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  1. I'm hoping to test out the new Osamodas, but don't have much level 200 gear (about 3 pieces). If anyone has int/str/agi gear or kamas they can spare on Beta 1 I'd much appreciate it - I can also trade everything I've got on Beta 2 (eggs, spare change, gear).
  2. I'd like to buy your MP maged Sleet Ring. IGN: Drahk, Mythic-Master, Osabin-Laiden, Valhkar
  3. I'd like to buy, I attempted to contact but you weren't online. Mythic-Master or Yendi ingame if you're online (or Mytthiicc ankamabox) Edit: Found one for the same price in a merchant mode, best of luck selling
  4. Looking to buy a Crimson Dofus, price to be negotiated based on Power (About 30m for 35~40 Power). Also looking to buy an AP Maged Hail Ring for about 25m, negotiable depending on stats. IGN: Mythic-Master, Drahk
  5. 15 Critical Hits minimum. Contact through Imps or In game (Drahk, Bladesof-Glory)