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  1. Have you logged on in the last few months? I think there was some cleanup where they deleted all inactive accounts that hadn't been logged in X period. I can't remember if it was an actual thing, or a troll as i was playing regularly so it didn't affect me. Dunno what the solutions are, but char revive should work, or contact tardkama and see if they can gift you account back for free. Best wait for top nerd to reply tho, im like 30% sure this is it.
  2. I was on youtube and this pops up, no surprises here
  3. I remember one fight Marwen had a 10/6 panda because the 180 cri res outweighed 11-12 ap?? Defuse top nice.
  4. As Jim Jefferies would say; "We have to play to the 1% that are such fuckwits, they ruin it for the rest of us. We have to walk as slow as our slowest person to keep society [dofus] moving." Just because a few casual gamers bitched and moaned content was too hard for them. Now the people that could beat it before, can beat it wayyy easier. Causing a deficit of resources, meaning you'd probably end up just buying the mats anyways, because you wouldn't want to invest the time or effort farming it yourself OR you'd start bitching and moaning because people with better gear can beat it was easier than you still. Having clearer game mechanics however just makes it clearer on how to beat them. Haven't tried 2.42 yet, but I know when i get back, i'll be able to fly through most achieves I haven't already gotten, because it looks 10 times easier. Don't like people expecting hand-me-outs.
  5. You don't get good at anything without investing time and energy. You cant bitch and moan other people are better than you because you're not willing to invest time/energy. I'd like 1bk handed to me too, but that ain't going to happen without investing lots of time and energy.
  6. You don't go from prespic set to godly lvl200 int set. You have to farm sets, like, you use your lvl 180 set to farm a lvl190 set, then use that to farm a 199, then use that to farm your first 200 set. then as you upgrade, you're gradually able to do harder and harder dungeons, and thus acquire better and better gear, until you have an op int set.
  7. Talk about self-incriminating... inb4 persona screens and reports
  8. ^ If you want to enable extreme difficult setting in the future, sure. Rogue/Panda are the classes that are basically in every single duo/trio in the game. Ellio/Iop is ez cheat through F3 and many endgame dungs. But then when it comes to trios (dimensions) can be much harder if you don't have an excellent grip on how ellios portals interact with one-another.
  9. You should have used x7 +1 int runes (1/100 chance for them to stick, aka 7/100 chance to have 101 int)
  10. I fully agree that scammers could abuse this, but then again, they could always transfer the account to a new account and do it this way? We should probably start making single accounts with only 1 friend in it (pick singular scammer) then whenever they change their nickname / name we'll be able to notice, and update everyone with the new nickname. Could do it with multiple, but would be hard to identify exactly who is who.
  11. Personally, I still don't like full omni characters in pvm. While a cra and eca would be semi viable (in perhaps a slightly better set) their damage will still be significantly less than going hybrid (2 elements). Like i would pick an agi/cha eca over a pure eca, or str/cha or int/agi cra over full omni. Basically the reasoning for this is as follows: even though most monsters have 1 weak element which omni chars can abuse, it rarely makes up for the damage loss of being omni. I main a rogue, so i think we can all agree hybrid rogue is limited. I once experimented alot with agi/cha builds (was for pvp at the time) and i found that i hit lower in both elements (no surprise) but if i went pure, i'd hit higher on 50% res than i would on 20% res if i were hybrid. If i were you, i'd take a look at your team, see what elements you are missing the most and see whether feca would be a viable candidate to fill that slot. As for truce, i've had it save my ass countless times. If something goes wrong, a char ends up with like 300hp and is in the middle of monsters, it leaves an entire turn to try save him, vs 1-2 characters. 2ndly, it can be used to exploit stuff, lke when they were doing 5 turn QoT they were using a feca's truce to place a 3 bombline wall (so the bombs wouldnt damage each other when placed on other bomblines). Im not exactly sure what the best build for pvm is though, im hoping a pro pvming feca could help you out with suggestions on that. The pure int/mp red (as long as mp red is like 100+) would be pretty neat, it limited monster mobility.
  12. If you are struggling in pvm, it might be because all your ranged damage is doing 15% less than it should, due to the shield (from range at least). Another reason you may feel your damage is low, is a direct result of being omni. Your iop hits more because he's probz 80% str, and some int. You have more versatility, but you sacrifice a lot of damage doing so (in pvp this is good, in pvm when monsters can be pretty predictable, bad). Feca in pvm is generally not sought after due to their reliance on other classes dealing a large chunk of the damage, but that doesn't mean they aren't useful. Truce is a great spell, as are your immunities. The dmg reduction may seem small at 100-200, but over the course of 1 turn, taking multiple hits that could save you and your teammates a lot of hp. Not to mention feca shield. 35% reduction + 15% from shield + 30% from resi + ramp. it adds up to be hugee. not sure what the order of damages are, but im pressuming it would be something like this: monster hits you for 500 dmg, -100 (ramp.) 400*0.6=280 dmg, 280*0.65=182, 182*0.85= 155. 500-->155 is pretty fucking sick. (some pvm nerd can correct all that, but thats basically the jist). This means your healer wont have to waste ap healing you, and they deal damage instead. I do have a few feca friends who'd occasionally join me in pvm, their damage wasn't huge (they were mostly hybrid pr pure) and they added a lot of security to the fight. They may not be able to blitz a monster, but they can change a fight by locking a few monsters + cc immunity + grav glyph etc. Long story short, play what you enjoy, and dont be afraid to experiment with builds before ditching your favourite class
  13. I'll be offering a 1-200 fisherman service, it takes roughly 10-15 minutes and costs 10m. Currently have enough fish for about 2-3 clients. Ez way to get a lvl200 prof for your noob alts for quest reqs. Pm IG a Centaur or message me on imps
  14. 15