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  1. Amber's probably one of the most trust worthy people on the server tbh. She's organized another tournament for her guild, without a hitch. Not to mention she decided to donate basically all her kama to make it more appealing. Assuming a min. of 8 teams, and no additional donations, it's still a pool of 82m, which isn't shabby.
  2. Bought can close ty
  3. Inb4 people just vpn and log x8 to dominate the server
  4. Whole of Solar is a cemetary atm. Wb!
  5. Dogggo class is shit. PVM got easy, just agi rogue and solo everything like masik.
  6. Accidently left fight on xelor before fight started. Rogue/Eni vs cra/hup/eca
  7. Sold AP Age old Hat Buying AP Nom Ring 20-40m Range TF Belt 15-25m MP/Cri res Ringaling 20-40m
  8. Buying inky with the following stats 420+ vit 50+ str (basically just for init) 68+ int 35+ wis 10dmg 10/10/10% 3 crits Paying 25mk+ depending on how it turns out. (will pay alot if you can get 445 or higher).
  9. AP All hat sold
  10. .
  11. can close i did it.
  12. Cloudy Sold
  13. Tash + Cape Sold. Bought dashield. Also selling a cloudy if anyone wants, 75m. (pm centaur). Hi.
  14. No credits to mom. You gave birth to me, gotta deal with it. If you dont like it, build a time machine and use a condom
  15. bumppp