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  1. Yolo summon noob
  2. nice wis
  3. Ektope - Hammer. Combine with high agi dmg / agi / lot sof summon. You can summon x2 tofus a turn, and buff their ap/mp. (they hit pretty fking nice tbh, about 100-200 (depends on set) and can also hit x2 when buffed.) --Doesnt compare to an actual agi osa, but closest thing to it as another agi class. Can also summon a boar for mp red (hits like turd tho) No-los 3ap agi dmg, used to hit around 150-200, nice range. Best of all, stab for like 4/5 turns. Great vs xelor/srams (deranked some rank 10s on beta cuz they werent expecting). Tonnes of fun ;)
  4. Looking for the following items: Broucey Ring ~4-8m: 295+ vit 90+/70 str (20 om) 25+ wis 1 Range 14+ Neut dmg 15 Earth dmg 3+ dodge 7 Mp loss Res 10% fire Catseye Bow ~20mk: 390+ vit 99+/80 str (20om) 35+ wis 1 Range 6 crits 14+ neut dmg 15 earth dmg 10% fire 7% air 9+ mp loss 0+ pb dmg
  5. Shame ur using aly hats, so 2012.
  6. I have even better plan. You want to play on ur account while i leech u through everything? You start with every single quest, most are solo-able. So then once ur done with those, in like 3 months, pm me. Then you can pay me 300mk.
  7. Amber's probably one of the most trust worthy people on the server tbh. She's organized another tournament for her guild, without a hitch. Not to mention she decided to donate basically all her kama to make it more appealing. Assuming a min. of 8 teams, and no additional donations, it's still a pool of 82m, which isn't shabby.
  8. Bought can close ty
  9. Inb4 people just vpn and log x8 to dominate the server
  10. Whole of Solar is a cemetary atm. Wb!
  11. Dogggo class is shit. PVM got easy, just agi rogue and solo everything like masik.