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  1. God bless
  2. that's the answer to everything tbh
  3. So now ALL monsters aggro if the level difference is 50+ ??? Is 50 the level difference required between 1 single monsters and a character, or the whole mob level ?
  4. YES please. More Sadida, they are the best; i know it, you know it, everybody knows it.
  5. 1 left!
  6. Sold !
  7. Selling 4 level 100 chamo golden seemyools. 1,2 mk each. Pm me here, or in game w/ Euler
  8. Stats are as follows: 50 strength 50 intelligence 50 agility 50 chance VERY /R A R E/ please buy 15mk or Best Offer. Message me here please, or if you must, pm Euler/Emperor-sam on Echo.
  9. Sadida plz .. I'm dying
  10. Abyssal x4. Shout out to Dofuspourlesnoobs
  11. Give me an option to get rid of that annoying tab that comes up every time I become a ghost. I find it very condescending.
  12. Hello, I'm on the quest the key to the mystery part of the sea as a legacy achievement for the Abyssal Dofus. In this particular quest I have to collect 6 Opalin Corals found in the submerged relics area which I've done, and drop 10 Wakfu Sand from Deep Sea Ruins Monsters. The problem is that no matter how hard I try, I cannot drop those Wakfu Sands. They have a base drop rate of 25% and with my idols, the drop rate becomes 100%. However, I still don't drop anything. If it's a 100% drop rate and I fight 1 single monster, am I not bound to drop at least 1 Wakfu sand on one of my characters? I've already talked to the NPC to whom I have to deliver these items and he solves nothing. I am fighting monsters in the submerged city, I am wondering if I must fight monsters in the submerged relics or ancient sufokia? Furthermore, one of my characters doesn't have the quest, could he be the reason why I'm not dropping anything? Thank you for the help.
  13. I can vouch for this guy. He did some really nice overmages and exomages on my set.
  14. @Bloodseek I think that's personal preference. I like 4 man better than 5 man, but sometime you really need the MP rape or the portals. Eni/Iop/Panda should be core though. As for element that's personal preference too. Iop probably strength because of wrath, or strength/int with sword of fate. Eni I'd say int is nice for heals, agi/cha seems more pvp oriented. Elio either agi or int, but then again i don't know. Enu chance is nice I'd go with chance for Pvm. Panda anything works. I'm a big fan of int panda but mine is chance
  15. @Bloodseek Iop Panda Eni Elio Enu Ez god mode