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Everything posted by Iamthenumberonenub

  1. gl snark god
  2. hi!!! I'm looking to buy an ochre dofus for 33mk. /w Iamthenumberonenub or post here!!! ty CLOSE PLS!!!!
  3. bump changed price to 33mk!!!!!!
  4. Running them through 1-50 dungeons for the achievements is really fast exp.
  5. Not sure how to describe the problem, but here's a video !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAwwZRyrMyQ&feature=youtu.be If I leave one of my chars idle for too long it'll d/c me. Happened ever since merge but here are my pc specs if it matters. i7 4770k 8GB Ram GTX 780ti thx......
  6. OH YEAAAA. too bad it's not mine and I'm forever poor lol!!!!!!!!!!! 10 tries
  7. hiiiiiiiii I'm available!! PST player here soo.... pls w8 for me
  8. b uMP
  9. 7mk Willing to trade for either Crim/Eme/Turq Dofus or a Seemyool Sufokian Harness /w Daddy or post here
  10. yay for my 2nd 200!!! didn't take 4 years to go from 199-200 like my cra did :)
  11. bump lowered price
  12. paid for lvl 100 instead cos i am poor farmer but he keeps his word!!!
  13. oh I didn't know that thanks actually.
  14. um......... first exo, wasn't even trying to mp mage it tbh was going for a % res exo but range wasn't dropping :/ first try as well :)
  15. idk if I'm allowed to post since it might be a different person but someone tried to approach me the same way.... my guild leader hates me she wouldn't msg me............. "she" even blocked me and logged :(.....................
  16. Is the crimson still for sale?
  17. Didn't work. Problem still occurs.
  18. Yeah, a lot of other people are having the same problem. If they are idle for a couple minutes the same problem occurs as seen in the video and they disconnect. Glad it's not only happening to me
  19. hi welcome back!!! i think you can build around an Elio since most cookie cutter teams atm consist of iop/eni/panda/elio.
  20. hiii join this guild!!! Bug and I are the anti-bully police/cop men so if ur a bully then nvm..
  21. RIP to all the "gonna xp with daddy" or "hi daddy" ­čś×
  22. do you want to build the PC or buy it pre-built?
  23. Class: Cra Build: Atm int. looking to switch to cha/str Kamas/Time available: 20-30MK. Just finished gearing eni/iop, don't have enough for any fancy epic lvl gear. Not entirely sure what time availability means. Can devote hours. LVL Range: 200 Current Team: iop/eni/cra/panda Would like to be 11/6, preferably 5+ range. Not too picky on res but it'd be nice.
  24. hi i've recently got hooked to the game again after years of being on and off. I'm usually on 5-10pm PST. /w Daddy or /w Welfare-Collector I'm also in your position with using heavily outdated gear.
  25. yes!!! i play on and off too much. i barely got 200 last january :((