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  1. Thank you very much to the both of you
  2. Anyone knows where Sepiolite and Mahaquany wood are found? can't seem to find them, I've searched all of Realm of Trituns, Submerged City, and Rygurgal Plateau.
  3. Thanks, that looks like a very promising set!
  4. Looking for an MP reduction/Cha enu set ... 11/6 preferably. I can have ap and mp exo. I'd like the price range to be 50mk max. No ochre
  5. I have an agi elio, and str iop. You can go any element you want on elio tbh, but str or str/int is the best for iop
  6. Kinda depends what you want to do. But Rogue and Pandas have decent synergy. You could also choose Iop and Panda, or Iop and Elio
  7. I tried searching but couldn't find much. Maybe instead of being condescending you can just link me the other thread, or simply answer my question.
  8. Here's a picture of what it shows on the Wiki for the third generation, and I'm having some trouble interpreting it. Does this mean that I have to breed Indigo-Golden + Golden-Ebony to get a ginger mount? Assuming they are both pure, what are the chances I get a Ginger and not another Indigo-Golden or Golden-Ebony? Thanks
  9. Iop/elio is EZ mode
  10. Nobody will tell you how they make their kamas. But generally speaking, achievements give quite a bit of kamas. Especially dungeon ones because they also give you a lot of matts which you can do many things with. Fight shit, drop shit, craft shit, sell shit.
  11. I have pretty much the same exact team with the exception of the Enu. My suggestion would be to learn to love the Elio because wrath + 4x portal is just amazing and helps you out in every single dungeon. However, if you still want to get rid of the Elio, I'd say make it into a rogue. Rogues are pretty great when it comes to Dimension Dungeons and you can have a constant damage output with the bombs. I've also had a sadida and my expirience was subpar at the very best (PvM wise). Everything they do, other classes can do better. Eni's heal more, Enu's have better MP rape, Iop/sram/eca/cra have better damage output, etc. The only argument you can make in their favor is the ability to hit multiple enemies at once with the introduction of the infected state. In short, if you want to class switch the Elio, switch it to a rogue or a class that can deal a lot of damage.
  12. I love you so much <3 This was greatly appreciated
  13. Hello, is there any place that I can go where I can get information about the new sufokia dungeons in English? I've searched the forum and the only other results that I've found are website that are in French. I'm talking specifically about Kotoulu, Meno, Dantinea. All I want to know is what each monster does, what to look out for, how the bosses work and what they do, and other general information needed so that I can have an easier time understanding the area when fighting mobs and when I'm in the dungeon. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
  14. They look like solid sets. For me personally, when it comes to PvM, I'd rather trade resistances for harder hits. So I'd get rid of the resistance seemyools and just go with %power pet/mounts or something.
  15. You can close this, it;s done.