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  1. Leeching F5 and pretty much all dungs with achievements
  2. spots open again, feel free to pm me !
  3. hehe like reaper said was trying to overvit it, and stats like that, thought id yolo mp rune on it, and it succeeded hh
  4. Give me a pm in game and ill take you trough in like 2 hours tops.
  5. Im charging 5mk per dung. if u need the 4 totals ones for the ornament the price will be 18m.
  6. Ye <3
  7. Leeching Fantastic 5 like the title sais. if ur interested hit me up in the game. Dmonkey
  8. Selling some of the following exos, if you are interested feel free to pm me in game. Dluffy Belteen 23mk (SOLD) Inky veil 75mk tritun boots 22mk catseye axe 20mk (SOLD)
  9. Got spots again feel free to pm me!
  10. Paying 1.7mk each for it, Please pm me in game Dluffy!
  11. Spots free again, feel free to pm me in game Dluffy!
  12. Got spots again so pm me if u want to get leeched quickly!
  13. If you have trust issues, you can pay me after we done killing the dungeon. Its all fine by me.
  14. Like the title sais im leeching dungeons and more. the dungs below are currently the most favourite to be leeched, but if u need any other dung that is not listed down here feel free to give me a pm in game Dluffy. Fantastic 5 (count+ 1 of the 3 other frig 3 bosses) Frig 3 dungs with idols or achievements. Merkator with 3 achievements whale with achievements Dantinea/meno/koutoulou with achievements Pm me in game for the price and more info! Dluffy
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