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  1. Mod told you to put price, not make new post without price??
  2. Hold the Y key down, it'll show you clickable/harvestable stuff. Sometimes they've already been harvested (have pretty slow respawns) so this way you'll be able to see either way.
  3. .
  4. And.... Every osa just got a boner.
  5. Try reading the first page of this thread that explains it all?
  6. Offering 65mk Message me on imps as im not login alot atm, otherwise pm IG at centaur (Warning: i afk alot).
  7. Same thing happens to me, but when i click on any topics, it auto-signs me in.
  8. plz stream, i pay to watch
  9. :O I didn't get an email, can't even see it on website.
  10. I want to see what it is, but i don't want to open link hhhh
  11. Top mage
  12. OmG thats so cute.
  13. They named the server after a woman, and we actually expected it to be ready on time????
  14. All these years and you still only have 1 lvl200?? damnn Elio aswell
  15. I don't know if you've ever pvped in an int/agi crit setup, but even then the hp steals aren't worth it at all. It will only hit nicely when you are fully buffed, but then you waste your ap when you could be doing significantly more damage. Alternatively, if you aren't buffed to the nines or on a -10% cloudy turn, you'll hit 400-600 if lucky. You'd gain more advantage range/mp/ap raping/pushing them with that ap. I'd use the agi/int set the other dude showed above, although, that wand is also overrated. If someone is close enough for you to use that wand, that's too close as a cra, you'd use it then run (but have to push them back or mp rape) in order to prevent them being 1:1 on you the next turn. Alternatively for a more tactical option, https://www.dofusplanner.com/QErFo/edit/ . Note the high ass mp red, can overmage res or vit (but if you overmage vit it's stupid cuz ur cra, don't get hit). More limited to str/cha, but these can be deadly once fully buffed, and damage won't be an issue. Only downside to this set is you wont be able to ko anyone on turn 1.