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  1. Play on 2.40 you fkin noob
  2. 3rd Try of the day ;)
  3. Plz. Did you actually expect it to go off without a hitch??
  4. Think all you nerds missed the point. MP/AP items = easy sink = easy overmages. Putting mp on xa cloak is like unnecessary waste...
  5. If i were you, depending on the vit/int you want on the boots, i'd use the method you are currently doing. If the vit/int are undesirable when the mp falls, put it back straight away. This minimizes losses you take on a shit vit/int item. Then, if mp does land, just % res as normal and range and hope it doesnt land. You are going about it the right way though. Just so you know, you'll basically have to get land an average of 100 2-3% exos before the range will land, so the mage you are trying can become expensive, but generally those boots arent too bad to mage.
  6. Know im late but highlighted point is bs. rogue/ellio synergy OP AF. no one listen Spam AF I run double rogue/ellio for Xbombwalls (when they cross over and meet in middle + bombwall). Shit for like 75% for fights, but for those 25% that last more than 4 turns, OP AF.
  7. Do not drop the rogue, unless you have some bad mental illness i can't specify or else i'll get a warning from imps mods. But like persona/timeless mental illnesses level. Basically you'd have to be like Trump stupid to delete a rogue account. Like i'd probz assassinate you. #plznostalkmeNSA Panda/rogue are two essential classes needed for ohwymi (or ellio/iop??) But these 2 + enu is enough to comfortably beat dungeon with little issue. You can leech 4th char. So question, as always is what class do you enjoy the most? For ohwhymi, it really isn't too hard. tbh i think just about any team of 4 could beat it, ideally with some sort of range rape, and a panda. Xelor and cras can be useful, in certain achievements of certain dungs. But if you don't love xelor/cra and dont intend to main them, get rid of them (for pvm, for pvp they might have their uses).
  8. Panda is legit one of the best pvm classes. If you look at all duo/trios, 100% of them can be done with rogue+panda(+other for trio). Iop+ellio doable for like 99.99%. If you're focusing on pvm, and refuse to have a panda, it's kinda stupid. If you dont like the idea of a pure map manip panda, make a dmg one. Pure str panda with 1k pandattack OP AF. This allows you to pwn as an additional char, but also vuln on like wrath turns or on the boss for trop dmg. the only two solid characters in your 4 man setup atm is iop/eni. Those will be used for everything. If you love feca or sadi, main it and build team around it. Then you'd go for like an osa instead of a panda, cuz osa buff on sadi op (dunno about in pvm, but 2k mp rape doll sounds cool to me????). For anyone making a team. Pick your favourite class, idc what it is. Add Panda/eni/iop to it and you have your 4 man team. Add enu or cra for when mp red is needed. Add ellio if you want op af dmg (+ellio is legit underdog af. this class can outdmg you all, and out heal enis if done right), \ + Add characters that synthesis with current setups. e.g. eca for dmg/erosion, or hupper for op af fmg, or fking anything really. But to make a team like yours, iop/eni/sadi/feca and to drop either said or feca for something like a rogue (op af pvm class) is stupid. Cuz as a rogue, i hate playing with 99.999999% of sadis, and like 90% of fecas. The synergy isnt as strong. So again. pick a main. highlight main, so we know. then build team around that. No point maining an agi feca when rest of team is long range for example. Or no point maining cra if team is like panda/eni/iop/eca/hup.
  9. will remain similar, will increase slightly. But its a fking easy ass quest. so if you pay 10mk for it, you're dumb af
  10. I hope that that kralove set + sword are mimis
  11. Pandas aren't really pvpers. But pandas are essential to most pvm achieves. Besides, they had a rework fking ages ago, way back when you could vuln in a specific element and such. And cras are perfectly fine in pvp, esp if you know how to play them. They're one of the ultimate classes that can abuse cloudy with punis, AND when you look at new dofus abilities, they'll become even more op.
  12. "Flair" = teleports caster next to the plagued enemy. 1-63 range This seems like it's going to be op.
  13. You can legit make the souls stones required for entire EH in like 1 hour with about 5mks. Or you can do as they want you to do, and use the kolo tokens to buy the crimson tokens and you hunt the other mats = ez.