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  1. My names got the -[ROS] tag added to them about a week ago. I then changed their names 2 days ago with the name change potion. Then yesterday when I logged in the names were back to the original names, this time without the [ROS] tag. What's going on?
  2. The elio with an Iop is a great fit. You can practically duo every dungeon with Iop/Elio.
  3. Can someone kindly explain what happened here? i was fighting scampihorse and this was on turn 11. He jumped to my chars and casted the spell that summons the blue glyphs and then all of my characters died. What is the exact mechanic that happened here? I don't want to die again lmfao
  4. @Elyroth I suppose it is nicer to have an extra element. I think I'll go with tri-element especially since I hit pretty much the same with bush fire with both sets.
  5. Looking to make a PvP sadida. Only question is should I go str/int/cha, or just int/cha? Str/Int/Cha set Int/Cha set If anyone has a better set please feel free to share it.
  6. I like the fact that you'll receive the shield as soon as you win.
  7. I always thought for a scam to be efficient, the scammer needs to at least be able to speak decent English.
  8. I don't know man, I was just playing and I Critted and the damage was pretty much what the preview said it would be.
  9. Can someone explain this to me? Sword Of Fate dmg with no erosion shows that the Critical Hit will hit higher than the normal hit. Sword Of Fate dmg with erosio shows that the Critical Hit will hit less than the normal hit. I don't have any - crit dmg gear. I'm just trying to figure out why the eroded HP doesn't come into account when SoF crits but comes into account when I don't crit? I am really confused
  10. Interesting, I did not know. Thank you
  11. The way it works is Count Razof loses 10% resistance every time he kills one of your summons. Which element does he lose the 10% resistance to, you may ask? Well excellent question. He loses 10% resistance to the element you hit him with before he kills the summons (you only need to hit him once). This (de)buff lasts for 5 turns I believe, so you can lower the resistance of one element by 50% maximum. I highly suggest an Osa. I quit the fight after 30 turns, and I was on the verge of suicide. P.S. I'm not really sure about the 5 turn thing, it might stack up infinitely.
  12. Regarding recepies: is there a way where I can view multiple items simultaneously and their recepies?
  13. Thank you very much to the both of you
  14. Anyone knows where Sepiolite and Mahaquany wood are found? can't seem to find them, I've searched all of Realm of Trituns, Submerged City, and Rygurgal Plateau.
  15. Thanks, that looks like a very promising set!