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Everything posted by Iamthenumberonenub

  1. do you want to build the PC or buy it pre-built?
  2. Class: Cra Build: Atm int. looking to switch to cha/str Kamas/Time available: 20-30MK. Just finished gearing eni/iop, don't have enough for any fancy epic lvl gear. Not entirely sure what time availability means. Can devote hours. LVL Range: 200 Current Team: iop/eni/cra/panda Would like to be 11/6, preferably 5+ range. Not too picky on res but it'd be nice.
  3. hi i've recently got hooked to the game again after years of being on and off. I'm usually on 5-10pm PST. /w Daddy or /w Welfare-Collector I'm also in your position with using heavily outdated gear.
  4. yes!!! i play on and off too much. i barely got 200 last january :((
  5. What I Have Acct1: Str Iop. 199 Acct2: Int Eni. 195 Acct3: Cha Panda (currently wis for leeching purposes). 175 What I Want Number of New Accts: 1 Goal: i'd like efficiently do most achievements/dungeons in the game. Leaning Toward: Not sure what my 4th should be. However i do have a 200 cra 170 enu available. I was thinking of making a hupper/elio for dmg output.
  6. I'd expect it to be a lot better than now since everyone on Rushu and Rosal are holding on to their items until merge
  7. If you're starting new again with little recollection of the past couple of years then i'd go with Iop/Eni. Pretty basic classes that aren't hard to learn. I've been running those two as a duo for the past couple of days and it's been reviving my interest in the game again.
  8. I'm not sure there's any other sets around that level price with a relatively cheap cost. I'm sure a custom set will provide better stats and such but will cost a lot more than masto (depending on your server of course)
  9. Royal Masto Gob set is int and chance iirc that is also around your level. I'd probably wait for that then switch to hybrid.
  10. sorry guys, haven't been on since I ran out of $$ on 2.0 server. Can kick me if we're running low on space - Dolph
  11. Any room for an OG Rosal player? Felt like reliving some history :) starting at level 1, unfortunately. IGN - Dolph. I'll try and accumulate some levels before hand. got an invite, thanks! will be under the IGN Dolph
  12. anyone know the ETA of the server merge?
  13. holy shit, I was stalking my old posts on the official forums and I cringed so fucking hard. if you want a laugh, go check it out

    1. Masive
    2. Iamthenumberonenub


      nice 4 month reply

  14. just curious, since Dofus recently became available on Steam you were able to see how many hours you have played. This only tracks how long you've been on Dofus via Steam but not through the game itself. ty
  15. Title explains itself. 1.8mk /w iamthenumberonenub or leave a comment here. SOLD
  16. I have the Razer Dealthstalker Stealth edition, it's really nice if you don't like the 'clicky' noise a mechanical keyboard makes. I play LOTS of FPS games, which makes this keyboard more preferable since I don't have to hear the constant clicking when I maneuver around. In terms of life span, I purchased it at BestBuy back in 2012 and it still works perfectly
  17. wtf how long have I been on your sig lmao

  18. wow they nerfed me bro


    idk what the fuck 508 is either 

    1. Masive


      508 is op idol combo.

    2. Iamthenumberonenub


      hey get on dofus rushu lad


    3. Masive


      Ok but I work in an hour

  19. Finally Ankama places an update to cras, but not how I wanted :(
  20. good bye :(
  21. alright 1.29 is back, where are my old friends though :((
  22. good ol 1.2x
  23. i LOVE it