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Everything posted by Iamthenumberonenub

  1. how long did it take you? I kinda want to start on the questline
  2. originally had an eca named ownage-pwnage from ownagepranks or something. sometime later I made a cra named Kissmyintel which was inspired from the guild Kiss my Astrub on Rosal. Around this time I would frequently play with my friends years older than me and every time we'd exp hunt I could never understand the challenges because the words were too big (I was 8 or 9 ok!!!!) which made me fail almost every chall... anyway they always called me a nub which made me come up with this cringey name of iamthenumberonenub
  3. I have a lot more friends that play Echo rather than the mono server, I played mono-server but quit earlier on because of how bullshit the recipes were for lower level items (lvl 30 item requiring a 170 mat to craft? wtf) but by the time they edited the recipes I was already done trying to grind it out.
  4. um ok Class: CraBuild: Cha/StrKamas/time available: 60-70mkCurrent team: Hupper&EniLvl range: 200Extra comments: need help picking a good set around my budget, preferably with res even tho i'm pvm..... ty!!
  5. gl snark god
  6. hi!!! I'm looking to buy an ochre dofus for 33mk. /w Iamthenumberonenub or post here!!! ty CLOSE PLS!!!!
  7. bump changed price to 33mk!!!!!!
  8. Running them through 1-50 dungeons for the achievements is really fast exp.
  9. Not sure how to describe the problem, but here's a video !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAwwZRyrMyQ&feature=youtu.be If I leave one of my chars idle for too long it'll d/c me. Happened ever since merge but here are my pc specs if it matters. i7 4770k 8GB Ram GTX 780ti thx......
  10. .
  11. hiiiiiiiii I'm available!! PST player here soo.... pls w8 for me
  12. b uMP
  13. 7mk Willing to trade for either Crim/Eme/Turq Dofus or a Seemyool Sufokian Harness /w Daddy or post here
  14. yay for my 2nd 200!!! didn't take 4 years to go from 199-200 like my cra did :)
  15. bump lowered price
  16. paid for lvl 100 instead cos i am poor farmer but he keeps his word!!!
  17. oh I didn't know that thanks actually.
  18. um......... first exo, wasn't even trying to mp mage it tbh was going for a % res exo but range wasn't dropping :/ first try as well :)
  19. idk if I'm allowed to post since it might be a different person but someone tried to approach me the same way.... my guild leader hates me she wouldn't msg me............. "she" even blocked me and logged :(.....................
  20. Is the crimson still for sale?
  21. Didn't work. Problem still occurs.
  22. Yeah, a lot of other people are having the same problem. If they are idle for a couple minutes the same problem occurs as seen in the video and they disconnect. Glad it's not only happening to me
  23. hi welcome back!!! i think you can build around an Elio since most cookie cutter teams atm consist of iop/eni/panda/elio.
  24. hiii join this guild!!! Bug and I are the anti-bully police/cop men so if ur a bully then nvm..
  25. RIP to all the "gonna xp with daddy" or "hi daddy" 😞