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  1. a moment for our brother #pioneer.
  2. Oops i did it again.
  3. i'm running out of bump jokes...
  4. Bump me like there is no tomorrow :>
  5. all dem fails. rip. all dem sink. feelsbadman
  6. The cri res rune that took 6 vit, i'm coming for you.
  7. bumperino dumperino. daddy's back.
  8. I got'em sexy items for sale. Mantax: 30m Pawl ring: 15m Indescribable cape: 21m You can /w Starchild in game for any questions.
  9. So i'm selling this beauty and i don't really have a price tag for it but for the sake of imps rules, i'm putting up the price at 50mk. I'm open to offers in game if you want to tell me. You can pm me in game. /w Starchild
  10. Thanks for the promotion. Kappa
  11. maging another one right now. i might yolo mp on that
  12. Let me cure your cancer.
  13. bump that shizzz