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Everything posted by Iamthenumberonenub

  1. sorry guys, haven't been on since I ran out of $$ on 2.0 server. Can kick me if we're running low on space - Dolph
  2. Any room for an OG Rosal player? Felt like reliving some history :) starting at level 1, unfortunately. IGN - Dolph. I'll try and accumulate some levels before hand. got an invite, thanks! will be under the IGN Dolph
  3. anyone know the ETA of the server merge?
  4. holy shit, I was stalking my old posts on the official forums and I cringed so fucking hard. if you want a laugh, go check it out

  5. just curious, since Dofus recently became available on Steam you were able to see how many hours you have played. This only tracks how long you've been on Dofus via Steam but not through the game itself. ty
  6. Title explains itself. 1.8mk /w iamthenumberonenub or leave a comment here. SOLD
  7. I have the Razer Dealthstalker Stealth edition, it's really nice if you don't like the 'clicky' noise a mechanical keyboard makes. I play LOTS of FPS games, which makes this keyboard more preferable since I don't have to hear the constant clicking when I maneuver around. In terms of life span, I purchased it at BestBuy back in 2012 and it still works perfectly
  8. wtf how long have I been on your sig lmao

  9. wow they nerfed me bro


    idk what the fuck 508 is either 

    1. Masive


      508 is op idol combo.

    2. Iamthenumberonenub


      hey get on dofus rushu lad


    3. Masive


      Ok but I work in an hour

  10. Finally Ankama places an update to cras, but not how I wanted :(
  11. good bye :(
  12. alright 1.29 is back, where are my old friends though :((
  13. good ol 1.2x
  14. i LOVE it
  15. For the past couple of years, I've been taking pro-longed indefinite breaks from playing Dofus ranging from 4-7 months only logging in hopes of seeing old faces. After these new releases of dimensional dungeons and whatnot it doesn't give me any more motivation to play as it requires tedious amounts of work to complete such tasks. As such, I've decided to hopefully quit this game and never turn back. I realized that my callous and childish attitude/behavior in game have made a large number of people upset and resulting in me landing a warm spot in their enemies list. All i can tell you is closing your eyes almost always fixes everything :)) I'd like to give a shout out to a handful of people who somehow kept up with my loving and positive attitude. Masive - The complete opposite of my behavior; mature, calm, and intelligent but you somehow stayed with me and convinced me to play from time to time. Without you, I'd probably wouldn't have gotten 200 this year and that would've been dreadful. I'd consider you as my best dofus friend(?)(cringe) Matty/Undea/Kiid-Jesus(LOL) - fucking love you bro, together we've probably had the entirety of Latin King to block/hate us all. Keep your arrogance, it's your only charm kappa Bready - I know you secretly hated me, I love you though. Itsfutilerunning - i hate you, but love you. you're so cheap it hurts but I'm glad to say I hit 200 before you did. Bloody-Pijil/Spot-On/Technology(Damian?) - never forget the Black Rat runs we did just chatting and shit. Pawnz - So confused how you managed to not ban me off Hakuna-Matata, i missed you bro :( Shoutout to the following for also spicing up my Dofus adventure, Dabeastishere, Sav, Savore, Ancient-King, Black-Dotio, Chomp-Chomp, Slum-Lord(Craig?), Azling, Changed, Sarrai. I'll be getting on to sell the rest of my shit. bye
  16. well, i intend to sell the kamas off.
  18. google fiber offers 1gb up/down
  19. i need some leveling too :-( -chinatown
  20. if they say something offensive to you, closing your eyes or simply pressing the power button on your computer usually helps. thank me later.
  21. can vouch. hey the guild is fun though come join :))))
  22. well to be quite honest, during 1.0 a lot of people including my self saw leveling as a chore rather than an enjoyment alternative. I'm pretty sure I spent the majority of 1.0 sitting around and talking to people/emote hunting than grinding levels. My age and knowledge could've been a factor though, as I put characteristic points and spell points in random areas >_<
  23. sign me up for cra as goult /s