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  1. Don't be a pussy, do it ;)
  2. 4% on any of those items is an easy 60mk+ (100mk+ with right buyer [except sandals+amulet]) And 4% on ancient fog hammer is like 200mk. But np, buy for 8mk. You didn't specify stats either.
  3. If you sell for 8m, only have to hit someone 800,000-1,333,333 times to make your money back. Seems legit Just wait until you find out the person you're stabbing only has 50kk.
  4. Am fking with you. XD
  5. I used google's Quadictionary to look it up word by word.
  6. English please?? If cri res is at -3, and you land pa cri res, you get 0 cri res (-6 sink) You'd need to have 4 sink remaining to get +2 only. Then.... I think that counts as the 4 sink.
  7. I like how all the names are alphabetical
  8. You can never do this, as when you copy/paste it doesn't display what rune was used. E.g. "Failure" (aka crit failure) can vary from 0.1power to 100 power. Also. Wrong XD It's now whenever you are negative going to 0, it assumes its normal power. So -1 cri res on tf amulet +1cri res = 2 power. Just like -3cri res on tf + pa cri res = 6 power.
  9. 1. When an items stat falls off, it gains sink. You have the column headed as "Loss". Value Element Loss Value Element Loss Value Element Loss Value Element Loss Value Element Loss Rune Weight SINK -5 Vitality 1 -2 Prospection 6 0 0 0 Pa Pow 6 1 2. On the side you have a column entitled "Weight in loss". Im legit a pretty fking amazing magus, just look through gallery + ask rushians. But this just doesn't make sense in the slightest. If you are referring to one's weight when it is lost from an item, it is exactly the same as its weight. If an item has a negative state (e.g. TF amulet, the power/weight of a cri res drops from 2 --> 1, until -3 or -4 or some shit.) In all my years of maging, i've never heard of a "Weight in loss" and i've never used any of those values in correspondence to maging... ?????????????????? 3. Your normal weight of stats is terribly wrong... Went through and corrected some of the stuff. Even the list on wikipedia is more updated than this?? You are using the right values in your formula, so i dunno wtf is going on. You are using a list you copy/pasted and claiming its your own, but then using different values for stats? e.g. you say vit is 7.5power / Ra Vit = 0.15 power / 1 vit. You dropped 13 vit in the second line = 1.95 sink (according to your own list) though you rightly display it was 2.6 (meaning power of a ra vit = 10). Rune Weight Ap Ga 100 Mp Ga 90 Range 50-->51 Summo 30 Cri 10 Hea 10 Fire Res Per 6 Air Res Per 6 Earth Res Per 6 Water Res Per 6 Neutral Res Per 6 Pa Ap Res 21 Pa Mp Res 21 Pa Ap Red 21 Pa Mp Red 21 Ap Res 7 Mp Res 7 Ap Red 7 Mp Red 7 Pa Loc 12 Pa Dod 12 Dod 4 Loc 4 Dam 20 Pa Air Dam 15 Pa Earth Dam 15 Pa Neutral Dam 15 Pa Psh Dam 15 Pa Fire Dam 15 Pa Tra 15 Pa Cri Dam 15 Pa Water Dam 15 Psh Dam 5 Air Dam 5 Earth Dam 5 Neutral Dam 5 Fire Dam 5 Dam Ref 10 Cri Dam 5 Water Dam 5 Tra 5 Pa Cri Res 15-->6 Pa Psh Res 15-->6 Earth Res 2 Neutral Res 2 Psh Res 5-->2 Fire Res 2 Air Res 2 Cri Res 5-->2 Water Res 2 Ra Tra Per 20 Ra Pow 20 Ra Wis 30 Pa Tra Per 6 Pa Prospe 9 Pa Pow 6 Pa Wis 9 Wis 3 Pow 2 Prospe 3 Tra Per 2 Hunting 0-->5? Ra Stre 10 Ra Ini 10 Ra Int 10 Ra Vit 7.5-->10 Ra Pod 25-->10? Ra Agi 10 Ra Cha 10 Pa Ini 3 Pa Cha 3 Pa Stre 3 Pa Pod 7.5-->wrong Pa Int 3 Pa Vit 2.5-->3 Pa Agi 3 Ini 1-->0.1 Int 1 Pod 2.5-->wrong Vit 0.75 --> 1 Agi 1 Cha 1 Stre 1 Don't want to be a dick, but you kind of wasted your time. It's nice that you want to help people, and show then how to count sink. But despite being able to count sink in my sleep, this stuff doesn't make sense. Not to mention the fact that counting sink for beginners is basically pointless unless 30+ power stats drop off. Once you become better at maging, you'll be able to squeeze the most out of the 0.5 - 2 sink you have left over, or whatever it may be, but again, for beginners (who this is aimed at, im presuming [cuz no good magus would spend 127 hours putting in data for a sink mage], it is unneeded.) You need to decide who your target demographic is, and refine your product. 1. New magus' (Because good magus' wont even need it) 2. Break down what maging it, how it works etc. 3. Create a separate tab that will list all values of the runes, power only. (If you mention "weight in loss" i'll hunt you the fk down). 4. You have a blank spreadsheet that the user can use to calculate their sink. You'll ideally want to work with say: +10 Agi, -3 Lock, +Sink +1 Lock, -1 AP, + Sink (then they input their own runes). So you basically retrace the rune prior to the one causing a large power rune to fall off. In this example, you'd do +10Agi (-10 sink), -3 lock (+12 sink) = +2 sink remaining. +1 Lock (-4 sink), -1 AP (+100 sink) = +2 - 4 + 100 = 98 sink. ~~~~~~~~~ Inb4 longest imps post ever
  10. The fact that someone would decide to mage an inky that perfect, but not mage the wisdom fathoms me. Personally, I wouldn't pay more than 28mk (assuming cheapest in market is 25mk). Like yolo ra wis, or even better pa then ra, and with those stats you're looking at up to 35mk for the inky.
  11. I'm curious, how many tries/hours do these crazy solo/duos take you? Is it all trial and error, repeating once you know the monsters movement. Or do you know all their spells inside out, and somehow can predict their futures like a fking wizzard.
  12. For fastest route, use potions. (E.g. run to close by ones, but using potions can speed it up significantly when they're 20+ maps apart. + easy mats to hunt.)
  13. Inb4 photoshoppeed
  14. Bump. Buying ranged exoed staruman cloak. (Will look to buy even if missing the 1% earth, but less keen).
  15. Thats fine, the wis is too low anyway