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  1. i'll miss you man :C pls come back :c
  2. your signature is probably the best thing i've ever seen. and yeah i'd honestly rather have them put their time and effort into trying to fix stuff that is broken instead of wasting time with a new spell system when there is nothing wrong with the current system ( if anything the new system will be worse than what we have ;-; )
  3. Wow Pvm god quadro giving PVP advice what is this????
  4. Confirmed adam is back after 8 days
  5. welcome back adam ^_________^
  6. wow adam yeah we've had our differences.. but now i feel obliged to show off some screenies aswell :( even tho recently we barely spoke but i'll still miss you and your relevant class changes rip tezar #264th osa rushu PS cya next week :^)
  7. #BringbackDarWINian pls
  8. 13 failed projects later ankama still trying to make new stuff instead of saving their main game that is slowly bleeding to dead :') also quadro pls leech through new dungs pls thx
  9. revampd sacrier

    sorry sven but ur class right now on beta is just a big pile of shit :C u still have ur iop or eni its okay ill pray for u ankama gets the baguette out of their ass and gives u some top quality buffs before releasing it
  10. revampd sacrier

    u can be 420k vit to me baby
  11. revampd sacrier

    anybody with a brain can see that this revamp is trash compared to osa revamp or sadi or xelor all your buffs have a negative side either more dmg taken ( on ur already low vit cuz 1:1 vita) or u do less dmg or u lose 20% hp and if u wanna waste a lot of AP E V E R Y turn switching between states be my guest :') but hey maybe ankama will listen to the survey and actually rework the class to not be a complete waste of space :^) and yeah u can " sacrifice " if ur happy with a retard version of the old spell then this rework is great for U :^)
  12. revampd sacrier

    i'll give you a TL DR sac still trash even after revamp :^) because taking away all the vitality and every spell hitting urself and every " buff " spell making u take +%dmg taken is great idea :^) i honestly feel bad for sac mains coop needs line of sight?? sacrifice 1-3 range damn very usefull :^)
  13. you can thank the 508 zombies abusing the system for this change lol if those clowns didnt 508 for 12 hours a day with 6 cra + enu + leecher then explo wouldnt be changed hhh