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  1. Im too lazy to level shieldmagus on beta, for anyone who did, did the %shit carry 30 power still? They're useable on normal items but seem to be same as a traditional summon exo in terms of power/difficulty. They mentioned that the runes would cover increased weight on normal equipment (making it more difficult), leading me to assume they're less than 30 pow if used on shields.
  2. Anyone figured out the power of the % final dmg?
  3. Never having to see an osa sac or xelor in kolo again. Thankyou ankama
  4. Now you just have to mage on the ap red ;)
  5. FUCK.
  6. That feeling when only 2/10 % stick :(
  7. Easiest way to break it down is this. You quit team have 200mk. You spent 75mk on an abyssal, 70mk on a cloudy, 35-40m on an ochre, you buy latest gear 10-15mk each x8, but all the trophies imaginable. You're looking in excess of 300mk+ for a good pvp set. But the real problem lies with what now? You have 1 char, epic gear, no kama. No way of making kama. New content released. You cant kill it without getting leeched from friend. Have to spend 15-30mk for new items when released. Don't have kama. Can't buy. Repeat. Repeat. You have piwi-equivalent gear and everyone with the means of kama making is in sick ass sets. I'd recommend reducing your team to a core panda/eni/iop+your pvp char. This allows you to gather gear yourself, gather more to crush for runes to mage your gear, do quests etc. When new content is released, you'll have a good stab at it, maybe beat it and gear for free. I've done both solo and multi. When i came back from my hiatus i regeared 1 character, idea was to pvp and go solo. But now i have a team of 8. I can still pvp if i want, but this way i can collect gear to sell/mage/use and keep a stock of kama handy.
  8. Thankyou for maging 5/5 mp red. It grinds my gears watching people do 4/5. Goodjob!!
  9. I think this explains your pvp prowess
  10. Landed this yesterday in 3 tries :)
  11. Someone teach this fool how to mage....
  12. For kolos, go int panda, and i'd strongly recommend pure cha hupper. It can suck when you are far, or vs annoying mp red classes and forget to stack your mp red. But it has amazing blitz capabilities. AND sometimes on turn 1 kolos, if your hup has high init, you can go straight in, taking half of a characters hp.
  13. If you think everyone has the same chance to win, you are very mistaken. No ones brain is equal.
  14. But people invest time and effort obtaining latest gears, mages etc. Whole point is the competitions were elitist. You really think anyone who is lvl160 with shit gear on real server is going miraculously win the tournament? It isn't like an equal chance of winning. Why shouldn't the guy spending 100 hours on awesome mages not maintain the advantage over some guy who logs for 5mins a day and zaap sits at astrub zaap in his gobball set begging for kama? Being elitest of elite isn't just have an abundance of kama (which would come from good pvm skills, or kama making skills [requires a brain and an iq preferably over 100.]) Besides, you have some people who are elite af, but low levels (but also a choice) like that jazmyn guy that rapes at lvl171. All in all. Should be a fun tourney, but if teams aren't selected based upon skill and shit then 90% are going to be shit fights.