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  1. They look like solid sets. For me personally, when it comes to PvM, I'd rather trade resistances for harder hits. So I'd get rid of the resistance seemyools and just go with %power pet/mounts or something.
  2. You can close this, it;s done.
  3. BUMP! willing to pay 1mk BUMP! willing to pay 1mk
  4. eni/panda/iop is a must if you want to have an "easy" time with end game dungeons.
  5. I am absolutely over it with this retarded dungeon. I will pay you to leech me through Peki Peki 300 achievement. I will pay whatever you want, as long as it's reasonable. w/ Euler
  6. Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
  7. Alright, I'll think about going full chance. might be easier as well. Thanks
  8. I'm not sure if this is what you want, but over here you can choose your char, the face, and the colors and then equip a hat/cape to see how it looks like.
  9. Class: sadida Level range: 150-160 Purpose: Kolo and PvP I want his build to be cha/int, but I'm open to other suggestions if you think there are better PvP builds (such as str/int, for example). This is the set I made for it, but I think it can be improved. http://dofp.la/429g0/ I can afford Exos and have an ochre
  10. Yeah I like the colors matching.. maybe get a bluer pet :P
  11. This was harder than Count + Nileza solo with a level 180 Sadida
  12. So that just means stock up on dmg runes? Awesome, thanks for the tip
  13. Can you elaborate? I don't think I fully understood. What do you mean by old damage? Get all stats to 0 then spam damage runes, lower stats again, then spam damage runes? Yeah I have around 1k str runes, I was gonna mage a hat that has str in it and just spam those runes.
  14. How do I go about leveling my level 84 costomagus? I think last time I maged was 4 years ago so I compeltely forgot. 1. Do the more powerful runes give more xp if they land? 2. If i'm level 84 magus, what hat/cloak level should I use? Does it have to be =< 84 or can it be greater? And i'm assuming the higher the level of the item, the more xp I get from maging it?
  15. we are opening it a for a record breaking 4th time in a day(ish). Come by