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  1. He knows he made that mistake. That doesn't change the fact that Gladios is a scammer.
  2. Instead of random monsters why not like "Vulbis" or one of the primordial Dofus? If not like an actually important figure of Dofus lore, that might be the next best thing. If this doesn't work out, I also vote Rosalt.
  3. We should figure out who all will be entering this through IV and arrange times to practice with (at least) contactable EN players once the Tournament server opens. And obviously if individuals or whole teams from the other communities want to do that with us, that'd also be cool. Would people here by interested in that?
  4. Perhaps they will have some kind of curse/candy thing that gives 1 Range/MP/AP Whoops I posted without refreshing and apparently someone already answered that lol
  5. Ankama, hit ya boi up with that yung P2P sponsorship, thx fam

  6. I literally didn't do anything but I'll take the shoutout LMAO. Gz btw
  7. Should've named them Puppermages tbh
  8. I was sort of hoping that they'd combine the Stat based Punis into a single one that gave +Dmg or +Power, and make a new one that gave Lock/Dodge (to compensate the Agi stat) - like how they combined all the Feca shields into a single one. (Maybe reduce erosion factor if the Vit cap changed). This frees up a bunch of slots for possible new utility spells (which I think they need atm). Some modernization for classic spells would have been better. Like add diagonal pull for Attraction. Less cool downs on Transpo/Coop at the cost of range - maybe make it non modifiable (like feca Teleport) in order to make their map manipulating role better. I'm not a huge fan of the "States" that they're been putting on every new revamped class. While it suits the Masqs (obviously), I feel like the ones they're showing here will be those "Locked into for 3-4 turns" types - and that doesn't seem as practical for Sacs. They're usually in high risk situations for their map control and CC based gameplay and you need to be able to swap between offense and defense pretty frequently. I mean we will have to see this in action to determine how viable these spells are depending on their damage ranges (did they reduce these to compensate the fact that we can dump char points better now?) AP costs, and AoEs. Overall, I think they just needed to modernize some older spells, and free up slots to make new utility spells (which would probably have the answer to their currently poor endgame PvM/PvP viability). I don't think sponging damage or dealing damage was ever an issue, it's the lack of mobility/utility options that make them bad in PvM.
  9. They said it is a surprise reward (aka we don't know) they plan on releasing in December(?) according to what someone else quoted earlier in this thread. It apparently will cost a lot of tokens (even more than Karmeleon I'm assuming). I'm wondering on whether it is actually useful to someone who is potentially losing a lot of kamas (from investing in Spell Points) -and- if it will be too high of a cost that even if they give us tokens for our overcapped Spell Points, we still have to farm more via Kolo (which is forceful).
  10. 1. We have the feature where we can level and delevel spells at will as long as we are not in the middle of a match and that idea is great. I just don't understand the point of messing with the Spell leveling system. Did they give a clear idea of what are they trying to accomplish with this? Why is it so necessary? I just don't get why they want to reduce the incentive of working toward making your character stronger. I'm not complaining because in the long run this will help people make alts and stuff but I just don't understand the need for them to go to such lengths for this random revamp. I'm just hoping that every random nerd that picks up (and probably drops a week later) Dofus doesn't surpass veteran players, who have been trying to optimize their characters for years, without any effort. 2. Also as Owyn said, it reduces customization of certain effects. For example, maybe I don't want Chafer level 6 in some fights since I don't want it having a reduced cooldown while I'm doing challenges (and let's say the Chafer chall pops up). Or level 5 Release with Dispersing Arrow or something. I feel like having degrees of power to each spell characterize most MMOs - and working your way up to make your character better I thought was always an obvious goal of the game. 3. Also again out of curiosity, what new rewards can they offer that are worthwhile by using Kolossokens? Are they planning to give out something useful (hopefully)? Because I don't want something cosmetic if it's potentially fuckboi-apparel and/or everyone with overcapped SP's can get right away. That being said, let's say one of my characters (or all) still isn't quite at the threshold to buy this new Kolossoken reward they introduce - do they expect people who have no interest in Kolo to suddenly start doing it just so they can get the remaining tokens to reach the reward? I hope they don't plan on trying to sway me with some dumb harnesses I'm not gonna use after investing 10s, maybe 100s of MKs in SP scrolls lol.
  11. cant w8 to buy pebbles and harness with my 13 char worth of sp pt ^_____^ Vulbis dofus coming in ogrine market soon @Coopers We must stop the Communist scum P.S. lol thx god for Pokemon Sun and Moon coming out, almost decided to start playing Trophus again yikes
  12. What's good with them dimension runs?

  13. Sure I'll take you through some time next week (for free) + I can teach you how2do them if you want & @Bob-skittle Yush.
  14. Bump. I'll be playing for a few weeks starting Friday Nov. 18. *Will be doing Dungeon Leeching in every non-dimension dungeon during those weeks as well.*