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  1. Omg welcome beck men, i knew i saw ur cherakter Coops-the-Communist around vill
  2. Unfortunately I never got the opportunity to get to know you well since we played on different servers, but you seemed to be a really chill dude. Sad to see Dofus lose another good person but at least rl gained another one instead. I guess at this point in time most of us old school players can relate to life-related responsibilities. Best of luck homie.
  3. hi i buy all
  4. Late af to the party but this is the only cool thing I've ever done on Dofus aside from Fantastic 5 lol. Shoutout to the lords Baehive1 and L0rn. And shoutout to Arellano/AmosHarbingerOfDonuts/Na$yna/Jeri/Jod/Plop/other nerds for pushing me when I wanted to be lazy. Panda, Eni, Eca x2, Sacrier, Feca, Masq, Iop (for anyone that cares).
  5. Only missing Auto-pilot Mode then I can full AFK in-game FeelsGoodMan
  6. Communism strikes again
  7. .
  8. ur a god Oily p.s. let's do something on doofis some time my boi
  9. Hello. As the title suggests, I am looking for 160,000 of these. I'm offering about 115 kamas per Rose since it's bulk. You can inbox me here on IV or /w Casino-Royal in-game.
  10. Press F to pay respects
  11. Yo we conquerin' Echo or are we mercifully sparing everyone?
  12. He knows he made that mistake. That doesn't change the fact that Gladios is a scammer.
  13. Instead of random monsters why not like "Vulbis" or one of the primordial Dofus? If not like an actually important figure of Dofus lore, that might be the next best thing. If this doesn't work out, I also vote Rosalt.
  14. We should figure out who all will be entering this through IV and arrange times to practice with (at least) contactable EN players once the Tournament server opens. And obviously if individuals or whole teams from the other communities want to do that with us, that'd also be cool. Would people here by interested in that?