back :)) Peace out ^_____________^.
  25. Herro! So I've been streaming on Twitch for a couple of years now but I've never really "advertised" what I was doing because I really wanted to become comfortable with Twitch first. Now that I've had more than enough experience, I think it's only fair for me to advertise my channel and to get you guys to come visit me someday if you really want to. ;) Some of the DOFUS related content that I used to stream a couple of years back was Goultarminator and I streamed Goultarminator 2013 and 2014, respectively. This year, I decided to start streaming kolossium on shika and pvping action in general, ranging from AvA fights, to prism fights, to perceptor fights. However, I noticed I was slowly becoming more busy in real life and I eventually didn't p2p myself for a really long time (for about 6 months or so). During those 6 months, I thought to myself "Oh, I wonder what DOFUS related content I could stream" and eventually it hit me, I started streaming something that I personally haven't seen anyone do before and that was editing DOFUS Wikia content. I spent a couple of weeks playing around and screwing up a couple of pages on DOFUS Wikia, but I eventually got the hang of it and decided that it was time to actually stream it to the public. Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking "But who on earth wants to watch some 20 year old arabian guy, edit a couple of pages on DOFUS Wikia?" Well, the entire point of the DOFUS Wikia editing streams are to help guide people who may be interested in editing DOFUS Wikia but have no confidence in actually doing that big leap from being a casual DOFUS Wikia reader to a DOFUS Wikia contributor. During the streams, you're more than welcome to ask me any questions DOFUS Wikia related and I'll try and help you as much as I personally can. I do not know everything on there, but I do know quite a fair bit (I suggest going through Ala's fantastic guide on Imps Village, as it helped me loads personally as a beginner). Now to the fun stuff, I cleaned up my twitch page and put everything you need to know on there: But one thing I did not include was the "Schedule". Now as far as timings and dates are concerned, I'm busy most of the time with university, traveling and a couple of other things in between. That means that I only really live stream when I have the time, makes sense no? Sometimes I stream for 5 days within a week (when I'm free) and on some other weeks I may stream for just one, two or no hours, depending on how busy I am. Therefore, I've decided that every time I want to stream, I'll just basically drop a comment over here letting you guys know that "Hey, I'm going to stream x for you at time y", just so that everyone's on the same page. You can find my Twitch channel by clicking here. Other than that, I don't think there's anything else that needs to be said. Take care and peace .