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  1. Something id like to see is the "Lair" idea from dofus touch. having something like a mini boss for you to solo and have a chance to gain some loot off of for newer players was a nice idea in my mind.
  2. I havent played dofus in a long time and mostly because of the multi accounting thing. I miss playing with other players and enjoying the game will chatting and enjoying it in a group. If this works ill be happy to get back in the game and start fresh to check out all the new stuff!
  3. Could not for the life of me find a map so INSTEAD i had to figure it out on my own and decided to make a map for everyone else because it is NOT the same as the others so here you guys go. the map for dofus touch servers
  4. thank god
  5. They already making Dofus more and more unlikable to me seriously? first making us have to choose which spells we wanna take into combat now redoing the game visually again? from what i read i am not liking this at all. I dont want dofus to be "Wakfu but 100 years predating" i want dofus to be Dofus keep the 2 fucking games separate! Adding the spell variation is a neat idea but this is only cool because of the new visuals. i hope this is actually just a completely seperate game than dofus itself
  6. I agree with that. Not having a "Mentor" system is bad. it would make mmos more fun overall
  7. I came to check out how the eni revamp went but saw this and am intrigued by the Adjusted level system. its probly their way of copying Rift's Mentor system (which i loved btw) and can actually add a better way for players to play alongside friends. Sadly with all the alts and multi accounting running around i dont really see this as much to enhance my fun. I miss the old days when I only ran one account lol Lots of nice stuff including those interfaces! loving those
  8. You guys seriously are rude. If it is a hoax thread what ever if you bored of dofus take up the challenge. Have you guys ever thought that persona might just be serious about this?? I havent played dofus in a long ass time but then again Ive been doing nothing but working irl and unable to concentrate on the game itself. Furthermore I had plans of doing all the dungeons at the lvl you could get the achievements at as part of a challenge. that wont be happening anytime soon tho sadly. I just dont have the time nor the money to put into it atm and If i did id be doing it on Rosal while actually doing this challenge of persona's if his 1bk never comes my way for doing this then whatever I had a fun challenging experience to getting it done. besides I for the most part already did 1-200 solo on my sram barring alts and some times with friends. All in All it isnt nice to treat someone with so much disrespect for throwing out a challenge even if it seems ridiculous. I think you all should be ashamed of yourselves.
  9. I dont live in london either but i understand your no one wants to hang out position (until you cant hang out then everyone wants to)
  10. first off shes 12 second off i did talk to her. she apologized and then after my dad decided she needed to be punished for keeping me up all day when i had to work. he didnt fight my fight for me. third why are you being such a dick this is a rant section for people to cool off by ranting not get blown up by someone who came to read their post.
  11. already had a conversation with her she apologized and had to clean the whole house (my dad can be a dick at times haha)
  12. Transfer Finished Slash gave me the invite and My srams name is taken on rushu BLAST! any who the other three are all awaiting their decisive guild entries!
  13. not that simple. Im paying a bit into rent because they need help atm (my dad doesnt work due to being disabled) and so i have to save up for the deposit and moving etc before i get my own place plus id want everything connected before i move in haha
  14. her friends are not of age. so no. second off she has to go play frisbee golf with me as punishment. i think ill push her into a mud hole or something