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  1. anyone still play this server? inbox me your ign so we can do something haha
  2. Just wondering how big the english community is on oto/heroic server at the moment haha, ive got a team of 8, most of them 150+ but was looking for an active guild to join :D thanks pm me if you can
  3. we got shots fired 2k15
  4. is this still going? :D i have a few chars on there but i will be starting fresh due to main accs being on rushu :D
  5. hey mate, is this guild still avail to join?
  6. Hi Team, i've recently started playing wakfu again :D im level 89 iop with some pretty nice gear, just wondering what other remington buddies there are out there!?
  7. oh dang, awesome info!! thanks!!! :o
  8. picz or riot
  9. am i the only one who doesnt know what the relics are? XD
  10. looking to sell my 32 count scapulas for 300kk ea :) send me an inbox
  11. Are you saying the mounts infact want you to watch them? #interracial #wat
  12. hahah this ones already over an hour to what is used to be :P
  13. it never ends.... certainly miss the days when it was finished 1 and a half hours ago lol.
  14. inb4 riot?
  15. waw bump waw